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Birthday surprise ideas for daughter

Ideas for the best birthday surprise gift for your daughter could be a special outfit to dress up in on her special day, if she is young, or a bouquet of fresh flowers with some elegant mocktails if she is older! Here's how to surprise your daughter on her birthday - whether it's her 18th birthday, her 14th birthday or 21st birthday, here are some unforgettable surprise ideas she's bound to love!

How can I celebrate my daughter's birthday?

 Early morning birthday surprise ideas include pancakes or waffles, with all the toppings, keeping to a theme like her favourite gaming franchise, her favourite Disney princess, her favourite toy ie a Barbie birthday theme, or even her favourite colour! You could order her a giant cookie through the post, buy her flowers, fill a room full of balloons or order huge number balloons for her to have a photo with, surprise her with a surprise birthday trip... there are so many fun ideas for all ages!  

How do you make your birthday feel special?

Come up with a special theme to adhere to. Think about your recepient and what they love. It could be their favourite Pokemon, their favourite Disney princess, a cute gaming franchise like Neko Atsume or Minecraft, their favourite tv show or even their favourite colour. You could create a whole lunch or meal dedicated to that theme, making cute bento box style dishes or a big themed cake, or decorate a whole room pertaining to that theme, for a bit of fun and escapism and to make your recepient feel extra special!

How can I surprise my kids with gifts?

Create a balloon filled room and secretly hide the gifts amongst the balloons for them to find. You could also design a treasure hunt with special clues or introduce a pinata or a fun contest beforehand. This will increase excitement and anticipation and make finding and opening the gifts extra special! You could arrange contests that run until everyone has managed to win, and then award them their gifts!

What is a good birthday surprise?

 A great surprise birthday gift to give is a mystery box! These are great for ages, they come in different themes and you could even make your own! The fun is that the items inside are a total surprise for the recepient, there are beauty mystery box gifts to give, gamer mystery box gifts, toy mystery boxes like Num Noms and cute stationery mystery box gifts.

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1. Create a setup in your living room for hera birthday surprise idea for your teenage daughter is to deck out and decorate an entire room like something she loves. For your younger daughter this could be a baby animal adoption centre, with plush animal toys in little carry crates, ready to be adopted.

2. Embrace luxurious gift wrapping - go all out with wrapping, with big gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper and bows!

3. Keep to a special theme - birthday theme ideas for your teenage daughter include a Brandy Melville theme or Gossip girl, whereas a birthday theme for your young daughter could be a Barbie theme, a baby animal theme or a Minecraft theme. Pay attention to what your daughter is in to - it could even be her favourite food, colour or tv show!  

4. Create a vegan market in your home - if you have a teenage daughter who is in to health and fitness she will love this! You could incorporate all manner of healthy and unusual foods and make and enjoy some smoothie bowls together. Trying new foods together is always a fun and hilarious game too!

5. Gift her a jewelry box - the only gift more special than jewellery is a jewellery box, it's such a precious keepsake.

6. Arrange for a shoutout from her favourite influencer - this is a great birthday surprise for your teenage daughter or tween daughter! This could mean so much to her as influencers are like celebrities to a younger generation. It's something she will treasure forever and feel like she has a connection with her favourite influencer - plus her friends will be envious!

7. Surprise her with a special trip -  this is one of the best ways to surprise your daughter! Here are some fun ways to surprise someone with a trip

8. Decorate her door - this would make a great 'just because' surprise idea for your daughter! 

9. Her own sticker album - your 5 year old daughter will love this birthday surprise idea! 

10. Take her for a surprise manicure - this will be such an exciting idea for your teenager or tween daughter and a great way to spend time together too.

11. A room full of balloons! Something your daughter will adore, whether she is 5 or 25! It's something she will never expect to wake up to or come home to - it will be such a surprise and it never fails to make your loved ones feel special.

12. Order her a giant cookie - she'll love this at any age!

13. Buy her flowers - beat any potential partners to it and be the first to buy her flowers! This is a great surprise for your older daughter, especially on her birthday! 

14. Give her a french themed breakfast - with croissants, little cakes and glamorous beverages, glasses of orange juice with ice cubes.

15. Surprise birthday waffles or pancakes - with sprinkles and every kind of topping! 

16. Customise a piece of clothing for her - collect iron on patches and pins and use them to decorate and design a new piece of clothing that is all about her and the things she loves. This is an amazing idea for all daughters of any age and interests as you can customise it with everything she's in to, whether that's Pokemon, Disney princesses, or Gilmore girls. Surprise ideas for your daughter don't come cooler than this! 

17. A special contest - if your daughter is in to gaming, she might love a whole contest set up between the two of you or the whole family, plus it is a great way to spend time together doing something she loves. 

18. Design and make her own custom princess dress - if your daughter loves Disney princesses and fairytales she will love this! It will give her the opportunity to become her very own princess and have her own unique dress. You could even fashion her a wardrobe of princess dresses if you wanted to go all out! She'll feel like a princess every day. You could even make her own princess quilt for her bed. Alternative ideas could be her own custom superhero suit!

19. Stationery she can eat! It really exists and this is such a quirky idea she'll love! 

20. A signed or engraved gift - engraved jewellery or perfumes make such special gifts she'll want to keep forever. They feel extra luxurious and make such lovely keepsakes. 

21. Extra cosy or silk pyjamas - it sounds simple but makes for such a great gift! You could even put together a 'movie night equipment' gift box, with all kinds of snacks and popcorn and even glow sticks - this would make such a fun and thoughtful gift at any age!

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