Wednesday 21 October 2020

Surprise pregnancy announcement ideas

Here are tons of pregnancy reveal ideas, creative pregnancy announcement ideas you've never heard before! Read on for the best ways to surprise your parents with a pregnancy, or tell your parents, kids, family and loved ones you're pregnant! 

How can I announce my pregnancy surprise?

Think of what your recipient likes, for example Pokemon, you could design two adult Pokemon with a tiny unevolved baby Pokemon underneath! If you recipient likes chocolate, you could design two different chocolate bars with a mini chocolate square in the middle as a hint! You can do this for almost anything the recipient is in to, it makes the best surprise as it is personalised to the recipient at the same time! You could even present it as a pop out card for extra impact.

How can I surprise my parents with a pregnancy announcement? 

What are some fun ways to tell my parents I'm pregnant? You could invite them round for a baby themed meal, decorate the plates with a secret message that they will see as they finish their food, pop a message in a napkin, slip a message inside a doughnut box or takeaway box or create a funny photoshopped scene that will reveal the surprise!

What should I write in my pregnancy announcement?

Announce your pregnancy by spelling the words 'we're pregnant' vertically (straight down) on a big piece of paper or card. Then come up with a nice sentiment to write for each letter! Your recipient will receive it and read the nice sentiments and then the penny will drop when they realise what it spells! You could even write a pregnancy announcement poem or come up with a riddle for your loved ones to decipher and figure out!

1. A family of dolls - this is the cutest and most special idea, you could find or make dolls that look exactly like you and your partner, arranged with a baby doll. You could photograph the scene and turn it in to cute cards to send to friends and family.  

2. Pop it in their morning cereal - this is an amazing way to surprise your child and let them know they are going to be a big brother or sister. Just make sure it is big enough so your recipient doesn't eat it by accident!

3. A mug announcement - give them a cup of tea or coffee and have the design safely written on the inside or at the bottom, so that when they finish drinking they will see the surprise announcement! You can also get heat changing mugs that reveal the announcement when you pour hot drink in to it!   

4. A plate announcement - this works the same way as the mug announcement, simply design, decorate or write a message on the inside of your plates and make sure it is dry and safe to eat from. Then serve the plates with food. As your recipients eat, they will reveal the hidden message on the plate and learn the surprise! The plates will then become important keepsakes afterwards and hold great sentimental value. It's a memory you can relive again and again, every time you use or eat from the plates!

5. Work in the season or time of year - for example, an autumn/fall themed pregnancy announcement surprise could be a carved pumpkin announcement or arrangement, or a for an announcement in the holidays you could wrap it up as a Christmas gift or place it in a Christmas card! You could even make some surprise baby announcement Christmas crackers.

6. Decorate the house in a special way - overwhelmingly with little ornaments of families and lots of baby emblems, then invite others round and see if they catch the hint!

7. A hilarious photoshopped picture surprise idea - this is one of the most special ideas as it will make your loved ones laugh no end - did you know we are so much more likely to remember something when it makes us laugh? Put together a funny photoshop image illustrating the announcement - you can add pets, older children, family members, even celebrities... there are so many options! It's a memory everyone will treasure forever.

8. Write a message inside napkins - this would be a cute idea to try at a restaurant, if you can request in advance for someone to put a note inside the napkins, or write a message, or you could even arrive 5 mins early and write on them yourself. You could even put a little sprinkle of pink or blue confetti inside, so that when they open them up, they receive the surprise!

9. Phone autocorrect - you will need to be able to access your recipient's phone for this but it is such a great surprise idea! For your relatives, you could ask if you could check something in the settings on their phone - just be sure they won't mind beforehand! Then change a phrase they use often to 'I'm going to be a Grandma/Grandpa/Dad!' Just be sure they will appreciate the surprise before you do this - and be on hand to explain all about autocorrect!

10. Slip a message inside a doughnut box - or takeaway box! They won't be expecting it at all when they open the box and it will be the best kind of surprise!

11. Attach a special keyring to their keys secretly - this is a wonderful idea to surprise your partner as it's discreet and they may not notice at first but they will get the best surprise when the penny finally drops!

12. Surprise your partner with cute doodles - to pop in their bag without them noticing! Next time they are out and about they will get the surprise! You could also purchase some small baby things, tie a cute ribbon round each item and pop them in your partner's bag for him to find throughout the day - the best kind of hint!

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