Sunday, 27 February 2022

Best Husband Birthday ideas

Best DIY Husband Birthday ideas

Following on from how to surprise you husband, here are some creative, adorable ideas specifically tailored to your husband's birthday! Here are husband birthday ideas he will love, including some great DIY makes and cute no cost husband birthday gift ideas that don't cost a thing!

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Long Distance Couples Date Night ideas

Long Distance Couples Date Night ideas

All the creative DIY couples date night ideas that are tons of fun, don't feel too awkward and fit nicely in to the afternoon to evening time to night time, the perfect way to spend time together when physically apart in distance. 

Friday, 25 February 2022

Best Roblox Birthday Party ideas

Best Roblox Birthday Party ideas

All the Roblox Birthday Party ideas for your little square eyes/squared avatar! Here are tons of super cool Roblox party decorations in the UK, US, tons of creative ideas for wherever you are in the world. From Roblox birthday party supplies for a girl to Roblox birthday party supplies for a boy, and Roblox party games ideas, here are all the coolest party ideas to suit every personality and all the party supplies you could ever need!

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Dirty Dares for Guys Over Text

Dirty Dares for Guys over Text Message

Dirty dares over text messages for him 101! Here are some dirty dares over text, what to dare your boyfriend over text and how to do dares over text with your husband or fiance to spice up your long distance relationship. These make great flirty dares for your crush or boyfriend if you're playing truth or dare over text, make perfect dirty couples games for long distance relationships, dirty dares for couples you haven't heard of yet!

What is a good flirty dare?

From creating an 'anything but clothes' outfit, to drawing a sexy tattoo for your partner, to telling you something dirty using only celebrities' names, here are tons of fun and flirty dares ideas and dirty things to dare a guy over text - adult dares ideas you might not have heard yet!

Sunday, 20 February 2022

First Date Gifts ideas

Creative DIY first date gifts ideas

Lots of creative first date gifts ideas and first date gifts beside flowers, for when you want to gift your new love something thoughtful and memorable, that will make them feel special. Here is what to give him or her on a first date, plus some DIY first date gifts ideas for him and for her! 

What should I bring on a date instead of flowers?

1. A game to play together

Gifting your date a fun game is such a cute idea! Not only does it give you a little icebreaker to try on the date, plus is so great for if you run out of activities, and is the best kind of indicator that you'd love to see them again. It gives you the perfect exuse for a second date, because you want to have a go at winning against them in the game!

Romantic Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend

Romantic Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend

Cutest one year anniversary boyfriend messages 101! These will work perfectly, whether you're looking for anniversary quotes for him or even her, plus some great couples date activities ideas to celebrate your one year anniversary, gift and surprises for your boyfriend he will love and remember always and anniversary couples date night ideas that are free or cheap!

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'I've decided to keep you' card 👈🏻

 'Our first Valentines Day' card 👈🏻

Best Anniversary Quotes for him

You are my one in a minion

I love you a waffle lot! You are my butter half.

Friday, 18 February 2022

Belated Birthday Wishes ideas

Belated Birthday Wishes ideas

Some smooth ways to get out of forgetting someone's birthday, these funny late birthday wishes will be sure to make your recipient laugh! Perfect belated birthday wishes for your girlfriend, your best friend, your boyfriend, your sister or brother, plus some belated birthday gifts ideas! It is definitely the thought that counts, right? How do you wish someone a belated birthday?

Best Belated Birthday Wishes

1. I tried to finetune my tardis but it went wrong and now I am x hours late to your birthday.

2. I am not late to your birthday but just early for the next one

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Good Morning Messages for your Boyfriend

Goodmorning text messages for boyfriend

Morning messages for him 101! Here is how to say goodmorning to your boyfriend by text or goodmorning to your crush by text message. From best boyfriend good morning texts for your boyfriend or husband, to cute romantic morning surprises ideas, cue all the emojis and all the breakfast puns too! My favourite is 'you are the avocado to my toast', possibly the ultimate compliment for avocado afficionados! Let's explore these flirty good morning texts for him...

What is a cute way to say goodmorning to a guy?

Do you want to grab coffee? Because I like you a latte