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Dirty Dares for Guys Over Text

Dirty Dares for Guys over Text Message

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Dirty dares over text messages for him 101! Here are some dirty dares over text, what to dare your boyfriend over text and how to do dares over text with your husband or fiance to spice up your long distance relationship. These make great flirty dares for your crush or boyfriend if you're playing truth or dare over text, make perfect dirty couples games for long distance relationships, dirty dares for couples you haven't heard of yet!

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What is a good flirty dare?

From creating an 'anything but clothes' outfit, to designing a hot tattoo for your partner, to telling you something dirty using only celebrities' names, here are tons of fun and flirty dares ideas and dirty things to dare a guy over text - dares ideas you might not have heard yet!

1. Perform seductive karaoke

This one is golden and you are sure to end up in stitches!

2. Pretend you are making sweet love to the sofa/couch

For the next two minutes. Make it as real as possible!

3. Send me the most scandalous text you can think of

All the opportunities to get creative here! This dare is sure to be hilarious!

4. Film yourself eating a food in a sensual manner

A flirtatious and hilarious boyfriend dare idea!

5. Take a video of yourself performing a strip tease

Ask him to channel his inner performance artist with this cheeky dare for your boyfriend!

6. Create an 'anything but clothes' outfit

Super creative and flirtatious, this dare is so much fun and you could even both take part!

7. Do your best vampire impression

To reignite your Edward Cullen love affair

8. Take the thing you most want to do to me right now and write it in code

This could be an anagram or the letters could be swapped out for different ones, to make it hard to guess. It will increase levels of anticipation as you try to work out what it says!

9. Play dirty hangman with me

This sounds bad but is just the simple game of hangman, just the X rated version! It will be sure to keep your spirits up. Amongst other things.

10. Write down five s** questions you always wanted to ask me

A simple dare but a goodie! This will make you feel closer together, even if you are distanced far apart. It's a great dare idea to spice up your long distance relationship!

11. Post some flirtatious emojis on your Facebook wall

In as casual a way as possible

12. Take a sultry crawl and make it look as seductive as possible

13. Try to turn me on in five words

This is even harder than it looks (pardon pun)

14. Send a picture of your most flamboyant underwear

15. Attempt to twerk

16. Order me a s** toy you think I'd like

17. Give me a hot dare for next time when we're together

18. Video call me and belly dance for me

19. Try to turn me on in one word

This is really tricky but allows him to get super creative!

20. Recommend me a p**n website

21. Go outside wearing your clothes inside out

22. Tell me something dirty, using only celebrities names

23. Make a super aphrodisiac potion

24. Draw me naked

25. Draw the filthiest thing you can think of

26. Write a dirty poem for me

27. Play dirty pictogram with me

28. Tell me the weirdest thing about me that turns you on

29. Photograph yourself in the best locations to have s** in your house

30. Send one of these photos without context to someone in your contacts

30. Tell me the dirtiest word you can think of

31. Use phone autosuggest to create a dirty message

32. Send the message to your parents

33. Send a bunch of naughty emojis to your nan

34. Send an innocent innuendo message to someone

35. Ask for s** advice from your mum/mom

36. Put on a dirty song and play it really loud

37. Cover yourself in your favourite relish and I have to guess what it is

38. Strip off on video chat and let me paint you like one of my french girls

39. Oil your body after a shower

40. Send me a naughty picture taken somewhere in public/somewhere you shouldn't

41. Do something dirty with an everyday object

42. Write a song dedicated to one body part of mine

43. Guess the colour of my underwear I'm wearing

44. Ask him for a picture of his best seduction face

45. Ask him for a naked apron photo

46. Give yourself a naughty alter ego name

47. Give me a naughty alter ego name

48. Choose a role play situation you would love to try

49. Choose one piece of clothing for me to wear next time we're together

50. Name an unexpected celebrity you would have a three some with

51. Describe your best kiss ever

52. Dress me for the day

Facetime your boyfriend or partner and have them undress you by command and then dress you in your outfit for the day. This is an understated s**y dare that will leave them wanting more! You could always agree to 'undress' together later on, before bed.

Flirty things to dare a guy over text

For when you're not quite ready to take it to the next level yet, these PG rated offerings make perfect dares for your crush over text or for your new boyfriend or long distance boyfriend!

1. Narrate one of your fantasies to me, using only PG rated/innocent images

Or using images of everyday items! This is so funny and gives them a chance to get super creative without any X rated imagery (which can somehow be even hotter somehow!)

2. Write me a secret lemon juice message and post it to me

This is such a cute and romantic idea in equal parts and has the opportunity to become super flirtatious and creative!

3. Draw me wearing your favourite outfit

Whether he draws you wearing his favourite outfit of yours, or his favourite outfit on him, remains to be seen, but it's definitely a solid flirtatious dare that draws attention to your body and leaves room for interpretation

4. Use phone autosuggest to create a flirty message

5. Undo half of your buttons and send me a photo

Rules are rules

6. Play flirty charades with me 

7. Draw me a tattoo I should get and decide where I should have it

8. Cosplay as (insert name of celebrity here)

9. Ask for s** advice from your best friend

It has to be authentic and he can't reveal it is part of a dare

10. Do an impression of your s** ed teacher

11. Try an aphrodisiac food

12. Create a hashtag

Get your boyfriend to create his own hashtag and tag every post with it! It could be flirty, dirty, funny or super creative!

13. Choose a place for us to hang out together this summer

14. Put all of your clothes on backwards

15. Message flirtatious emojis to your best guy friends

A great rule is to keep the game fun and to avoid dares that could upset one or both parties in your relationship, or intrude on each others' privacy, making each other feel uncomfortable and pressured. These might include dares that involve someone's search history or dares that mean bringing up past relationships and romantic feelings, which can result in feelings of tension and resentment, and have the opposite effect. It can be easy to see it as an opportunity to dredge information from your partner that you wanted to know, but sometimes this information is best kept out of the relationship, if it does not apply to your current situations and your feelings about each other.

Like Pandora's Box, information like this can do more harm to a relationship than help it, and it is healthy to be able to have personal space in a relationship. Keeping it fun and lighthearted and between the two of you as a game to be played based on communication and trust. It can also be harder to communicate and find a resolution by text, if any conflict occurs, as things can get misconstrued so easily when messaging! It is always good to stay on the safe side and keep it mutually fun for both you and your partner.

Another element to avoid is hurting others; for example, it is best to avoid partaking in dares that trick others and risk hurting or upsetting them. This could include pretending to have feelings or be interested in someone for a dare, and fooling them as a result. A dare game shouldn't be played at the expense of hurting those around you - when involving someone, it is best only to do so if they are a trusted friend or family member  

One more thing to consider as part of the disclaimer is online privacy and practising safe online s**ual behaviour. Only trade intimate pictures and vulnerable material in confidence with those you absolutely trust and are in a secure relationship with. There is nothing fun about a dare game getting out of hand!

It's great to make sure you are on the same page before beginning your game of dares over text, and know what you are both getting in to. If you don't have a s**ual relationship with your game partner, or it feels too awkward to dive straight in, we definitely recommend trying the flirty dares over text first and progressing if you both feel comfortable!

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