Saturday 31 October 2020

Surprise party at home ideas

Some of the best surprise party ideas involve getting everyone involved and in on the celebration, such as dressing up your guests, dressing up your pets, holding a pancake party, or decorating a space like your recipient's favourite place - even gifting everyone a mystery box, full of fun things. Here is how to throw a surprise party, decorations ideas and some really fun ideas for the best surprise birthday party!  

How do you plan a surprise party at home?

There are so many fun ideas to try, from food tasting games, to mystery boxes to open, recreating childhood traditions, to recreating a special place in your own home - there are so many ideas for a fun birthday party at home!

What are good surprise party ideas?

A food tasting game! This is where someone is blindfolded and has to guess what food it is they are eating - you could also incorporate some unusual varieties and foods no one has tried, for example, from a different culture, or try some unusual food combinations! The results are bound to be hilarious and this game is so much fun.

How do you throw a surprise party?

You could use the cover of setting up a different or unexciting event  to be able to move and store bits and bobs in and out of your chosen location, without your recipient suspecting anything! Invite your recipient or persuade them to tag along - this way you can be sure they'll be free on the day at the time of the occasion!  

How do I plan a small party at home? 

Create a cosy environment and embrace the aspect of having a smaller number of guests by arranging a surprise movie night or camfire party. You could put together mystery boxes for everyone to open - fill them with cosy blankets, popcorn, smores, marshmallow fluff, snacks and glow sticks - even cosy socks! 


1. Decorate a room like your recipient's favourite place - utilise the art of paper mache and cut out paper shapes to get super creative with the decor! You could utilise inside jokes or try to recreate a special memory, your recipient will find it so thoughtful! Just be sure not to try this at your recipients house to avoid a negative reaction - try a friend's house with their permission, or your own home!

2. Create a balloon filled room - this is perfect to try at home! 

3. Make a special den - or set up a tent! This is an exciting and fun idea that is perfect for a kids suprise birthday or a great way to recreate a childhood memory and make the party extra special.

4. Make your recipient a paper crown to wear - and a throne too if you can manage it! 

5. Set up a home baked feast - this will always be popular and will save money too!

6. Set up the party in an unlikely room of the house - so your recipient will get an even bigger surprise! 

7. Dress up your pet - in a cute costume and let them join in on the fun!

8. Set it up so they see the cake first - they won't be expected a secondary surprise! A surprise cake might not be unexpected, but a surprise party to follow will! 

9. Hold a pancake party - this is so much fun and you could buy in a whole range of toppings, so there is something for everyone. Everyone can tuck in to homemade pancakes - you could even make some vegan pancakes and account for any allergies, so everyone is allowed to have some!

10. Hide guests all round the home - so that as the recipient goes around the house they will discover them hiding there, one by one! Ask guests to keep hiding until they are found - the 'found guests' can always drop innocent hints that will help the recipient to accidentally discover the other guests!

11. Fill the house with flowers! Ask each of the guests to bring a bouquet of flowers and between you you'll have enough for a whole flower garden, inside! It will be sure to thrill your recipient and brighten their whole day - no, week!

12. Hold a pillow fight - a surprise party at home idea for the kids! This is so much fun and less messy too than a pinata or water fight, provided all pillows remain intact! 

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