Wednesday 24 February 2021

How to surprise your pet with a party, pet birthday ideas!

Some special creative birthday ideas for pets, from a homemade obstacle course, to a pet birthday cake, to party games like pass the parcel, to dog friendly wrapping paper! Whether you have a dog, a cat, a small furry animal or something completely different, here are some pet birthday ideas they will love!

What should I do for my pets birthday?

1. Make them an obstacle course 

With popup tunnels, mini ramps to jump over and boxes to jump in and out of. For cats, you could make them a special climbing system going around your room or home - why not add to it a little for their birthday every year? You could add some hanging toys or a special board or surface to scratch, or a new tunnel or cushion.

2. A pet birthday cake 

With lots of tasty layers! For a dog you could use ingredients such as whole-wheat flour, baking soda, eggs, and applesauce or baby food, to make an amazing canine cake. Blend in shredded veggies such as carrots for a boost of nutrients and top it with cream cheese, peanut butter or blended bananas.

This pancakes for dogs kit is so so cute, it means you can give your dog the best birthday breakfast ever!

3. Matching jumpers 

For you and your pet to wear, so you can both look the cutest for when you go out on your walks! This will be perfect for cold weather or make an adorable pet Christmas gift idea!

4. Hide little treats around the room for them to find 

The perfect party game for your furry friend! You could even use the garden too, hide lots of little treats so it will keep them busy for hours. They will feel extra proud and special after managing to find them all! This is perfect for cats as well as dogs and even bunnies - you could hide little treats all over their run or living area.

5. A pass the parcel game 

Containing little treats in each layer, so it smells delicious to your furry friend. Leave them to see if they can unwrap it themselves, it will amuse them for hours! This is great for pets from dogs, to cats, to gerbils, who will especially appreciate this as they are prolific chewers! Just be sure the paper is pet friendly and doesn't have a ton of ink on it.

6. Gift them a tunnel

All pets seem to love them, there's something so special about a new tunnel to explore, sniff, smell, hide in and enjoy.

7. A mystery box of toys to explore 

Full of chewable toys, squeaky toys, soft toys and treats inside too, to keep them exploring! It's fun to include a whole range of multisensory toys that will be sure to fascinate them - and make the box big enough for them to jump in and start digging about inside!

8. A soft, fluffy and cosy blanket 

For smaller animals this could be tons of lovely and soft cosy bedding to burrow and snuggle in, or a brand new cosy bed for your cat or dog for their birthday! It could even be as simple as a lovely soft and fluffy throw or cushion they can curl up in after all the excitement.

8. A doggy birthday gathering

If you want to treat your dog, why not make it a social occasion and invite some friends round! It's so much fun watching them play together, you could fill the house and yard with tons of different balls of every size and watch them get seriously excited - plus create some adorable party favours and 'doggy bags' for your guests and their humans to take home!

9. DIY them a new piece of furniture

You could create something really unique and cool for your pets. 

10. Make a soft and fluffy tent for them

11. A taste testing game

Full of a huge variety of different foods and flavours. Then let them explore and find all their favourite fancies! They will absolutely love the variation of foods and smells, try to find a small sample of every food or treat that is out there, according to your pet, and then pop them all in separate bowls for your pet to discover. You could even include some pet safe human foods for them to sniff out and try! This is such a fun pet party game.

12. Make edible decorations

And watch as they have tons of fun tearing them down, they will love it! 

13. Give them a birthday massage 

14. Gift them a pet friendly hot water bottle

For their bed, if you have a cat or a dog! You could wash and freshly launder their bedding and prepare their bed all soft and comfy with all their favourite toys.

15. Set up a salt lick

16. Let them choose their own gift

Take them in store to investigate all the sights and smells, the whole experience will be a lot of fun. 

17. Set up a paddling pool for your pup

This is perfect for a birthday on a hot day. You could even buy him or her some water squirters or bring out the hosepipe for a whole heap of fun!

18. Take beautiful pictures of them to frame on your wall later 

19. Take them to be professionally groomed

If they love to be fussed they will love this experience! It's a wonderful idea for their birthday, they will look gorgeous and all freshly washed and groomed, all ready to get messy later! You could even give them a special wash and grooming session after the excitement is over and they are super muddy and dirty from their special walk or play.

20. Give them lots of breakfasts

Bring out different courses and dishes for their breakfast! You could offer them samples of food from expensive brands and give them a fancy 7 course meal. 

21. Make a pet playground

With a ton of different toys to play with and explore, multisensory toys they can hear, smell and taste, with lots of different textures. For small animals like gerbils, this could be a small secure area - even your bathtub! - with some bathing sand and some fun toys, tubes and boxes to explore. For guineas or bunnies, a special popup playpen or you could even make a special little room for them, build a cat climbing system to stretch all around your room, or put up some fencing and different levels in the room for your bunnies. 

22. Take them on a road trip

To the beach, to the big park, on their favourite walk, to splash in a lake or river nearby or anywhere new to discover, with exciting sights and smells!

23. Arrange a delivery to come on their birthday

So you can spoil them by gifting them lots of new toys, treats and playthings on their special day!

24. Think about the wrapping

This is something all pets can enjoy, every kind of pet! Have fun wrapping their gift or gifts in fun and exciting pet friendly paper - for bunnies, you could hide your gift in a bundle of hay, tied with dandelion leaves or, for pups, some shiny, crackly and irresistable dog friendly wrapping paper.

25. Make pup friendly ice cream or ice pops! 

Freeze some chicken broth for ice pops for your pup, or make some pup friendly lactose free ice cream as a special birthday surprise treat, with mashed banana and peanut butter.

26. Create a photo booth for your pet

You could even come up with a hashtag for your pet's party!

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