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How to surprise your husband

How to surprise your husband surprise gift ideas

What can I do to surprise my husband? 

Sometimes it can be hard to think of ways to surprise the man in your life or how to surprise your husband - it is often fun, small and quirky surprises like hiding homemade gifts and doodles in his bag, creating themed meals, or going all out with quirky wrapping paper that can inject a huge amount of fun in to your marriage as well as giving your husband the best surprise he'll never expect! How do you reveal a surprise gift? Read on to find new creative ways to reveal a surprise and more!

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1. A hilarious colouring book for adults πŸ‘ˆπŸ» don't forget to include these offensive crayons!

PS there is even a cuter one here! πŸ‘ˆπŸ» Personalise a colouring in page with you and your hubby, it's such a cute surprise - gift them some offensive crayons to go with it! It's sure to inject a whole lot of fun in to your marriage, the cutest and funniest surprise gift.

2. Leave a nerf gun or water pistol at the door with a note and hide in the house with your own - when he finds you, you can try to spray/shoot him first!

3. How can I surprise my husband without money? Tie ribbons around everything in his bag - this is a really cute gesture - a friendly prank idea that lets him know you're thinking of him.

4. Create some cute and funny doodles - then pop them in his bag for him to find, maybe even roll them up and secure them with a ribbon for added cuteness. You could create a whole bunch of them or surprise him with one every day to make his day that little bit sweeter.

5. Buy in those edible ink pens - and write a cute message on some edible paper, on his sandwiches - or one of those chocolate art pens to create cute messages in chocolate for him. You could pop them in his lunch, wrapped up in his bag or add a cute chocolate surprise message to his dessert!

6. Put together a themed lunch or meal for him - where everything pertains to a certain colour or theme, for example like Pokemon, Marvel, DC Comics or his favourite franchise. You can get really creative with this and match everything together to create a cohesive and fun and really cute theme! Your husband won't be expecting it at all, which makes it the perfect surprise, and you could even extend the theme to dessert too!


7. Make your favourite dessert from scratch - think of a special dessert or dish you both bond over and then try to make it from scratch, if it goes wrong it will create some hilarious memories for the both of you! He will appreciate the thought and love any cute touches you add - like rainbow sprinkles or paper hearts!

8. Alternatively, surprise him with a takeaway when he gets in! Your treat. 

9. Make cute, themed pancakes - maybe you have a franchise you are both invested in or have something quirky or geeky in common! Make use of the theme and create cute pancake designs for when he comes down in the morning - it will be hilarious if the designs go wrong! This is a great way to create some cute memories and surprise your husband at the same time.

10. Put together a themed meal for you both - along the same lines as the themed lunch surprise, you can get really creative with the theme, there is nothing like a themed surprise! It's reminding each other of the quirky things you have in common. 

11. The design a plate surprise - this is such a good trick! Arrange for your husband to go out and only come back at tea time, when you'll have a meal prepared for both of you. Then get your hands on some plain white plates and some plate decorating pens or paint - even the kinds kids often use to decorate a plate for Grandma. You can create a really cute design - and then be sure to follow the instructions to let the paint or ink set - it is often recommended to pop in the oven for a certain time. Once it is completely dry, you can set about preparing the meal and dish it out on to the newly decorated plate. You could even cleverly cover each section of the plate with a different food - just make sure every bit is covered with food so that it looks like an every day white dinner plate. Wait til your husband starts eating to reveal the cute surprise! You get to keep the memory and relive it every time you use the plate for a meal! It's such a cute surprise idea and you can get really creative with the design and message you choose to give.

12. Buy him a mystery gift from a 'secret admirer' - and watch his reaction as he tries to figure it out! You can pretend to know nothing about it. You could then send him another gift later that reveals the whole thing! 

13. Hijack his playlist - and add some cute and funny songs, or create a new separate playlist of songs that remind you of happy memories of you both together. It's such a cute idea!

14. Photoshop a funny picture together of you both - or one of him! You could even frame it somewhere like the living room and see if he notices, this will sure to have you both in stitches and it's such a cute memento, something to keep forever more. He might even respond by creating his own to surprise you!

15. Buy his favourite ice cream and leave it in the freezer - for him to discover, you could even pop a post it note on top with 'surprise!' written on it. Sure to get you 100k girlfriend points.

16. Invest in a quirky bed sheet - and wait until he climbs in to bed and notices! There are so many quirky designs out there, even Twister boards for an in-bed game of Twister!

17. Change his phone's autocorrect - in a cute way! Pick a phrase he might use often when you text one another - change it to resemble something cute! You can have so much fun with this.

When can surprises go wrong? 

If the surprise is too dramatic or costly, it can have the unintended effect on your recepient, for example, spending a lot on a surprise trip could backfire if you find out they had to work during that certain period. For this reason, it's often the smallest surprises that surprise your husband, partner or recepient the most and make them the happiest, as it is often the thought that counts.

How can I surprise my husband when he comes home from work?

 This can be a good time to surprise your husband or partner as they will be unsuspecting and won't be expecting a surprise as they get home - but often the smallest surprises work best for this scenario. Cater for the fact they may be tired when they get home and surprise them in a gentle way with their favourite ice cream, a themed meal or a takeaway!

How to surprise your husband with a trip? 

A great thing to do is to plan a less exciting event with your husband - or a trip for you where you've persuaded him to tag along - and reveal the mystery in the car - he'll have to guess where by the direction you are taking! A surprise trip reveal poem would be perfect for this too. Just be sure your partner has the time off around that time and cover all bases before you set off and surprise your loved one!

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