Saturday 19 December 2020

Surprise gifts for farmers

For farmer gift ideas try practical gifts like gloves, a unique scarf - but personalise them to make them extra special and unique. Try a gift from their pets, or gifting an ancient farming game or tradition, or a care package to treat them to some much needed relaxation after the hard work they put in all year round!

What is a good gift for a farmer?

Organization gifts make perfect gifts for the farmer, think memo boards, a personalised calendar, storage for small items, quirky and funny stationery that is both super practical and special and thoughtful at the same time! 

What do you get a farmer for his birthday?

Why not create a surprise birthday event that your farmer will enjoy - a sunny picnic spread with all homemade produce, or a banquet of locally sourced food and bakes. You could even host it in a secret location and create treasure hunt clues leading there!

1. Food subscription box - the best gift for a foodie or for someone permanently hungry being out working all day. It's a gift that keeps on giving as they get to receive a brand new box every month and the contents are a complete surprise!

2. A new pair of gloves - a superb essential that people rarely treat themselves to, make them super thick, strong and comfortable to withstand harsh weather and the elements.

3. A good flashlight - or a set of flashlights! They are often the first things to go amiss and get lost somewhere, so a whole set of them would be so well appreciated. Then there will be one to put in a coat pocket, one to keep in the car and a few more to keep here and there, so that your recipient will never be without a good flashlight or torch again. The best present ever!

4. Solar charger - for mobile or any other device will be infinitely helpful when your recipient is out in the fields and their mobile battery runs out!

5. A custom scarf - so useful and practical and you could even customise it for them with quirky iron on patches that suit their personality to a 't'!

6. Personalised socks - with your loved ones face on or their favourite pet will always go down a treat! 

7. A care package for your farmer - filled with jams, hand cream or lotion to soothe weather hardened hands, lovely pictures of their favourite pet, new socks, plasters, a special ornament or bauble, a compass, all the foods they love.

8. A box of little mementos - or items that remind you of your loved one. You could use memories and inside jokes to inspire you here and end up with all kind of funny items.

9. Old farmer traditions and games - these would be fascinating and so interesting to learn about and explore age old farming traditions done in front of the fire. Your loved one can reenact farming traditions from bygone years by playing games from olden times and achieve a very special insight in to and connection to the lives of farmers in bygone years.

10. A portrait or custom painting - of your loved one with his/her pets and land, to emulate the beautiful old fashioned portraits of landownders from the past. It will be sure to be a special gift, you could get it custom made or even paint it yourself to make it ultra special, the best ever surprise gift!

11. A memo board - this is such a useful and practical gift idea that your recipient is sure to love!

12. A new tree to plant - this is such a special gift idea that is totally unique! It's a gift that will keep giving for years to come, especially if you gift a fruit tree or one that bears produce, or even offers shade on hot days. It will become even more special over time and hold great sentimental value. It's almost like planting a memory in the ground and watching it grow.

13. Homebaked goods - such an awesome present idea that often gets overlooked, why not bake your loved one something delicious - or a whole feast! From pies to tarts, to scones, you could create a delicious homemade picnic spread for your loved one - the best birthday surprise!

14. A gift from their pets - a gift from their dog, with their pawprints on, would make the most special gift and an extremely thoughtful idea. This would make an amazing gift for a dog lover or cat lover - you could even create a gift from their favourite horse by making a print of the horseshoe!

15. A special themed gift - think to their favourite franchise or series, such as Lord of the Rings, and buy them an item to make their home feel all cosy like a Hobbit home.

16. A personalised framed map of their home - of their land, the area where they live, or of the whole county, displaying all the walks they like to go on and all the potential walks there are, all neatly laid out to plot their next adventure. This would make such a special gift, you could even create it yourself and add in personal favourites, such as the bakery or your recipient's favourite pub! You could decorate it to look 'Middle Earth' style.

17. A funny photoshopped portrait - running with the LOTR theme, turn them in to Gandalf if you so wish! Frame it and hang it on their wall secretly for them to see and get a funny surprise when they notice it! Ideas are to include their loved ones, favourite pets and favourite characters of all time! 

18. Chocolate household items - this is really a thing! Who wouldn't love gardening tools made entirely from chocolate. It will give them the best surprise when they get them out the box to use them and realise they are chocolate! 

19. A framed photo of their favourite farming machine - this would make such a funny gift! Every farmer has that one piece of machinery they are attached to as if it were a person. Why not celebrate that love with a framed photo of their beloved? They're sure to love it!

Even though farmers may seem hard to buy for, as they perhaps don't have much time or space to dedicate to elaborate gifts, there are still special items out there to give that will warm their heart! Think of what your recipient loves and utilise inside jokes to make them laugh and to make your surprise gift special, personal and memorable. If you liked this post do check out these Man Cave gift ideas and ideas for gifts for a 30 year old man  - I hope you enjoy!    

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