Sunday 2 May 2021

Surprise gifts for 14 year old boys you haven't heard!

Funny teenage boy gift ideas

What do you buy a 14 year old?

Super fun and creative gifts for your 14 year old include a box of Japanese candy, Funko pop figurines, a gaming gift card, a selection of flavoured toothpaste, a hilarious meme gift from this golden age of the internet, or a crate of unfamiliar, bizarre and crazy foods and snacks for him to try, perfect for the ravenous teenager!

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What is the best present for a 14 year old?

1. Socks with their face on them

Most affordable ones here!πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

The perfect prank gift that is creative, thoughtful and hilarious! His friends will also think they are deeply funny and he will never lose his socks again (well, outside of the house at least!)

2. A box of Japanese candy

This will go down well with men of all ages - or pretty much anyone! There are bound to be several types he hasn't tried before, which makes it extra fun. Sweets from a different place in the world make a brilliant gift as they are something new, unusual and yummy to discover!

3. A box of all different kinds of soda

The perfect gift idea for teenage boys, they will love a whole different variety of new flavours to try. There is nothing like Japanese sodas in terms of variety of flavours and fizz! Try Ramune soda, Ramune being a well-known and unique element of present-day Japanese culture, that is often seen in anime, manga and j-dramas. You could gift your teenage boy an assortment of flavours, so they can have fun trying them all and find their favourite!

4. Neon lights for his space

For their room or gaming setup, or both! These make great teenage boys room gifts and you can get all different kinds, even a cool lava lamp for his room will be appreciated!

5. A meme gift

Your 14 year old may be very well acquainted with the memes of the internet and will absolutely appreciate you delving in to his world  and getting involved in some 21st century style humour. You can find meme t shirts, mugs, caps to wear, hoodies with hilarious and relatable prints.

6. Flavoured toothpaste

Such a cute and quirky gift idea that he won't expect but will love. There are so many different flavours you can get to brighten up his morning every day!

7. Chocolate household objects πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

A toolbox full of realistic chocolate tools would make the funniest gift and he's sure to love it! He'll get an extra surprise when he discovers they are actually made out of chocolate. A great way to prank him on his birthday! 

8. A Funko Pop figurine

Of one of his favourite characters to display in his room or space! This is a great gift to show how well you know him and the things he loves, he will treasure it always.

9. A selection of blind boxes

One of the most fun gift ideas for teenage boys! Blind boxes are so much fun because you never know what you're going to get inside, which makes them the most exciting gifts to give. A whole crate of them will make the best ever gift, ever!

10. A darts board

The best game for 14 year old boys, plus it's something the whole family can get together around and will have everyone competing at darts together!

11. Manga books and novels

To get them in to reading! Manga books and novels are works of art and the illustrations are incredible.

12. A heat transforming mug

That reveals a funny or cool message on heating! They will get the best surprise when they go to make a drink in their mug!

13. A mini drone

Always an incredibly unique and cool gift that is fascinating to own and operate

14. An experience day

Like tickets to a sports game, a concert or music festival, whatever they are in to, there is an event or experience day to go to!

15. An advice book for teenage boys

16. Fast food made out of chocolate πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

They'll get the best surprise when they take a bite and realise it's actually a realistic chocolate model! The best ever prank gift for a fast food addict.

17. A shoutout from one of their favourite gamers or streamers

Their friends will definitely be envious and this special shoutout will mean the world to your young gamer!

18. A Spotify subscription

For all their favourite music! This is an amazing gift for teenage boys, especially if they are all about their music.

19. A Game gift card

Whether it's a Steam gift card or Xbox currency, this gift will be so well appreciated among gamers and gaming fans alike! It will enable them to unlock new rewards and even buy a new game, which can mean the world to young gamers, who use it as a way to socialise and connect with their friends!

20. A pick and mix assortment

An oldie but a goodie, one of the best gifts because everyone has a favourite! They'll absolutely love a variety of their favourite sweets to snack on.

21. A set of weights

The perfect gift if they are a sporty and athletic type and love to show off to their friends!

22. A mini fridge for his room

Also known as a soda fridge, for keeping every manner of fizzy drink in! This is a really cool and unique gift idea that he'll be sure to get plenty of use out of.

23. A box of weird snacks they've never tried

Unusual and unfamiliar snacks from all across the world! It's such a fun gift idea and it will be highly amusing to watch him try all the varieties, he might even find a new favourite! Plus teenage boys are known to be ravenous eaters, so this might be perfect for him!

24. Prank him with some cleaning products!

Perfect for if you're always asking him to clean his room or do his chores! You could prank him by gifting him some cleaning products - before giving him his real gift/s! This is such a fun birthday prank your teenager will always remember.

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