Sunday 20 February 2022

First Date Gifts ideas

Creative DIY first date gifts ideas

Lots of creative first date gifts ideas and first date gifts beside flowers, for when you want to gift your new love something thoughtful and memorable, that will make them feel special. Here is what to give him or her on a first date, plus some DIY first date gifts ideas for him and for her! 

What should I bring on a date instead of flowers?

1. A game to play together

Gifting your date a fun game is such a cute idea! Not only does it give you a little icebreaker to try on the date, plus is so great for if you run out of activities, and is the best kind of indicator that you'd love to see them again. It gives you the perfect exuse for a second date, because you want to have a go at winning against them in the game!

2. A book you think they will love

This is such a thoughtful gift and would be perfect for book lovers!

3. A punny gift

Punny gifts make such great first date gifts, they are bound to result in hilarity with you both laughing about how bad the pun is, and are also incredibly cute, sweet and heartwarming, without being over the top. 

4. Something goofy and novelty

This could be a funny pack of stickers, a novelty eraser or a funny badge for them to wear. Something fun is so effective, especially if it relates to something you talked about together before meeting for the date.

5. Fairground or game tickets

These will give you something fun to do together, there is no cuter gift than extra time spent together!

6. Make them a cute birthstone keepsake to wear

This is a really cute way of gifting your date something to think of you by, and a way to feel close together when you are apart. A birthstone is such a cute idea as it feels personalised to them, but kept on a keyring or simple cord or strap means that it doesn't feel too expensive, and makes for a beautiful and special keepsake.

7. A cute gift for their pet

This is so sweet and thoughtful and lets them know you are in tune with what is important to them. If your date is an animal lover and you have talked about your pets together, this would make a wonderful creative first date gift for her or for him!

8. An amazing snack they've never tried

From a tube of amazing sweets or candy to a packet of your favourite pretzels, introducing them to one of your favourite foods is such a special gift to give, giving the gift of a new foodie experience!

9. A funfair gift

From a marshmallow lolly to a cute machine grab plushie gift, these make such good first date gifts as they are so lighthearted and thoughtful and a lot of fun! 

10. A star sign gift

This is a wonderful way of giving a thoughtful gift that is tailored to them, to show that you are in tune with them and remembered their birthday. A star sign gift always says 'you are unique'.

11. A gamer themed gift

If your date is a gamer they will love this gift! Gifting them something light and inexpensive will provide them with an adorable keepsake that will remind them of you.

12. A cool fridge magnet

This is such a lovely thoughtful gift and you can get so creative with it, to show how well you know your date!

13. A keyring or keychain

This is such a cute first date gift idea as it leaves them with a special memento of your first date together, that they can carry around with them! Just like the fridge magnet, you can get so creative with it, maybe theme it around something they are in to that you have talked about together before meeting! One thing to keep in mind is that a keyring with yours or your loved ones faces on might come across as a bit intense for the early stage in your relationship. Keep it light hearted and fun and it will make the cutest first date gift idea they will want to keep forever!

14. A colouring book of their favourite celebrity

This is such a fun and sweet creative first date gift idea that they are sure to love and find hilarious in equal parts!

15. A bookmark

This is perfect to gift a book lover, to show you understand their love of books. It's the sweetest token of your affections that they will be sure to keep close!

16. A memento from your area

This is such a cute first date gift idea if you come from a different area from your date. It can act as a promise to show them more of your area in your subsequent dates, letting them know you'd love to see them again!

17. An empty bucket list book

To fill with all your adventures to come and write down the experiences you want to have together! Sometimes the smaller they are, the cuter - they could be things like going for your first hotdog together or sharing popcorn during a movie!   

What not to gift on a first date and bad first date gifts

1. Breathmints or mints in general

While gifting your new date sweets or candy is super romantic and thoughtful, minty sweets, chewing gum or breathmints might risk bearing a less sweet sentiment, in the form of the insinuation that their breath is odorful.

2. Something difficult to carry

This can make your recipient feel a little awkward, even though it is a very generous idea! It can also make them feel guilty and uncomfortable that they didn't match their gift to yours or gift you something in return.

3. Expensive gifts can have the opposite effect

Expensive gifts can feel a bit too intense for the early stages of a relationship and may make your recipient feel uncomfortable, as they may not be comfortable giving and receiving this intense amount of devotion so early in a relationship, and may feel that you are both on different pages.

4. Avoid sexy gifts

They can delight your recipient, but can also make them feel uncomfortable and they may feel you are on different pages in the relationship.

5. Avoid anything too personal, with their face on it

This might come across a little too intrusive at this stage in the relationship, unless you know each other really well as friends. It can give the impression that you have been heavily researching and stalking them online (which we probably have but don't want them to know about it) and can feel a bit too intense.

6. Avoid gifts that are too romantic

As it makes your date feel pressured to return the high level of devotion and can feel too full on at an early point in the relationship. It is gifting something light and easy and fun - platonic almost! - that will serve you well here as it is all about making them feel comfortable. If you can make them feel comfortable and at ease with your presence, you're on to a winner!

Gifting your date something other than flowers or chocolate is such a sweet and thoughtful idea, and shows you stand out from the crowd! If you or your date are a traditional soul, you could even save the chocolate and flowers for the second date! *wink emoji*

DIY first date ideas

1. Play a game together

This is such a good ice breaker! An amazing first date game to play is what do you meme, but there are so many fun others to try that you will both love!

2. Play video games together

An amazing way to break the ice is by getting competitive!

3. Have a themed picnic

Make your picnic first date extra fun and creative by working in a theme! This can be a certain colour, food or something you both have in common. This is such a cool outdoors first date idea, just bring along a hamper with a quirky mat or blanket and everything you need for your themed date, to surprise them!

4. Try out different breakfast spots

Why not do the breakfast equivalent of a pub crawl! You could then give each breakfast place a mark out of ten and see if you can locate the best ones, plus challenge each other to eat things on the menu. Forget the usual restaurant meal, breakfast is the best meal of the day, especially shared together!

5. Visit an arcade

This will give you so many fun activities to try and lots to see and do, it's a great way to bond with your first date!

6. Complete all the activities in a museum

This is such a romantic first date activity to choose as it requires lots of teamwork and is a wonderful ice breaker for you and your date.

7. Come up with a first date bucket list beforehand

Put lots of cool ideas to paper and jot down all the fun things you want to try beforehand!

8. Hold hands round an art gallery

9. Visit a cat cafe

If your first date is a cat lover or an animal lover, they will adore this unique first date idea!

10. Visit a fairground and try all the food

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