Friday 26 March 2021

Where to take your boyfriend on his birthday

Where to take your boyfriend on his birthday ideas

Here are some cool and fun places to take your boyfriend for his birthday and ideas of what to do for your boyfriend's birthday, that you both will love!

What should I do for my boyfriend's birthday?

From taking him to a rooftop restaurant, to going canoeing, visiting a fairground, having a picnic in a strange place or a visit to a haunted house, there are so many fun birthday date ideas for your boyfriend. You could even present yourself in a parcel! Why not present yourself as a parcel for him to unbox - he'll get the best surprise!

1. Take him stargazing

One of the cutest things to do on your boyfriend's birthday!

2. Take him on a picnic

A picnic in a strange place is also a really fun idea and you could even make it a tradition for you both, every time either of you has a birthday, a romantic and quirky tradition to bind you together! Examples of a strange place to have your picnic include a high up (but safe) place, such as on a ferris wheel or on the top of a mountain, in the ocean (just be super careful not to litter) or even in a shed!

3. A surprise trip to a mystery location

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4. An animal petting farm

A day at the farm is perfect for guys who are animal lovers, or if you love to bond over animals!

5. A water park

6. Have a movie marathon at the cinema

A perfect cold weather birthday date idea and you could even make it extra special by going to see multiple movies at the same time!

7. An outdoor activity centre

8. Take him for pancakes

9. To the seaside or beach

Whether your boyfriend is a sports fan or a quiet guy, there are unlimited things to do at the beach or seaside, including swimming and surfing if you are on the sporty side (and your location is warm) to enjoying fish and chips together, or a 99p flake ice cream - and getting ice cream on each other's nose

10. Go to a place featured in his favourite film

Why not visit the place his favourite film was made! 

11. Go to the ice cream parlour

12. A trip to IKEA

One of the cutest birthday date ideas we often never think of! Why not spend ages in the cafe eating all the meatballs?

13. A music festival

14. A music concert

Take them to see their favourite music artist in concert, for the best birthday ever!

15. A hike to a snowy location

16. Stay at home

Why not make a themed meal at home, based on their favourite tv show, franchise, film, favourite food or favourite colour! For more, definitely see best boyfriend birthday surprises!

17. For a 'yes day'

If you are both outgoing and thrillseekers you could set each other dares (safe ones of course) to ensure the birthday is super memorable! Ideas could be to go out in a costume, to get an unusual haircut, to eat a bizarre food combination in public, there are so many fun ideas!

18. To a game, a match or sporting event

For if your boyfriend is a sports fan

19. Go for an ice cream sundae

And try every topping and flavour! For a lockdown alternative, why not make sundaes together at home, buy everything you’ve ever wanted for a sundae and build them high!

20. Go for a pizza and eat it in the park

There's something so special about taking your date outside, weather permitting! It's a wonderful chance to enjoy being fully in the moment, whilst having your own space to chat and laugh loudly without worrying about disturbing anyone.

21. Visit all the technology stores and try out all the fun gadgets

A dream come true for every tech lover! Why not visit the biggest store in your region and spend ages testing out all the new gadgets in store. There are so many new technological advancements to check out! 

22. Visit a city you've both never been to before

The gift of novelty is one of the best gifts ever! He will absolutely love the whole experience of visiting a new city you've both never been to before. Why not take public transport so you don't need to worry or stress about parking.

23. To his favourite restaurant

An oldie but a goodie! His favourite restaurant will always be a special option and will show how well you know him.

24. Visit a fairground or rollercoaster park

A perfect birthday date idea! From geeky types, to the old fashioned soul, to thrillseekers, there will be something everyone will love and sharing candyfloss together and going on rides are the best date activities ever.

25. Wild swimming in a lake

For the keen adventurers! Read up on safety advice beforehand and take extra precautions - choose the right area! - but he'll definitely be impressed if he's a sporty and adventurous type!

26. To a gaming convention

This is something you might have to plan and arrange in advance, with or without his knowledge! If your boyfriend loves gaming he will love this whole experience, something he will remember always.

27. Go for a sailing day

Such a cool and fun experience he will never expect! This is perfect if your boyfriend loves fishing - definitely check out these genius fishing gift ideas too!

28. Go rollerskating together 

A really cute and lovely birthday date idea for you and your partner that will also bring you together and create some hilarious memories! Definitely do this if your partner is an established roller skater, it will give him an ego boost and mean he gets to show you the ropes!

29. Go camping or glamping

Such a fun and memorable experience, if adventure's not your thing then glamping may be right up your street as it promises a bit more glamour and relaxation.

30. A stay in a fancy hotel

Sometimes it's all about the hotel experience! There's a hotel type to suit everyone, from luxurious to quirky, to haunted - there is a hotel for everyone to suit every personality!

31. Rent out a Lord of the Rings Hobbit hole inspired cottage

This would make an amazing birthday idea for your boyfriend if he's a fan of the franchise (or a fantastic way to discover Lord of the Rings!)

32. A rent a car experience

Something many a guy (and girl!) would love, experience days like this make for the perfect surprise gift they will never forget!

33. Take him canoeing

Perfect for adventure lovers and if your boyfriend loves swimming and water sports, or even if he's in to fishing! This is such a fun outdoors activity that will be sure to give you some hilarious memories and promote bonding at the same time. 

34. To a campfire evening

Set up a campfire and toast marshmallows together, such a perfect couples experience idea that doesn't cost much!

35. To a famous instagrammable location

How about a road trip to all the famous instagrammable locations? This would be so much fun, especially if your boyfriend is a social media fan, to hunt out all the most famous spots and take pictures at them all!

36. To a photo booth

To capture memories or if you have alterior motives instead of getting your passport photo done! 

37. To a haunted house

This is by far the coolest idea! Perfect for lovers of the paranormal, this is definitely a unique experience and something he won't be expecting. 

38. To the zoo

39. To puppy-sit a puppy for a day 

A perfect experience idea for a birthday that doesn't have to cost a penny! You could even offer to puppy-sit for the night for a puppy sleepover, or spend the whole day playing with your resident puppy. This is a fantastic way to give someone some time to relax - or a paw! - in their puppy training. Just be sure to get the owner's full permission - ask around to find brand new puppy owners in your area, you could explain it is for your boyfriend's birthday, or ask around friends and family!

40. To a cat cafe

One of the most magical inventions ever, just about everyone would love to visit a cat cafe on their birthday!

41. To a rooftop restaurant

A supremely magical and memorable experience, just check your boyfriend doesn't have a phobia of heights first!

42. Set up a baking contest or competition!

How can I make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday?

Why not create a meal for him and theme it around the thing he loves most - or a funny or special memory in the relationship, personal to you! You could use character bento boxes as inspiration and get super creative with the dishes you create!

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