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Best Husband Birthday ideas

Best DIY Husband Birthday ideas

Following on from how to surprise you husband, here are some creative, adorable ideas specifically tailored to your husband's birthday! Here are husband birthday ideas he will love, including some great DIY makes and cute no cost husband birthday gift ideas that don't cost a thing!

Best Husband Birthday Gifts

Which gift is best for my husband's birthday?

1. Personalised socks

Make some hilarious socks with his face on, or a photoshopped image, or a funny picture of a pet... there are so many funny options! You could get really creative and create a whole set of funny socks he will absolutely love.

2. Chocolate household objects

A toolbox full of realistic chocolate tools would make the funniest gift and he's sure to love it! He'll get an extra surprise when he discovers the tools are made out of chocolate.

3. Flavoured toothpaste!

Such a cute and quirky gift idea that he won't expect but will love. There are so many different flavours you can get to give your loved one a little lift every morning!

4. A framed film art poster of his favourite movie

You can get such cool and stunning movie posters and wall art, why not order one from his favourite movie, film or series and frame it for him for his room.

5. Matching jumpers for them and their dog

One of the cutest gift ideas ever that everyone with a pup will appeciate! There's no better feeling than matching - or twinning - with your best furry friend! This is a fantastic DIY gift idea for those that can knit, or you can alternatively order them and even get them custom made.

6. Food subscription box

The best gift for a foodie or for someone permanently hungry being out working all day. It's a gift that keeps on giving as they get to receive a brand new box every month and the contents are a complete surprise!

7. A gift from their pets

A gift from their dog, with their pawprints on, would make the most special gift and an extremely thoughtful idea. This would make an amazing gift for a dog lover or cat lover - you could even create a gift from their favourite horse by making a print of the horseshoe!

8. A portrait or custom painting

Of your loved one with his/her pets and land, to emulate the beautiful old fashioned portraits of landownders from the past. It will be sure to be a special gift, you could get it custom made or even paint it yourself to make it ultra special, the best ever surprise gift!

9. A painting or print of their favourite area

If they are attached to their area, where they live or where they come from, they will be sure to adore a commissioned or self painted landscape work of art showing off the beauty of their area, to frame in their home.

10. A heat transforming mug

He'll get the best surprise on making a hot drink as the design will totally change!

11. An Ancestry DNA test

There is nothing cooler than finding out your ancestry and origins, where your ancestors came from, and it helps to build a wider picture of your identity. This is such a cool and fascinating gift idea that will keep on giving!

12. A funny duvet set!

You can get Twister inspired duvet covers - or even one inspired by their celebrity crush or anime crush! There are also hilarious ones to make them look like a completely different character when they are lying in bed, or the 'his side, her side' design, totally hilarious (and accurate!)

13. A funny sign or hanging for their space

It's always hard to find home decor gifts for men but your recipient is sure to adore a hilarious sign for their space! Ideas could include 'naughty corner', 'enter at your own risk' or you could even personalise your own.

14. A phone charging powerbank

This is so useful and such an epic practical gift idea for him he will love! It's perfect for if your recipient spends a lot of time outdoors or at work where there are no charging ports. They are nice and slim in size and design too, making them perfect for your recipient to take with them wherever they go!

15. A back scratcher

One of the most thoughtful and practical gifts! This will no doubt come in handy, especially for those times you have an itch but can't quite reach.

16. Gamer energy drinks

You can also get those without caffeine in, in a huge range of flavours to choose from!

17. Neon lights for their space

Always a goodie, neon lights always make a space look incredibly cool and futuristic, like one of the gaming caves of the internet. They create a super cosy atmosphere and your recipient can choose what colour they are in the mood for, meaning they can change up their whole room with the flick of a button!

18. A chalk board or memo board

A great practical gift that doesn't disturb the 'men shui' of the man cave. You could even personalise it by pinning special concert tickets, photos, geeky art and pins on it to make it truly special - even adding a little romantic note in the corner!

Best Husband DIY Birthday Gift ideas

1. Photoshop a funny and romantic picture together

Get it printed and then frame it somewhere he'll see it! It's bound to make him smile - you could even feature each other's pets or family members. Fill it with things your husband loves!

2. Gift him a mixtape USB full of songs that remind you of him

Or him of you! 

3. Make a little romantic parcel for him

With his favourite sweets, drinks, snacks and funny cute doodles, tie it with a ribbon and then slip it in to his bag when he's not looking!

