Friday 18 February 2022

Belated Birthday Wishes ideas

Belated Birthday Wishes ideas

Some smooth ways to get out of forgetting someone's birthday, these funny late birthday wishes will be sure to make your recipient laugh! Perfect belated birthday wishes for your girlfriend, your best friend, your boyfriend, your sister or brother, plus some belated birthday gifts ideas! It is definitely the thought that counts, right? How do you wish someone a belated birthday?

Best Belated Birthday Wishes

1. I tried to finetune my tardis but it went wrong and now I am x hours late to your birthday.

2. I am not late to your birthday but just early for the next one

3. I missed your birthday, but I think that permits you to celebrate it all over again! Maybe take the whole week or month. Belated Happy Birthday.

4. I fell in to the void while cleaning yesterday, but I brought you back a dalek eye covered in void stuff

5. I fell in to the multiverse whilst cleaning yesterday, but brought you back your birthday gift from the future to say... Happy Birthday!

6. In all honesty, I thought you were still x years old, that's why I didn't realise it was your birthday

7. I didn’t know whether to send you a handwritten letter, an email, a Facebook message, an SMS, a tweet, or a voice message. It took me a whole day to decide!

8. I may have missed your birthday, but I’ve made up for it by getting you the cutest birthday card ever.

9. Dear friend, I wanted your celebrations to last more than a day. That is why I decided to send my birthday wishes a little later than all the rest.

10. I feel bad for not upholding our birthday ritual this year. I’ll take you to your favourite restaurant and make it up to you. Belated happy birthday, friend.

11. It is your birthdaymoon, right?

12. It's never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you happy birthday.

13. If I hadn't missed your birthday, I wouldn't get to surprise you today!

14. It took me an extra day to find your place, because you're one in a million!

15. I may have missed your birthday, but I thought you were aging backwards as you just keep getting younger!

16. I wanted to arrive at your birthday dressed as a time traveller, and I think I took it too literally.

17. Happy Little-Bit-Late Birthday! Sorry I forgot, but I wanted to send you belated birthday wishes all the same.

18. Despite my wishes being a little late, you know they are straight from the bottom of my heart

19. Sorry I missed the big day, but thought I’d extend your birthday a little longer.

20. A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things that life has to offer always find their way to your doorstep (hopefully quicker than this card!)

21. We all know that birthdays are special, but someone like you is special everyday!

22. Happy Birthday Boxing Day!

23. I didn’t forget your birthday, I just wanted to prolong the celebration!

24. Good things come to those who wait! Happy belated birthday!

25. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday but I didn't want to be mainstream. Happy belated Birthday!

26. Sorry this card is a bit late. I remembered your birthday, just not the date!

27. Even though this is late, it’s never too late to wish you the best of everything! Happy birthday!

28. This wish is late so that you can celebrate longer!

29. I’m so sorry that I missed the special day, but, to me, you are special every day!

30. Now that everyone else’s wishes have worn off, you can have a great big one from me!

31. The world is made up of two types of people. Meticulously punctual types and the awesome fun people like me who don’t own calendars. Happy belated birthday!

32. Sorry I missed the beginning of this new chapter, glad to see that it’s off to a roaring start! Happy happy belated birthday to you!

33. In my eyes, every day with you is worth celebrating!

Best Belated Birthday Gifts ideas

Maybe you're looking for a little something extra to pop in alongside your gift - a little trick is to go big with your gift, then your recipient will quickly forget about your birthday wishes being a day or two late! Big doesn't always mean expensive, however; here are some cute cheap DIY belated birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend, or for your mum/mom!

1. A hamper themed around their favourite things

A hamper is an amazing easy DIY gift idea you can make, and it doesn't have to cost much either! Make use of luxurious trimmings, such as eco friendly tissue papers and little adorable additions for them to discover and base it around something they love, whether that is their favourite colour, favourite pet or animal, or favourite series or franchise.

2. Baked goods

Baked goods is such a great belated birthday gift as it shows lots of care and effort 

3. A gift for their pets

A gift from or for their pets will always touch the heart! You could even gift them a personalised keyring with their pet's paw print on 

4. Recreate something special from their childhood

This belated gift idea will show them how well you know them and that you are in tune with them. You could recreate a special memory for them, or recreate a special object that they used to adore.

5. Add in a fancy looking extra

Opt for something fancy, but useful as an adorable extra, like fancy and aesthetically pretty matches

How do I give a belated birthday gift?

Often delivery can have a huge impact on how the gift is received. To make your recipient forget all about their gift being late, why not try

1. Arrange for it to be gifted to them at a restaurant

2. Wrap it in multiple layers

To fool them as to what the gift might be! A really cool example of this is to package the actual gift carefully in to a cereal box, then glue it shut. Your recipient will get the best surprise, once they realise you haven't just gifted them cereal!

3. For nerds, why not cover your gift in fake slime

Or such material (carefully, so that it doesn't come in to contact with the gift inside). This will make your 'I fell in to the time void' excuse all the more convincing. You could get super creative with this and make them fangirl over their gift!

4. Make the packaging look super luxe

For fancy packaging, why not order free samples of fancy wallpapers and use them to wrap your gift

5. Gift them a small gift parcel for their pet alongside their gift

This is such a cute idea, your loved one will be sure to adore a mini matching gift for their pet!

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