Friday 14 May 2021

Surprise gifts for beach lovers, best beach gifts ever!

Gifts for beach lovers and surfers gift ideas

What to get someone who loves the beach?

From a unique fossil to start them off with their collection to an underwater camera, there are beach gifts for all price points that your recipient will absolutely love! Gift them their own shell trinket dish, a sand filled jewellery box, a surprise trip to a beautiful beach, a mini zen garden or some beach lanterns for their home.

What should I get my surfer boyfriend?

Beach gifts for guys can include a personalised map of the stars when you first met or got together, a water sports class to go to together, a surf bag that is ideal for holding damp wetsuits, a selection of eco friendly toiletries, a personalised water flask, nerf guns so you can play together or a desktop tide clock.

What are some thoughtful gifts?

1. A shell trinket dish

A trinket dish made out of a shell is a beautiful gift idea they'll be sure to love 

2. Ocean glass jewellery

Jewellery crafted from ocean glass is always a beautiful gift idea and there are all kinds of pieces to choose from, something for everyone!

3. Larimar crystal jewellery

Known as the stone of the ocean, it's a little piece of the Caribbean itself and thought to be rare and magical. It mimics the ocean itself and is known to be light blue in appearance, with light water like ripples.

4. A quirky candle set

To bring them the smells of the seaside, you can get all kinds of beach inspired home fragrances, or a candle fragrance for their favourite food!

5. Natural woven placemats

Natural textures bring a free spirited, boho feel to the home

6. Make them a sand filled jewellery box

Filled with fine beach sand, the sand will cushion the jewellery, the perfect little piece of the beach for their home. You could make the jewellery box itself out of sand and resin together, or commission it by someone who makes resin trinket dishes and jewellery boxes.

7. A driftwood hanging sign

'Gone to the beach' is a perfect slogan! 

8. A travel wooden 'location: x miles' sign

9. An underwater camera

To film underwater scenes, another excuse to be down by the waves!

10. A set of towel wraps

They are infinitely useful, especially when you need to protect your modesty at the beach or public place!

11. A guide to the best beaches in the world

Just waiting to be visited by your recipient!

12. A colourful and beautiful beach blanket

A jumbo one that is nice and big to sit on at the beach will always be appreciated.

13. A new beach bag

Or convenient carry on bag that carriest everything they need. A waterproof one would be perfect to carry wet and sandy garments!

14. A set of rainbow coloured beach towels

15. A beautiful picnic basket

Perfect for picnics on the sands 

16. A stunning pair of sunglasses

17. A selection of beautiful fossils

Why not start them off with their collection with a selection of beautiful fossils. They'll have an excuse to spend even more time at the beach searching for fossils in the rocks there.

18. A driftwood windcharm

Such a beautiful gift idea they are bound to absolutely love! It's perfect to give their home a beachy feel.

19. A surprise trip to the seaside or to a hot and tropical beach destination

20. A hamper containing all the suncream they could ever need

Even better, make it eco friendly sunscreen for them to try, guilt free! It won't contribute to environmental damage, unlike its original counterpart, which can be toxic to underwater ecosystems, including species of coral. They will be sure to love this thoughtful gift and you can support a great cause at the same time!

21. A new water bottle or flask

An important essential to take to the beach with them, this is such a fun and practical gift idea!

22. Eco friendly beauty essentials

Reef safe sun cream is also an incredible essential that means they can protect their skin and the environment at the same time. 

23. A quirky doormat

With a beach related slogan or pun, would make an adorable gift for a beach lover

24. A beach towel with their face on!

These make hilarious gifts and are sure to make your recipient chuckle!

25. A mini zen garden kit

They can keep in their home, a mini beach of their own! It's an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic object as you can create your own dreamy patterns in the sand and finish with gemstones and pretty and soothing objects. It's such a unique gift for someone that feels calmest at one with nature.

26. Seagrass and wicker storage baskets

To give their home a beachy feel and incorporate some natural materials, which is excellent feng shui for the living space!

27. The White Company Seychelles candle

A luxurious candle will never go amiss as a gift! This candle promises to evoke the feel and scent of lounging by the ocean on a luxurious holiday.

28. A macrame wall hanging

All the boho beachy vibes for their home!

29. A beaded door curtain

To give them that 'holiday at home' feeling all year round

30. Beautiful lanterns for their home

Beachy lanterns make for a perfect present idea! 

31. A himalayan salt lamp

To give their home and space a cosy feel!

32. A seafood cookery book

Seafood can be one of the trickiest culinary areas to master, but the most rewarding!

33. A seafood culinary cooking class

This gift is a whole learning experience in itself! It would be such a unique gift to give someone who loves spending time at the beach and dreams of living by the sea, they would be in their element learning how to cook amazing seafood dishes!

34. A hamper of nourishing hair products

Perfect for someone who spends a lot of time in the water, be it sea or swimming pool, as both can be incredibly drying on the hair. Your recipient is bound to appreciate it!

35. Lessons in surfing or sea sports

An excuse for them to spend even more time in their favourite place! This is a whole life experience in one gift and they might just find their new all time favourite hobby! It's also bound to give them extra confidence on holiday or when spending time in the water. 

36. A waterproof body or bum bag

Such a cool practical gift idea that will be so useful to take to the beach as it means they won't have to be constantly carrying their possessions around and can go hands free!

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