4. Put together a nerf gun package and challenge him to a duel

Put together a nerf gun package, with enough ammo, plus filled water balloons, silly string  This is such a fun and special gift for the man who has everything, or does not want a gift, and is bound to result in hilarity. This is such a fun gift idea and is super special and memorable.

5. A customised piece of clothing

Take a plain piece of clothing or accessory and customise it just for him! You can use iron on or sew on patches from his favourite franchises and everything he is in to - even ramen or his favourite food! On Etsy they have so many fun and different kinds - and adorn the piece of clothing with them, to make a totally unique piece that is uniquely his! This makes the most special gift and it will remain his favourite object for years to come, it will make such a thoughtful surprise for him and holds great sentimental value too!

6. Gift him something from his childhood

This is such a special and unexpected idea! It also shows how well you know him and appreciate the moments and memories that are special to him. You could track down his favourite ice cream he always used to get when he was young or recreate a special object that used to be his favourite.

7. Recreate his childhood favourite dessert

Always a winning gift that is perfect for the man who has everything!

8. A customised keyring

Something everyone will love because everyone carries keys! A customised keyring would make the perfect Father's day present and you can get super creative with it!

9. A hamper of bizarre and interesting foods

Tons of foods they have never tried before! You could even set up a blind food tasting game - or a game of foodie dares - and get them trying all kinds of crazy food combinations they would never normally!

10. A disguised gift

Disguise your gift as something totally different! A great idea is to wrap your gift up in many layers and boxes, all recyclable of course, so that he'll never be able to guess what your original gift is and will wonder, as it is so massive, what on earth it could be! He'll have to unwrap all the layers first, which will only increase anticipation to receive the gift and the final reveal will become even more special, once he's half convinced you've just got him a box with paper inside!

11. Arrange cupcakes to spell something special

It could be the date you met, his initials, or even a love heart!

12. A funny framed photoshopped picture

Make them a funny photoshopped picture with all their favourite things, you could set it in a place they have always dreamed of visiting! Add in all their favourite things and people - even fictional characters! This is such a unique and creative gift idea and they are sure to love it. You could print and frame the final result for them to keep safely in their room or space, it will be sure to make them smile whenever they see it!

13. Make him a themed meal gift

Choose a special theme to base your foodie gift on and then choose and make special foods to accord with that theme. You could make a hamper of treats for him to discover, for example, for a fishing theme there could be crab croissant sandwiches, viennese swirls as oyster shells with a mini pearl balanced inside - and even mini blue jelly/jello fish bowls! - and tie it with a special blue ribbon.

Geeky Nerdy Husband Gift ideas

1. Matching keyrings of people who look like you both

This is such a cute and funny gift idea for your boyfriend or husband! Simply find character keyrings that look just like you both - you could even frame them together to create the cutest piece of wall art your man will also appreciate too! (Especially if he is geeky!)

2. Lego sets for adults

Yes, this is a thing! It provides a little outlet between games and is a way to channel that urge to build and take apart, meddle, tinker and challenge yourself to build something incredible... when the Minecraft servers won't load that is!

3. A Lord of the Rings chopping board

The perfect nerdy gift idea and so practical too, your hubby will love this one!

4. A custom Funko Pop of themselves

5. Blind and mystery boxes

They contain all number of cool things, from mascots to keyrings, all kinds of merchandise your recipient will love! There is also the added element of surprise as your recipient won't have a clue which blind boxes they have received until they open them all!

6. Tickets to a cosplay or gaming convention

A whole experience in one gift! This could be the event of a lifetime for your recipient, they will always remember the occasion and it is a wonderful chance to connect with other likeminded souls. This is such a special gift idea!

7. 'It's dangerous to go alone, take this' gaming gift

So quirky and funny, as well as practical, perfect for gaming fans!

8. 'Be nice to me, you may need tech support' t shirt

Your hubby will get 5* treatment from everyone after this

9. 'I'm not procrastinating, I'm doing side quests' t shirt

It will be their new favourite line to use!

10. A personalised message in Elvish print

Using the Elvish alphabet, you can have anything you wish translated in to and transcribed in Elvish a la Lord of the Rings. The perfect geeky gift for a LOTR fan!

11. A geeky doormat

Whatever your husband is in to, this will hit the spot! The perfect quirky way to welcome others to your home and feed your husband's love of his favourite franchise at the same time.

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