Tuesday, 20 October 2020

How to surprise your sister

Ways to surprise your sister on her birthday - or 'just because'! These surprise ideas make perfect birthday celebration ideas for your sister, lots of unique birthday gifts for your sister and birthday celebration ideas!

How can I surprise my sister?

Prank gifts are the answer! This is where you prank your sister, with a gift she's sure to love! You could wrap a funny item up to 'give' her as a present - for example, a spoon! - and watch her reaction before you gift her the real present, or you could leave her gift somewhere she won't expect to find it, like inside her favourite tub of ice cream in the freezer, if your gift will keep well in there!

What is the best gift for my sister?

Think of inside jokes when choosing your surprise gift! This way your gift will be extra special and it will be sure to make her laugh - it will possess sentimental value too. It can be recreating a funny memory or any humorous moment you share together or as a family. It's sure to go down well!

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How can I make my sister's birthday special?

Get extra creative and go the extra mile - decide on a clever or funny theme - something specific she loves like McDonalds, vegan sausage rolls, handbags, her favourite Pokemon or Disney princess - what is she all about? Then craft a birthday party around these theme, getting creative and creating themed meals and food and decking out the whole room to match the theme! This is so thoughtful and can be so funny too, she's bound to appreciate it, whether she's 5 or 25! 

The best and cutest (edible) gift for your sister, ever! 👈🏻

1. Surprise your little sister with a sticker album - it's such a wonderful childhood pastime and your sibling will enjoy it whether she is 5 or 15! Not one of those activity books, but a sticker collector album, where she can keep all her cute stickers in!

2. A sleepover mystery box - a sleepover or movie night mystery box! You could fill it with items such as dvds, marshmallows, smores, blankets, glow sticks, pamper items, even squishies and slime if she is younger, and set up a sleepover or movie night party. This is one of the most fun things to do with your sister on her birthday!

3.  A stationery mystery box - this is perfect for the stationery afficionado and mystery and blind boxes like this are great for a birthday surprise.

4. Think of inside jokes - an inside joke based gift can be the most special of all as it symbolises a hilarious moment in your relationship and holds great sentimental value, as it will conjure up happy and funny memories and be sure to make them laugh as soon as they open it!

5. A present prank - try give her something of yours, that you know she doesn't like! Wrap it up and pretend to give it to her as a gift. When she opens it she will be disappointed but it will be funny watching her try to keep a straight face and grateful expression as she tries to be gracious about receiving it. Then you can present her with your real present and watch the surprise on her face!

6. Quirky candles - candles that smell like food or unusual scents, there is a noodle scented candle, a hotel scented candle and even Disneyland inspired scents from different parts of Disneyland. Gift her a few of the craziest scents you can find, it will be a gift she will never forget and ensure lots of laughs! This is a great present for a guy to give his sister.

7. Buy her flowers - this is a really cute sister gift that she's sure to love, one of the best surprise your sister ideas!

8. Personalise a piece of clothing and make it unique to her - use iron on or sew on patches to adorn a basic piece of clothing, making it in to something totally different and amazing! You can find all kinds of creative iron on/sew on patches, for every franchise, tv series, anime, movie - there are so many to choose from and there are bound to be loads that will match your sister's personality perfectly! This is such a special gift idea as it will be a unique piece of clothing she can wear, that totally represents her, plus it is homemade too!

9. A jewellery candle - this is such a novelty and special present that an older sister will love!  

10. Bake her a huge cookie - just like the giant 'Millie's Cookies' gifts that are all over social media, but it will mean so much more as you have made it yourself!

11. Surprise her with a trip - to her favourite cafe or favourite place you have in common, or even somewhere you've never eaten before! Check out these fun ideas to surprise someone with a trip.

12. Cosmetics made out of chocolate - this will confuse and surprise and delight your recipient, all in equal measure! It's amazing how real these can look, to expertly fool your recipient, the perfect taste sense gift idea for her.

13. Fill a whole room with balloons for her! You can even get super cool eco friendly balloons so they don't cause any waste afterwards or harm to the environment!

14. A gift of macarons - there is nothing quite as special as a box of pretty macarons, they are such a beautiful and charming multisensory gift idea! You could even bake some yourself, pertaining to a special theme for your recipient.

15. A gift from her pets - why not gift her a pet related gift, such as matching sweaters for her and her pup to wear, a personalised pet face cushion, or a framed plaster cast of her pet's paw print. You could even bake some pet shaped sugar cookies and decorate them carefully to look exactly like her furry best friend!

16. A natural konjac sponge - this all natural sponge is not only an amazing unique eco friendly gift idea, but is one of the softest, most luxurious sponges imaginable, having been most often used on newborns for centuries.

17. A funny framed photoshopped picture - make them a funny photoshopped picture with all their favourite things, you could set it in a place they have always dreamed of visiting! Add in all their favourite things and people - even fictional characters! This is such a unique and creative gift idea and they are sure to love it. You could print and frame the final result for them to keep safely in their room or space, it will be sure to make them smile whenever they see it! This is a perfect birthday gift idea for your older sister!

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