Tuesday 6 October 2020

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work?

Should I surprise my girlfriend at work? 

Yes - discreetly! Be sure she will appreciate the sentiment beforehand and aim to catch her on her lunch break or at a less busy time. There are so many fun ways to do this - dress up or wear a disguise, discreetly slip her a gift or letter to increase anticipation around the surprise, present it with a romantic ribbon or cute wax seal, or even ask a colleague of hers who you trust to pop a cute surprise in her bag - it could be her favourite sweets or snacks, tied with a bow! One of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend.

You could also surprise your girlfriend at work indirectly, by popping something special in her bag before she leaves. You could surprise her with cute and funny doodles, her favourite sweets or snacks or a cute poem - or a little package of all these romantic surprise ideas for the most romantic surprise! Utilise inside jokes if you can, they make for the most thoughtful and funny surprise ideas.

Should I visit her at work?

Yes - just make sure the time is right. Avoid stopping by on days or times you know she'll be very busy or overwhelmed, or on important work occasions like essential meetings or stressful periods. Should I surprise her at work - will she think I am following her? Make sure you know her well first and that there is mutual trust between you both and that she'll understand your intentions. Also try to keep surprise work visits to a minimum, apart from the times you are in the area and can't resist coming to surprise her with a Greggs cookie. Any kind of stalking behaviour should be avoided, like always hovering outside, anything that might make her feel uncomfortable will have the adverse effect!

What should I bring my girlfriend to work?

Bring her a special themed lunch, some of her favourite snacks and sweets tied with a ribbon, or it could even be a vegan sausage roll or a cookie from Greggs! The smallest surprises can be the most romantic ones as they mean you have thought about her during your day.

How can I surprise my girlfriend when she comes home from work?

Make her a themed meal! You could make a Bento box style character inspired meal, This can be such a cute, romantic and funny sentiment - she'll really appreciate all the thought gone in to it. 

You could frame a funny and romantic photoshopped picture you made, somewhere she'll notice it, but don't tell her about it. A great place to frame it is in the hallway - or in the bathroom - somewhere discreet that she will notice it. You can have so much fun creating the portrait or design - featuring inside jokes that the two of you share, and even funny pictures of pets that you own - then get it printed in a nice big size and then find a frame for it. When she sees it, it will make the best romantic surprise! 

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