Saturday, 31 October 2020

Surprise party at home ideas

Some of the best surprise party ideas involve getting everyone involved and in on the celebration, such as dressing up your guests, dressing up your pets, holding a pancake party, or decorating a space like your recipient's favourite place - even gifting everyone a mystery box, full of fun things. Here is how to throw a surprise party, decorations ideas and some really fun ideas for the best surprise birthday party!  

How do you plan a surprise party at home?

There are so many fun ideas to try, from food tasting games, to mystery boxes to open, recreating childhood traditions, to recreating a special place in your own home - there are so many ideas for a fun birthday party at home!

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Surprise pregnancy announcement ideas

Here are tons of pregnancy reveal ideas, creative pregnancy announcement ideas you've never heard before! Read on for the best ways to surprise your parents with a pregnancy, or tell your parents, kids, family and loved ones you're pregnant! 

How can I announce my pregnancy surprise?

Think of what your recipient likes, for example Pokemon, you could design two adult Pokemon with a tiny unevolved baby Pokemon underneath! If you recipient likes chocolate, you could design two different chocolate bars with a mini chocolate square in the middle as a hint! You can do this for almost anything the recipient is in to, it makes the best surprise as it is personalised to the recipient at the same time! You could even present it as a pop out card for extra impact.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

How to surprise your sister

Ways to surprise your sister on her birthday - or 'just because'! These surprise ideas make perfect birthday celebration ideas for your sister, lots of unique birthday gifts for your sister and birthday celebration ideas!

How can I surprise my sister?

Prank gifts are the answer! This is where you prank your sister, with a gift she's sure to love! You could wrap a funny item up to 'give' her as a present - for example, a spoon! - and watch her reaction before you gift her the real present, or you could leave her gift somewhere she won't expect to find it, like inside her favourite tub of ice cream in the freezer, if your gift will keep well in there!

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Birthday surprise ideas for daughter

Ideas for the best birthday surprise gift for your daughter could be a special outfit to dress up in on her special day, if she is young, or a bouquet of fresh flowers with some elegant mocktails if she is older! Here's how to surprise your daughter on her birthday - whether it's her 18th birthday, her 14th birthday or 21st birthday, here are some unforgettable surprise ideas she's bound to love!

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How can I celebrate my daughter's birthday?

 Early morning birthday surprise ideas include pancakes or waffles, with all the toppings, keeping to a theme like her favourite gaming franchise, her favourite Disney princess, her favourite toy ie a Barbie birthday theme, or even her favourite colour! You could order her a giant cookie through the post, buy her flowers, fill a room full of balloons or order huge number balloons for her to have a photo with, surprise her with a surprise birthday trip... there are so many fun ideas for all ages!  

Thursday, 15 October 2020

How to surprise someone with a trip

 Whether that's a surprise trip reveal for your boyfriend, your family, your grandparents, here are a ton of ideas for any surprise trip announcement you could want to make, from how to surprise someone with a trip to New York to surprising someone with a trip to Ireland!

How do you reveal a trip as a gift?

Decorate a whole room to look like the place you are going! This is such a fun idea, will make the best surprise for your loved ones and make everyone excited! You could make a room moodboard of all the ideas you want to include - paper palm trees, leaf garlands, tropical fruits and even mocktails - it will be the best teaser to the best surprise trip ever!

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Cheap ways to surprise your girlfriend

Wanting some cheap surprise ideas for your girlfriend? Here are some free ways to surprise your girlfriend, or ideas that don't cost much! These make perfect 'just because' surprise ideas and romantic surprise ideas that your girlfriend will love!

What surprise can I give my girlfriend?

The cutest surprises are themed surprises! Choose a theme - maybe your girlfriend's favourite tv series, her favourite Pokemon or Disney character, or even favourite biscuit! Think of what comes to mind when you think of your girlfriend - and base the surprise around it! Themed gifts like a personalised cake, a themed lunch or special personalised jacket with iron on patches all make great surprise gifts for your girlfriend's birthday.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work?

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work? 

Yes - discreetly! Be sure she will appreciate the sentiment beforehand and aim to catch her on her lunch break or at a less busy time. There are so many fun ways to do this - dress up or wear a disguise, discreetly slip her a gift or letter to increase anticipation around the surprise, present it with a romantic ribbon or cute wax seal, or even ask a colleague of hers who you trust to pop a cute surprise in her bag - it could be her favourite sweets or snacks, tied with a bow! One of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Here are some birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend, how to surprise your boyfriend and some really cute, fun and creative birthday surprise ideas for him!

Also check out these adorable 'just because' boyfriend surprises and long distance boyfriend surprise gift ideas, plus where to take your boyfriend on his birthday!

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How can I surprise my boyfriend for his birthday? 

Creative birthday surprise ideas include making a special themed meal for him - get a themed cookie cutter for cheap and make character sandwiches and cookies - recreating old childhood traditions from birthdays, making him cute personalised presents and even dressing up as part of a themed surprise!