Tuesday 18 May 2021

Surprise gifts for bus drivers, gift ideas they'll love!

Bus driver gift ideas

Whether you have a bus driver among your family and friends you want to treat or want to give your friendly hardworking neighbourhood bus driver a nice surprise, here are all the ideas you need!

What is a good gift for a bus driver?

1. A car driving experience

If they are a lover of driving but want to try something other than a bus once in a while, this is a whole experience within a gift! It's an experience they will always remember and treasure, an opportunity to let loose and live their dream of driving their dream vehicle!

2. A uber realistic chocolate model of a bus

Such a unique gift idea, one that is both aesthetically pleasing and edible at the same time! 

3. A heat transforming mug

The best gift idea to surprise your recipient as they'll get an extra treat when they see the secret message emerge on using their new mug!

4. A funny or novelty bus keyring

5. A tin of freshly baked cookies

A gift everyone will always appreciate, just be sure to take any food allergies or requirements in to consideration when preparing this gift. 

6. A hot drink flask

Such a cool practical gift idea that everyone will love! It will mean your recipient can bring their tea or hot drink with them to work, which will be so helpful on dark winter mornings!

7. Bus bookends

The perfect novelty, yet practical gift idea!

8. A 'bus driver's survival kit'

You could put together a 'survival kit' for them, a hamper full of essentials such as hand sanitisers, aftershave, their favourite gum, personalised pens and pencils, novels from their favourite writer, their favourite pick and mix sweets or candy or an personal organizer, all are great ideas!

9. A cap to wear

This is such a cool and practical gift that will definitely come in handy when it is sunny! You could choose one to perfectly suit their tastes and personality, or customise it yourself by sewing or glueing on iron on or sew on patches.

10. A set of magnets

This is a gift everyone will love as everyone keeps a fridge in their home!

11. Personalise a piece of clothing for them

Use iron on badges or sew on patches from Etsy to decorate a plain piece of clothing to create a whole new custom garment for them, such as a jacket, a cap or even some slippers!

12. His own bus driver's badge

This is such a cute and thoughtful gift idea, perfect as a Father's Day gift!

13. Bus driver socks

Or socks with their face on them! This will make a hilarious gift that is sure to make them chuckle.

14. A gift from their pet

If your recipient is an animal lover, this will make such a special and unique gift! Why not create a gift from their pet or pets that they can keep with them all day - a gift from their dog or cat, with their pawprints on, would make the most special gift and an extremely thoughtful idea. This would make an amazing gift for a dog lover or cat lover!

15. A 'bus driver: nutrition facts' cushion

This makes such a funny and sweet gift, perfect for their space!

16. A funny photoshopped portrait

Frame it and hang it on their wall secretly for them to see and get a funny surprise when they notice it! Ideas are to include their loved ones, favourite pets and favourite characters of all time!

17. Personalised pens and pencils

With funny quotes and slogans from their favourite movies, tv or franchise. They are bound to love this gift and carrying pens and pencils on your person always comes in handy! 

18. A new phone case

Always a great gift idea that will come in handy! You could even get super creative personalising one just to their tastes, one they will chuckle about, a design with their pet on, or a super sleek and sturdy design.

19. A childhood favourite

Whether it's their favourite sweets as a child, or comic book edition from years ago, this is a gift that won't stop giving as you recipient will be thrilled to enjoy one of their childhood favourites all over again!

20. A funny 'mixed up' message chocolate bar

With hilarious and irreverent messages like 'grumpy', 't*sser' - or even 'best friend'! if you love our cards, you will love these!

21. An alarm clock that wakes you up naturally

This is perfect for someone who has to deal with early mornings on a regular occurance, a super useful and thoughtful gift that will ease them in to the new day, as it gradually fills the room with light as it comes to their waking time, just like the sunrise. This would be so useful, especially in the winter when it takes much longer to get light outside. 

22. A personalised framed map of their home

Of their land, the area where they live, or of the whole county, displaying any walks they like to go on and all the potential walks there are, all neatly laid out to plot their next adventure. This would make such a special gift, you could even create it yourself and add in personal favourites, such as the bakery or your recipient's favourite pub! You could decorate it to look 'Middle Earth' style.

23. Solar charger

For mobile or any other device will be infinitely helpful when your recipient is on the go and their mobile battery runs out!

24. A power bank

Similar to a solar charger, this is a device you can charge up beforehand and then take it to work with you. If your phone needs charging at work, just connect to the power bank and charge your device! This is brilliant for if you are on the go all day and have no opportunity to find a charging port.

25. A history of their bus route

Or a history of their favourite bus route or area, it's fascinating to look back and see how the land looked then, to see photographs and explore the history of the place they revisit everyday, the area they know like the back of their hand.

I hope you enjoyed these school bus driver gift ideas! Definitely check out man cave gift ideas, gift ideas for farmers and gifts for men in their 30's!

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