Saturday 26 February 2022

Long Distance Couples Date Night ideas

Long Distance Couples Date Night ideas

All the creative DIY couples date night ideas that are tons of fun, don't feel too awkward and fit nicely in to the afternoon to evening time to night time, the perfect way to spend time together when physically apart in distance. 

What can couples do together long distance?

1. Try some dirty dares over text 

Here is a whole list to try, uber creative dares for couples to spice up your relationship! You could keep these more tame, flirty, or take it to the next level intimacy wise. This is such a fun game to try that you can have endless fun with!

2. Use your phone's autosuggest function to write each other romantic paragraphs

This is such a goofy and funny activity and will keep you entertained for ages - especially using the microphone function where your phone converts anything you say in to a piece of text. Let a bot write your romantic messages! It's such a fun game!

3. Game together

Why not meet up on a game and complete a mission together! There are so many fun online and video games to play, and this is an amazing way to bond and learn to problem solve together, as well as find ways to practise working together in stressful situations. This activity is so rewarding and a whole heap of fun!

4. Complete challenges

Why not set each other challenges to complete and see who can finish them first! Getting competitive is such a fun couples bonding activity and will make you feel closer, despite the physical distance between you both.

5. Have a movie night

Send them a movie night box, filled with a cosy blanket, different kinds of popcorn, marshmallows, snacks and crackers, glow sticks and even cute paper signs, and keep one for yourself! You can share a whole movie night experience with your partner, with all the trimmings!

6. Send each other a box of new and unusual foods and snacks

Then eat them together over Skype or Facetime and rate each one out of ten! Unboxing your food box will feel like Christmas all over again! It's a fun and special experience to share with your partner, you might discover some brand new favourite foods, which is awesome!

7. Send each other a romantic meal in a box

Then make the meal and eat together over Facetime! You have no say in what your partner buys for you, but can choose everything for their meal. You could get super creative and set them a completely random assortment of foods to make them laugh - anything quirky goes, like strawberry jam, but be sure to include some substantial items they like also - and just check there is nothing they are allergic to! You could even include some cute little notes and extras to make them smile!

8. A blind food tasting challenge

Write down a selection of about 15 foods you both have in your home, then write them down on cards. These could include any relishes you have too, such as jam, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, vinegar etc. Each person takes it in turn to pick two cards out at random, then must try those two food combinations together. This is so much fun and is bound to result in hilarity! You might find some very gross food combinations, but also some surprisingly weirdly nice ones!

9. Take online compatability and personality tests and quizzes

These are so much fun and can help you get to know your partner even better! They are so entertaining and it's so much fun discovering and sharing your results with your partner.

10. Do a pop quiz

An oldie but a goodie! This is a perfect way to bond together for long distance couples.

11. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

This is such a romantic idea that is perfect to do in your backyard! Just be careful about going out at a later time, if you decide to Facetime away from home.

12. Draw together

Draw.Chat is a great tool that is super simple to use and if you actually do want to find out who’s more likely to be the next Picasso why not have your creations rated!

13. Complete mind games online

Whether you enjoy crossword games like Wordle, or virtual escape room games, there are so many fun games to play online and challenging levels to try to complete together. This is so much fun and you will find entire hours have gone by before you know it! It's the best way to bond with your loved one, while exercising your brain at the same time. 

14. Plan a trip together

The perfect way to get excited about spending time together! Why not plan trips together you would love to take in the future? You could even plan them down to the tiniest detail and go visiting on Google Maps and plan which cafes you would love to visit. You could even use VR if you have it to visit the places virtually!

15. Read to each other

This is amazing if you have something to do in the background, like chores, as you can listen to your partner read to you and enjoy the sound of their voice, like a podcast or audiobook but better. It's also incredibly soothing and perfect for when you miss each other.

16. Write coded messages for each other to decipher

This will keep you guessing for ages and it will be so much fun trying to figure out what your partner has said.

17. Play a game of naughty scenarios

These can even start innocent and get saucier if you want to. This will increase your anticipation to see each other again and keep your relationship spicy. Would you rather? is another fun game to play!

18. Give them a virtual tour of your area

19. Have an art competition

And each make something to compete against each other! Some of the most fun things to create here are sculptures and models, or something with a theme! You could have a different theme for every date and take it in turns to choose. You could have sexy themes or goofy themes, and use all kinds of materials like clay, glue, paint, lego pieces, cardboard, or anything lying around your home. This is such a hilarious activity that will get you both giggling! You won't be able to wait for your next date and it will bring so much enrichment to your long distance relationship!

20. Make a relationship bucket list

Write down all the things you want to do together - a great tip is to include the small and even tiny things, such as buying a hotdog together and brushing teeth together, walk through the park holding hands, sharing an umbrella in the rain or putting ice cream on your partner's nose. Sometimes the smallest activities are the cutest and most wholesome ones!

21. React to tiktok videos together

This is such a fun activity that you can spend hours doing as there are so many tiktoks out there! You could even have a go at creating your own.

22. Learn a tiktok dance together

Even if you might have to have a few drinks beforehand, this idea is lots of fun and is an amazing bonding activity and way of creating funny memories!

23. Tell each other ghost stories

Not just for Halloween, this is a really fascinating activity, where you can trade your real life supernatural or spooky experiences, or read up on the best ghost stories, or make them up to shock each other!

24. Make and taste cocktails together

And try all the different recipes, marking each one out of ten! There is nothing more romantic than trying new things together.

I hope you liked these adorable long distance couples date night ideas! Definitely also check out these best dirty flirty boyfriend questions, best relationship anniversary gifts and messages and best 30th birthday gifts for guys!

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