Sunday 21 March 2021

Best Cat Birthday Party ideas for your Cat!

Here are some exciting birthday ideas for your cat! For even more ideas and treat your dog ideas definitely check out Best Pet Birthday ideas, for your dog, cat or small furry animals! 

How do I celebrate my cat's birthday?

1. Ceiling balloons with treats on the end

The perfect height for your cat to reach them and have a whole game of launching themselves at the treats! You could tie them to the end of the balloon strings for your cat to reach or attach them to streamers for a whole heap of fun!

2. Bake a cake for your cat

Bake your cat a surprise cake for their birthday as a treat! You will need mashed sweet potato, half a tin of tuna and plain flour. Here is an amazing cake recipe for cats to try! It's super easy to make and you might have all the ingredients in your cupboard already.

3. Give them some cat safe milk or kitten milk

Cows milk is known to be bad for cats as they cannot digest it and it can make your cat ill, no matter how much they insist on lapping up any spillages and leftovers! If your cat is always trying to get to your breakfast bowl with the leftover milk, treat them for their birthday with a surprise saucer of special kitten milk you can buy at the supermarket, the best surprise gift for cats

4. Hide dishes of food around the room for them to find

5. Share a banquet with them

This is a really fun bonding exercise when done safely and hygenically, you could organise a floor time picnic spread for you both, with favourite foods you have in common, like lean chicken, roast beef and more. You could even set the picnic outside on a sunny day and share a beautiful meal together.

6. Invite friends around to fuss your cat

Cats adore being fussed around their head and shoulders! Pop a fluffy rug down for them to roll about on and some comfy hideaways nearby, for them to retreat to if they get overwhelmed by the attention.

7. Create a cat playground

Full of places to explore and hide away, from pop up tunnels to little tents, even tents connected by little tunnels for them to explore and live in!

8. Create a cat climbing wall

Install an aesthetically pleasing climbing frame in your living room, so your cat can climb up high and patroll and sit on high up ledges. You could build a little more on every time it's their birthday and create little nooks, ledges, safe shelves, scratching posts and surfaces and comfy surfaces for them to enjoy and sit on.

9. Install a radiator bed

An amazing cat gift your pet will love! This is an amazing gift for the colder months, or any time your radiator is on, it will provide the perfect warm bed for your cat!

10. Offer them a box of treats

A mystery box full of interesting sights and smells to explore, shiny and crackly toys and pockets of catnip, lots of multisensory toys and items on string - even some scrunched up aluminium foil attached to some string will work perfectly!

11. Frame a beautiful picture of your cat on the wall

To show off their beauty and majesty!

12. Set up a mini photoshoot for them

That they will love, perhaps with lots of treats nearby to keep them busy and interested! 

13. Create a hashtag for their special day

14. Ask every guest to bring an empty cardboard box

Then scatter them around the room for the birthday cat to explore – sometimes the cheapest toys make for the best fun and are the ones your cat heads for first!

15. A food tasting game

Collect different sachets of luxurious and expensive cat food for your cat, as well as leftover pieces of meat that are safe for them to eat, and let them have a field day exploring all the different delicious foods!

16. Offer them a multiple course meal

Bring out different amazing courses for them to try, throughout the day, so there are lots of amazing surprises for them to enjoy and multiple treats to excite them. They will love you forever!

17. Bring the outdoors in

In the form of potted plants or some branches to explore, or decorate the room in some foliage that your cat will find fascinating!

18. Create a super soft, cushy, plush place

For them to nap, spoil your pet with lots of soft and fleecy blankets and pillows underneath, fit for a princess

What do you get a cat for her birthday?

1. Gift them a new scratching post

One of the best cat birthday present ideas - your cat will adore trying their claws against their new scratching post, a cat climbing gym with a scratching post attached will be perfect, or one they can enjoy sitting on too!

2. A new snuggly blanket or bed

3. A 'pop and play' toy

4. A box of treats to explore 

5. A special furry hideaway

6. A pet safe hot water bottle or warmer

7. A remote control mouse

8. A DIY cat climbing wall

9. Multisensory toys with different textures and scents

10. Their own little heater

Cats are known to adore those halogen heaters as they provide a source of cosy, warm light as well as warmth 

11. A pop up tunnel or tent 

12. A drinkable water fountain 

13. Brand new food and water dishes

14. Cardboard boxes 

Do cats know it's their birthday?

Pets certainly don't understand the specifics of our celebrations, but they can still enjoy them. Cats are social beings and are able to pick up on group dynamics and detect when there is a special occasion going on!

I hope you enjoyed these gifts for cats ideas and cat birthday party ideas! You might also enjoy gifts for the woman who wants nothing, gifts for farmers, or gift ideas for knitters!

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