Welcome to a thousand ways to surprise someone by Rather Rude cards! We aim to bring you a whole library of brand new unique ideas to surprise someone, whether that's someone far away or if you want to surprise someone in lockdown - surprise gift ideas to blow their socks off at the best surprise party! Ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, son, husband, wife - even ways to treat and surprise your dog! - can all be found here.

Learn how to surprise your family, arm yourself with ideas with insane impact that are perfect to create long lasting and hilarious memories! 
We are a small card company based in the Lake District with our own exclusive range of irreverent, attention grabbing illusion cards, each with a standout size of 21x43cm (when unfolded) and thickness of 350gsm. Hilarious on front, they open up to reveal a totally innocent message. 

Hilarious, yet totally innocent at the same time, they are designed to thrill your recipient and make them laugh no end!

We combined our love of standout-across-the-room slogans and illusions to fill the gaps in the card industry for card buyers looking to satisfy inside jokes between friends and family. These are truly unique and will delight those looking to celebrate that special certain relationship between loved ones, in a way nothing else can.

We accept Paypal and card payments and offer super fast postage and international delivery on all of our cards! Don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries at Thanks so much for visiting :-)

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