Friday 20 November 2020

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

How to surprise the woman who wants nothing for her birthday - or what to give the woman who has everything! It can be hard to gift someone who has everything already - or who has no wish to receive anything new, whether that is because they are more of a minimalist, or because they are insistent they'd rather you save your pennies instead. Here are some ways to get around that and show how much you appreciate them, gifts for the woman who wants nothing!

What to buy the person who wants nothing?

1. Unusual foods never tried before - give her the experience of trying something new! You could order a box of food, snacks and dishes from a different culture - all kinds of candy and snacks in fun and unusual flavours you have never tried, or bizarre food flavour combinations. It's such a fun gift idea that is an experience in itself and will result in a lot of laughter and funny memories!

2. A day out or day experience - give her an experience as a fun gift she'll love! 

3. A surprise trip - even the woman who has everything will appreciate the gift of a surprise trip or vacation! 

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4. Recreate a memory - recreating a special memory is a wonderful surprise gift idea that is perfect for every age. It's a wonderful way to show your loved one you appreciate them and a chance to surprise them and make them happy in a unique way.

5. Homemade baked goods - no one can resist a tray or box of homemade baked brownies, plus your gift will have extra sentimental value, through the thought and effort gone in to baking it! It is a wonderful low cost gift idea that no one can turn down and everyone will appreciate. Often time is more valuable than money when it comes to gifts. These days it is easier to shell out a couple of pounds or dollars for a gift than to dedicate hours to creating something special. Thoughtful and sentimental gifts will always be winners and something your recepient will want to treasure forever!

6. Hilarious personalised colouring pages - of your funniest photos, memories and moments! You could put together an adorable personalised colouring book for them and even gift them these hilarious offensive crayons to make them chuckle (and fall off their chair)

7. Her favourite food from the supermarket - this is such a fun and simple gift idea that is perfect for someone who has everything and doesn't need any more! Save her a trip to the supermarket by gifting her her favourite all time food. It's a simple gift that will always ellicit happiness!

8. A piece of art - this will make such a thoughtful gift as it is a wonderful way to show how in touch you are with your loved one and how well you know their tastes - plus you could offer the gift of discovery in the form of a brand new piece or artist she's never heard of before. Alternatively, enchant your loved one with your own piece of art, a gift that is completely unique and incredibly special!

What to get the girl who has everything?

9. A novelty and funny gift - give the gift of laughter with an unexpected, funny surprise gift! Ideas can include funny mugs, funny keyrings, funny socks, a hat with a funny slogan... there are so many ideas! There is nothing like laughter to bring people together.

10. A written poem or piece - something you composed yourself is bound to make a special gift, as it will possess great sentimental value and show you have put great thought in to it.

11. A new game to play together - give her the gift of bringing everyone together! 

12. Prank her with 'nothing'! This is such a funny surprise gift idea, take her words literally and gift her 'nothing', an empty box or package containing exactly nothing! After the tease you could then go on to present her real gift afterwards!

13. A gift from a pet - no one can deny a gift from their pet! Whether your loved one is a cat lover or a dog lover, or something different altogether - one can never deny a special gift from their furry friend. A gift personalised with a pet's pawprints is an adorable and special gift idea!

14. A photo gift - a personalised photo gift is extra special, it's a way of preserving a wonderful memory or moment, or being able to fill your home with beautiful keepsakes of your loved ones. 

15. Magnets for the fridge - magnets make a wonderful gift for everyone, any age, any kind of relationship - even if your loved one has 101 magnets, there is always room for a special one!

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