Friday, 28 August 2020

How to surprise your boyfriend

Here are some fun surprises for your boyfriend, romantic surprise gifts for him and gift ideas he'll love. This is perfect for you if you're looking for some cute boyfriend surprises, some unique and creative gift ideas for a boyfriend or crush. It can be hard to keep thinking up fun surprises for boyfriend ideas so here is a helping hand, even if you want to know how to surprise my boyfriend for no reason - these make great 'just because I love you' gifts! - or valentines day ideas for boyfriend - PS check out these romantic ways to welcome your husband home and best five senses gift ideas for him!

 How can I surprise my boyfriend with little things?

1. Get something special or quirky delivered to his house - but don't leave a note. He'll wonder who left such a quirky gift!

2. Put cute stickers on his hat or keys - ones that peel off if you need them too! This is a cute little token of appreciation that will be well received - as long as the stickers come off clean and don't leave any residue!

3. Hide his favourite snack under the cushions - super convenient and thoughtful.

4. Buy him his favourite ice cream - but don't tell him! Leave a cute post it note on top of it in the freezer. 

5. Prank him with his favourite movie - get a disk of a movie you both want to see together, but put it in a rom com movie case, or one belonging to any girly film. Persuade him to watch the rom com/girly film with you and then surprise him with the film he wants to see! He'll open the case and do a second take.

How do I surprise my boyfriend on a budget?

6. Surprise your boyfriend in person - if you live apart or have a long distance relationship, surprise him by turning up at his door!

7. Make use of inside jokes - and interpret them as creatively as you can to create a super special surprise. You could get crafty and recreate funny things you encountered on your dates, there are so many creative options to explore.

8. Write him a funny poem - even try to make it rhyme, as this means it will turn out extra funny! You'll also have a cute keepsake to keep afterwards that both of you will treasure for sentimental reasons. You can look back at it in years to come and have a laugh! A poem is such a special gift that will make your boyfriend so happy.

9. Do some cute drawings and funny joke doodles - on paper and fold them up to put them in his bag! You could even curl the paper up and tie it with ribbon to be extra romantic. He'll definitely notice there is a little something extra in his bag.

10. Tie ribbons around things in his bag - like his water bottle, any snacks he has in there, hair gel, toothbrush etc. It's such a cute idea and he'll be reminded of you and your little fairy hands. 

How can I make something special for my boyfriend? 

11. Surprise him with a really quirky meal - or a quirky buffet spread, with the weirdest treats like fries and jam or jelly snakes together with tomato ketchup. You'll make some cute memories and have such a laugh trying all the weird foods together! You could even set up a dare contest between you!

12. When you give him a gift, wrap it in layers and layers of packaging - and boxes (make sure they can be recycled!) to make it look like the present is huge! He will have to work his way through each layer, the gift getting smaller and smaller all the while!

13. Put something cute in his pockets - so he'll get a cute surprise the next time he reaches in his pocket for something!

14. Bake him something cute - maybe even invent a brand new flavour! You could be playful and add some sherbet sweets, rainbow sprinkles or flying saucers on top. 

What surprises do guys like? 

Great surprise ideas for guys are often funny surprise ideas! Cute and loving pranks can produce hilarity that will charm the way to his heart. There are so many ways to go about how to make him laugh, photoshop together a funny picture and frame it and see if he notices! 

What can I surprise my boyfriend with? 

For physical gifts you could try concert tickets, funny socks or FOOD! Food makes a great gift every time. Try to find the most unusual kinds of food for him to try, you could even try them together and watch hilarity ensue. Try to find unique foods from different cultures you have never tried before. To up the game, choose extra sour and spicy hot flavours!   

How can I surprise my boyfriend on our anniversary? 

Take him on a mystery trip, where he's not allowed to know where you're going. This could be a cute milkshake date or a place to watch the stars or the cinema... the list is endless! The element of surprise enhances your cute date idea - you could even blindfold him if you know him well!

Another incredibly romantic anniversary surprise is to buy him a plain jacket, bag, slippers or hat, anything that is customisable - and then sew on or iron on those cute patches you can find on Etsy to totally customise the item - there are so many patches to choose from, from his favourite anime to favourite tv series or film. You could even add some pins on there as well! This would make the cutest anniversary surprise idea and the garment you make for him will be totally unique and special!

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