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Fishing gifts, best surprise gifts for fishermen

Surprise gifts for fishermen

Best fisherman gifts of all time! Also check out best farmer gift ideas, best boyfriend surprises and best man cave gifts for more ideas!

What do you get your boyfriend who loves fishing?

Make use of cute puns, such as 'you're my favourite catch' or 'love is reel' and use them to personalise items such as a new drinking flask or a new tackle box. Personalised socks with his face on them (or your face) is a hilarious gift idea he will love, or a fishing subscription box, because everyone loves free goodies every month!

What should every fisherman have?

Practical fishing gifts include an electronic fish scale, a drinking flask, warm and waterproof gloves, a pair of sunglasses, a personalised tackle tin, a miniature fan or hand repair kit. They will be so well appreciated as gifts as well as useful and practical items!

What do guys really want as gifts?

Give him the gift of novelty with a box of cool and fun snacks he's never tried before! Gift him a box of Japanese candy and snacks, or soda drinks, or cereal he's never tried before. Often the smallest surprises and gifts are the cutest and most thoughtful! You could also try out some cute pranks, like tying bows around everything in his bag or filling it with snacks he loves.

What is the best gift for a fisherman?

1. A phone charging bank

Always incredibly useful, especially for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and is unable to access a charging port for their phone. You can simply take it with you and use it to charge your phone whenever needed! An essential part of their fishing kit they didn't know they needed!

2. 'You are my greatest catch' gift

Such a romantic fishing themed pun for your fishing husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend who loves fishing! 

3. A 'fish whisperer' mug

This will be sure to delight any fishing fan!

4. A drinking flask

To keep drinks warm, always an amazing item to have in your fishing kit!

5. Electronic fish scale

Such a useful gadget they will absolutely love!

6. Outdoor weather indicator watch

7. Matching jumpers for them and their dog

One of the cutest gift ideas ever that everyone with a pup will appeciate! There's no better feeling than matching - or twinning - with your best furry friend! This is a fantastic DIY gift idea for those that can knit, or you can alternatively order them and even get them custom made.

8. Chocolate made fish and chips

Made out of chocolate! Why not surprise them with a hyper realistic chocolate model of fish and chips, they won't notice it's not real until they take a bite and get a surprise. Serve on a takeaway plate or dish to make it convincing!

9. An ornate compass

A beautiful item to keep on hand and basically feel like a pirate whilst holding it.

10. Warm, thick and waterproof gloves

Perfect for braving harsher weather conditions

11. A custom piece of clothing

This is a really fun DIY gift idea for your resident fisherman, just buy in a plain piece of clothing you know they will wear, then customise it with iron on patches that pertain to their favourite things! You can find all kinds on Etsy, from fishing to their favourite TV series, to their favourite comic franchise.

12. A funny photoshopped framed picture

Why not pull together a hilarious scene using photoshop and the photos of your loved ones and their favourite pets. You could create a hilarious scene of your recipient fishing with their pets, the options are endless! When you have perfected your creation, order a large scale print of it and frame it for your recipient. You could even order a matching t shirt with your creation printed on the front!

13. A fishing subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving! This makes such a great gift as they will receive a mystery gift box each month filled with fishing related goodies.

14. A fishing magazine subscription

With all the useful hints and tips they wanted to know, it's like joining a community of likeminded souls!

15. Personalised printed socks

With your recipient's face on them! You could even throw in a fish or two for good measure!

16. A new epic tent

Perfect for a lover of the outdoors, a home away from home! Choose an extra sturdy one that folds up easily, that will be perfect to take on adventures.

17. A back scratcher

One of the most thoughtful and practical gifts! This will no doubt come in handy, especially for those times you have an itch but are wearing thick gloves.

18. An pick and mix fish sweets assortment

A gift everyone will love, why not put together a pick and mix selection of their favourites? There are so many types of pick and mix fish sweets too, you could even include some gummy worms and make a fishing 'tackle box' entirely out of candy! They'll be sure to appreciate the sentiment.

19. Iced fishing sugar cookies

Combine sugar cookies with their next favourite thing! Home baked cookies always make for a fantastic DIY gift idea that is perfect to give to the man or woman who has everything! Just be sure to cater to any food or allergy requirements with food related gifts.

20. A 'keep it reel' hanging sign

For their man cave! Someone who loves 'Dad jokes' will love this quirky sign and it will also make a great DIY fishing gift idea to try and make yourself! This is the perfect fishing gift idea for Father's day!

21. A key holder

This is an amazing item to DIY yourself or even personalise, a special fishing-themed hook holder as a special place for your keys.

22. A Spotify music subscription

Or Amazon music subscription, will be sure to keep them entertained for hours and always come in handy!

23. A 'WTF' where's the fish hat or cap

You could even personalise one with their name on it! It's practical as well as special, to keep the sun off their face on warm days. That pun is so perfect to include!

24. A pair of sunglasses

25. A personalised tackle tin

They'll love having one with their name on it and you could even include a special message!

26. A Lord of the Rings style map of their area

Perfect for any great adventurer, you could frame it for them all ready to pop on the wall!

27. A book on what their area looked like in the past

This is fascinating and a super special gift for a historian or anyone interested in their area or super proud of their area.

28. A DNA ancestry test

This is such a unique gift to have, to find out what ancestry they hold and where their ancestors came from. It's such a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving and even change the way they see themselves!

29. A bottlecap windchime

This is a really fun DIY gift idea you can make yourself!

30. An experience day or classes

31. Gift them a surprise trip

32. A hamper of their favourite foods

This sounds simple but makes the best ever gift! You could even create a gift basket with a theme, like their favourite colour  Why not even present them with a box of quirky or unusual snacks they've never tried before and let them loose! You will be giving them the gift of novelty at the same time and it will mean they will be even more excited to get stuck in!

33. A portrait of your loved one with their first ever catch

Such a thoughtful and special gift, you could commission a painted portrait or illustration of them, or even paint them yourself! They are sure to be super flattered and touched. You could even enlarge a special photo of them and produce a big, framed print to adorn their wall!

34. A funny photoshopped t shirt

Put together a hilarious design, featuring all the things they love most, their loved ones and favourite pets, create a hilarious scene and get it printed on to a t shirt just for them!

35. A set of hand warmers

An amazing practical gift they will appreciate 100%! 

36. A hand repair kit

For chapped and blistered hands, who says sportsmen and women don't appreciate pampering gifts!

37. A miniature fan

Perfect for warm, hot or muggy days 

38. An amazing DIY fishing Father's day gift

Is to give him a special handwritten plate surprise! This is such a unique Fathers Day surprise gift he will love. Arrange for your recipient to go out and only come back at tea time, when you'll have a meal prepared for both of you. Then get your hands on some plain white plates and some plate decorating pens or paint - the kinds kids often use to decorate a plate for Grandma. They can create a really cute design - and then be sure to follow the instructions to let the paint or ink set - it is often recommended to pop in the oven for a certain time. Once it is completely dry, you can set about preparing the meal and dish it out on to the newly decorated plate. 

You could even cleverly cover each section of the plate with a different food - just make sure every bit is covered with food so that it looks like an every day white dinner plate. Wait til your recipient starts eating to reveal the cute surprise! You get to keep the memory and relive it every time you use the plate for a meal! It's such a cute surprise idea and your kids can get really creative with the design and message they choose to give.


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