Saturday 26 September 2020

How to surprise your boyfriend, long distance

How to surprise your boyfriend surprise gift ideas

 How to surprise your long distance boyfriend, from sending a long distance relationship care package, to sending him cute formal letters and doodles tied with ribbons, to signing him up to a subscription box he'll love, to setting up a surprise movie night, here are some long distance relationship ideas for him and sweet things to do in a long distance relationship! Here is how to surprise your boyfriend online!

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How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit

You could wear a disguise (this is great if he knows you're coming!), arrive with an impressive takeaway for the both of you, bring over some special foods and merch that is exclusive to your area, or ask mutual friends to help you hide and surprise him - just be sure not to scare him or freak him out!

How to surprise your long distance boyfriend on his birthday

Photoshop something funny and adorable and get it printed as a huge card or piece of wall art for him to frame and keep! You could use inside jokes between you as inspiration and photoshop any pets in, or friends you have in common. You could even put together a collage of your future together, so your boyfriend can frame it and feel excited about your future together. Making something yourself is one of the best ways to surprise your long distance boyfriend - it's special, personal and holds sentimental value and is something he'll always want to keep!

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1. Make him a long distance care package - ideas could include a themed box pertaining to his favourite pokemon or tv series, you could fill it with cute things like a special character cookie, character keyrings, even a piece of clothing or accessory like a hat, that you adorned and personalised with iron on patches. Themed sweets, themed or personalised socks and a themed mug are also cute and thoughtful ideas and make the most special romantic care package ideas for your boyfriend!

PS Why not send him an adorable personalised colouring page of you and him, plus these hilarious offensive crayons he won't be able to get over!

2. Long distance relationship blanket - one of the best long distance relationship gifts diy ideas! 

3. Make use of inside jokes - and interpret them as creatively as you can to create a super special surprise. You could get crafty and recreate funny things you encountered on your dates, there are so many creative options to explore.

4. Write a romantic letter and include physical pictures - reenact the romantic tradition of sending old fashioned letters   you could even seal it with wax and your own seal! Spray perfume on your letters like Marty in Grease, to make them irresistable.

5. Send him little mementos of you - one of your t shirts or dresses, a little vial of your perfume, kiss a napkin wearing lipstick so he has the imprint of your kiss, a piece of jewellery you wear, a bobble you used, a pair of your socks.

6. Turn up randomly when/where he's not expecting you - be sure it is in the day and not at night. A great example is to randomly stumble in to him in a cafe, out shopping, or a similar public place. Be sure your boyfriend will appreciate the surprise! You could hint to him that you are going shopping that day, but not specify that you will be at the same shopping centre as him.

7. Each of you go to the beach and find a pebble that looks like each others eyes.

8. Send five photos a day - it can be of anything, to tell each other what your day is like.

9. Send a gift every day - so they will receive a treat every day for a week. They don't have to be big gifts, you can even send a letter every day - the fun is receiving something new every day! An amazing and adorable idea is to gift him some 'open when' letters, tons of ideas are here!

10. Send a box of photos - photos of you that you have never put on social media or that no one else has ever seen, photos from times of you together, or special moments you wanted to share. Pictures in physical form, that you can hold, are extra special keepsakes as they are a rarity these days.  

11. Send a disguised message - or a coded message, for him to figure out!

12. Set up a surprise movie night - buy his favourite box set on Amazon - or some films for you both to watch and send an assortment of popcorn and cute snacks through the post, with a letter announcing the movie night. One of the cutest long distance date ideas or long distance relationship activities!

13. Send a small gift in disguise - disguise it as a much bigger gift with multiple layers of packaging, so that when your boyfriend unwraps each layer, there is another layer underneath! He will never be able to guess what you sent him. 

14. Order him a box of unusual foods - or foods from a different culture, edibles he has never tried before! This is such a fun gift idea and you could even order identical foods for both of you to try at the same time and compare via Facetime or Skype. A great way to keep things interesting in a long distance relationship is to try new things - from new activities to brand new foods!

15. Sign him up to a subscription box - he will love, or something he's never tried before! Be sure he'll know it's from you though, there is often an option to leave a note or cute message.

16. Make a special relationship album - of your times together. Glue in little mementos of your dates, such as travel tickets, tissues you used to mop up ice cream, fill it with drawings and doodles, little bits and bobs you bought in shops together, things you bought each other and cute photos of you two together. You can send it to each other in the mail or the post, to each fill in a page for the other.

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