Tuesday 15 December 2020

Man Cave Gifts, Surprise Gifts for Men

 Some great homeware gifts for men are chalk/memo boards, neon signs, stationery and notebooks, storage boxes, funny or themed cooking utensils, a man cave sign, wall hangings or a cup/can holder!   These make amazing man cave gifts for the man in your life, perfect for the gaming cave ahem office. 

These make great surprise gifts for gamers too, which leads us to the ultimate question:

What should every man cave have?

1. A funny or romantic framed photoshopped picture - that you can frame on his wall! Use PicMonkey or Photoshop, they both work perfectly for this, and create a hilarious and romantic montage of all his favourite things, favourite people and pets, favourite characters... you can have so much fun with this, you could work in funny memes and inside jokes, so it is bound to make him chuckle and smile everytime he looks at it. This is such a special and funny gift he will love and treasure always!

2. Matching keyrings of people who look like you both - this is such a cute and funny gift idea for your boyfriend or husband! Simply find character keyrings that look just like you both - you could even frame them together to create the cutest piece of wall art your man will also appreciate too! (Especially if he is geeky!)

3. Lego sets for adults - yes, this is a thing! It provides a little outlet between games and is a way to channel that urge to build and take apart, meddle, tinker and challenge yourself to build something incredible... when the Minecraft servers won't load that is!

4. A chalk board or memo board - a great way to organise without disturbing the 'men shui' of the man cave. You could even personalise it by pinning special concert tickets, photos, geeky art and pins on it to make it truly special.  

5. A neon sign -  this will look amazing in every man cave, make the perfect gift and will give him an excuse to keep the curtains closed without being questioned!

6. A ring light - these are so cool and useful and automatically make you look great in the mirror/selfies/on zoom/on camera if streaming. They also look cool and futuristic, like something you might get on a spaceship, and so will perfectly accord with man cave feng shui.

7. Manly cushions - always great for your loved one's chair or furniture in the man cave, men love to be comfortable too!

8. A framed newspaper from when he was born - a special yet perfect gift for your man's space, this is such an interesting and unique gift!

9. Faux leather storage boxes - these look so cool and are infinitely useful for storing everything in.

10. A cup or can holder - the perfect man cave essential, no explanation necessary.

11. A framed film art poster of his favourite movie - you can get such cool and stunning movie posters and wall art, why not order one from his favourite movie, film or series and frame it for him for his room.

12. A funny door sign - this will be well appreciated and elicit much laughter, plus he'll really appreciate that you thought of him and his space.

13. Waste paper bin - usually for snack wrappers, but it can still look cool on the outside!

14. A mini fridge - your loved one will be over the moon with one of these, perfect for storing all the essential snacks like cold pizza, alcohol, energy drinks... so many options! Be warned, buying one of these may mean you might not see your man for the next year or two, as he won't keep needing to pop to the kitchen for snacks!

15. A green screen - even if your man isn't in to streaming or gaming, he'll have a lot of fun experimenting with this, impressing mates and being able to change the background with every zoom call or streaming session. It will provide endless hours of fun! 

16. Funko pops and mascots - figurines and relics from films that your boyfriend or husband is in to!

17. Stationery and notebooks - these will always come in handy and you can find such cool variations nowadays! These can make the most special and funny gifts of all and are so useful at the same time. Why not buy your man some eco friendly stationery? 

What is a good gift for a man who has everything?

 Funny and bizarre cooking essentials are a great gift to give a man who has everything - you can be sure he'll never have one of those and it will be sure to make him laugh and determined to figure it out in equal parts. You could also work out what his favourite franchises are and come up with a theme! Gifts tailored to a theme make the best gifts as they are personalised towards the recipient, they feel extra special and thoughtful. Brilliant, unique and quirky gifts really make the best surprise gifts as they will be totally unexpected!

What are good small gifts for guys?

Surprise them with personalised character keyrings that look like the two of you, find a pebble that matches his eyes, buy his favourite deodorant or signature scent and tie a ribbon around it and pop it in his bag when he's not looking! Food gifts are always well received and are low cost too! Sometimes the smallest gifts are the cutest and most special gifts.  

I hope you enjoyed these great man cave essentials - anything to make it look like a spaceship! Don't forget to check out these creative birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend and how to surprise someone with a trip ideas for tons more ideas! 

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