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Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Here are some birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend, how to surprise your boyfriend and some really cute, fun and creative birthday surprise ideas for him!

Also check out these adorable 'just because' boyfriend surprises and long distance boyfriend surprise gift ideas, plus where to take your boyfriend on his birthday!

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How can I surprise my boyfriend for his birthday? 

Creative birthday surprise ideas include making a special themed meal for him - get a themed cookie cutter for cheap and make character sandwiches and cookies - recreating old childhood traditions from birthdays, making him cute personalised presents and even dressing up as part of a themed surprise!

What can I do special for my boyfriends birthday?

Pay special attention to what he talks about and loves and shares with you, whether that's a past memory, a game, anything he's loving right now - and recreate it for his birthday - go all out and use it as a theme! He'll feel touched you remembered what he said, it's such a cute and special birthday surprise idea.

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How can I surprise my boyfriend on his birthday in lockdown?

Send him lots of special parcels through the post - you could get so creative with them, surprising him with quirky and personalised wrapping paper, binding little treats inside the layers of paper, so he will find them as he unwraps the parcel, or asking someone he lives with to frame a specially made funny photoshopped portrait of you both in his room on his birthday. The best and funniest surprise!

How do I spoil my boyfriend on a budget?

1. Decide on a theme - and get extra creative! Think about what your boyfriend is in to, a comic franchise or tv show series, it could be his favourite Pokemon down to his favourite guitar, from his favourite food, favourite sport, favourite pet, to favourite place to hang out (you could recreate it!)

2. Decorate the whole room pertaining to this theme! There could be cardboard cut outs, murals, paper chains, get super creative by making decorations out of paper. You could make a moodboard beforehand so you know what you need to deck out the room in your chosen theme. Use foil for any shiny parts; you could even get some paints out!

3. Gift him a mixtape USB full of songs that remind you of him πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Or him of you! This is such a unique and adorable DIY boyfriend gift idea he will absolutely love and treasure.

4. Gift him these adorable Perfect Match chocolate matches πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

The cutest ever boyfriend gift, these are so affordable too!

5. Wear a costume - or themed outfit, dress yourself up as part of the theme or even dress your pets up too!

6. Gift him an adorable and delicious letterbox brownie parcel! This is the best gift ever, the cutest surprise that will fit perfectly in the post too.

7. Give him a one of a kind self personalised gift - it could be a hoodie, a hat, slippers... there are so many options! You can personalise them yourself and make them extra special by decorating a plain piece of clothing and adorning them with iron on patches, sew on patches or pins.

8. Put together a nerf gun package and challenge him to a duel

Put together a nerf gun package, with enough ammo, plus filled water balloons, silly string This is such a fun and special gift for the man who has everything, or does not want a gift, and is bound to result in hilarity. This is such a fun gift idea and is super special and memorable.

9. Gift him a best boyfriend ever badge πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

There is no cuter surprise! Let your boyfriend know how much he means to you with this adorable badge!

10. Pop some secret treats in his bag - when he's not looking or has gone to the toilet, so he will realise when he gets home. The best time to do this is near the end of his stay or shortly before he goes, so he will get the surprise next time he checks his bag at home.

11. Create a personalised lego gift of the two of you πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This romantic and geeky gift is so special and perfect to gift your boyfriend! 

12. Recreate his childhood favourite dessert

Always a winning gift that is perfect for the man who has everything!

13. Gift him vegetables made out of chocolate πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Confuse his senses in a hilarious and fun way with this five a day selection made entirely from chocolate! This is perfect for someone who doesn't like their greens - or even perfect for someone who is a healthy eating addict!

14. Get extra creative with the wrapping - get personalised wrapping paper with your face on it, or a character you know he'll love. Wrap gifts in multiple layers and sneak in extra little surprises, such as sweets, cute and funny doodles, keychains and even joke items. There'll be so much of the wrapping he'll want to keep!

15. Ask a friend to set up a sneaky surprise at your boyfriend's house when he's out - it could be a framed print of a funny image you photoshopped together - featuring the both of you, any funny pets, friends and family and anything your boyfriend loves.

16. Set up a blindfolded food buffet - and include lots of different foods you both have never tried before, try different foods from different cultures, an assortment of spicy, sweet and even gross foods to try. This is a brilliant 'party game' that will be perfect for the two of you - it's sure to result in hilarity and fun times.

17. Prank him in a fun way! A fun way that is fun for the both of you, maybe create a prank surprise 'happy birthday present' from the dog, you could use fimo or even a soggy cardboard roll for the joke!     

18. Go and watch the stars - put together a stargazing kit with flasks, blankets, smores, even a telescope if you can get your hands on one - try look for a second hand one or any equipment you can rent or borrow.  

19. Make a pick and mix station - from your childhood, with all the pick and mix sweets you can think of, the best birthday surprise ever!

20. Put a funny outfit on your pet - let them become part of the themed surprise! 


21. Gift him a personalised colouring book - turn your photos together in to colouring pages and gift him these hilarious offensive crayons that are sure to make him cringe and laugh out loud in equal parts!

22. Put together a movie night box for both of you - you could fill it with items such as dvds, marshmallows, smores, blankets, glow sticks, different flavours of popcorn and snacks, all the essentials!

My boyfriend is working on his birthday - what do I do? 

Ideas for how to surprise your boyfriend at work include dressing up in a disguise or costume and surprising him at work, making a lovely surprise for him to come home to, or setting it up at the pub he visits on the way home. You could also make him a little birthday care lunch package and take it in to him at work! It can be themed, filled with specially cut sandwiches or cookies - all you need is a themed cookie cutter off Etsy or Ebay! It's inexpensive and such a cute and special idea.

You could even make him a mini pick and mix bundle, with little amounts of all the pick and mix sweets you can think of and find! As you only need small amounts, they should be super affordable to find and it makes such a special, playful and nostalgic surprise gift, the gift of reminiscing his childhood!   

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