Friday, 26 March 2021

Where to take your boyfriend on his birthday

Where to take your boyfriend on his birthday ideas

Here are some cool and fun places to take your boyfriend for his birthday and ideas of what to do for your boyfriend's birthday, that you both will love!

What should I do for my boyfriend's birthday?

From taking him to a rooftop restaurant, to going canoeing, visiting a fairground, having a picnic in a strange place or a visit to a haunted house, there are so many fun birthday date ideas for your boyfriend. You could even present yourself in a parcel! Why not present yourself as a parcel for him to unbox - he'll get the best surprise!

1. Take him stargazing

One of the cutest things to do on your boyfriend's birthday!

2. Take him on a picnic

A picnic in a strange place is also a really fun idea and you could even make it a tradition for you both, every time either of you has a birthday, a romantic and quirky tradition to bind you together! Examples of a strange place to have your picnic include a high up (but safe) place, such as on a ferris wheel or on the top of a mountain, in the ocean (just be super careful not to litter) or even in a shed!

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Fishing gifts, best surprise gifts for fishermen

Surprise gifts for fishermen

Best fisherman gifts of all time! Also check out best farmer gift ideas, best boyfriend surprises and best man cave gifts for more ideas!

What do you get your boyfriend who loves fishing?

Make use of cute puns, such as 'you're my favourite catch' or 'love is reel' and use them to personalise items such as a new drinking flask or a new tackle box. Personalised socks with his face on them (or your face) is a hilarious gift idea he will love, or a fishing subscription box, because everyone loves free goodies every month!

What should every fisherman have?

Practical fishing gifts include an electronic fish scale, a drinking flask, warm and waterproof gloves, a pair of sunglasses, a personalised tackle tin, a miniature fan or hand repair kit. They will be so well appreciated as gifts as well as useful and practical items!

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Best Cat Birthday Party ideas for your Cat!

Here are some exciting birthday ideas for your cat! For even more ideas and treat your dog ideas definitely check out Best Pet Birthday ideas, for your dog, cat or small furry animals! 

How do I celebrate my cat's birthday?

1. Ceiling balloons with treats on the end

The perfect height for your cat to reach them and have a whole game of launching themselves at the treats! You could tie them to the end of the balloon strings for your cat to reach or attach them to streamers for a whole heap of fun!

Friday, 19 March 2021

Daughter in law gifts, how to surprise your daughter in law

Here are some daughter in law gift ideas, how to spoil and surprise your daughter in law, birthday gift ideas, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, to 'just because' gifts! Also check these best ever ways to give a gift and gift reveal ideas they'll never forget!

What is a good gift for your daughter in law?

Gift her a themed gift box, such as a self care box, a movie night box, a fragrance tester box filled with fragrance minis and wax melts, or a stationery selection box!