Saturday 17 April 2021

How to surprise your kids ideas

Ways to surprise your kids, fun family activities

Here is how to surprise your kids, some unique and super cool surprise ideas to reward your kids, epic ways to surprise your kids, for children of all ages! These would make great birthday surprises - or even 'just because' surprises that everyone will love!

How can I surprise my kids with gifts?

Why not hide a surprise gift under their duvet or pillow for them to find when they climb in to bed, or hide their gift in their clothes drawer or wardrobe, then ask them to put their clothes away as part of their chores. When they go to tackle their chore they will get the best surprise!

How can I surprise my 7 year old?

Why not try baking them a cake with a special surprise inside, set up a puppy sleepover, ambush them with a silly string fight or water fight, set up a surprise party tea, make an obstacle course or gift them some blind boxes or mystery boxes to open!

How can I make my daughter feel special?

1. Decorate your house to surprise them!

Recreate a place from their favourite tv show or franchise 

2. Gift them a 'movie night' box

Filled with all kinds of flavours of popcorn, glow sticks, smores ingredients, cosy blankets

3. Celebrate your pet's birthday

Throw a party for your pet! Kids love an excuse for a party so a pet's birthday party could be the perfect occasion and opportunity to invite friends round with their pups!

4. Design a treasure hunt

An oldie but a goodie, you could make it super complex, especially for your older ones, so they spend hours and hours trying to solve it - try hiding extra little clues and treats along the way for them to find, to keep them excited! The prize at the end will feel so, so special, it could even be a freshly baked batch of cookies!

5. Bake a cake with a surprise inside

It could be an edible message or even some oreos baked in the middle! There are so many fun cakes with surprises inside to try baking!

6. Gift them some water pistols

Or a Nerf gun each, this is especially perfect for a hot or sunny day as they will have so much fun chasing each other around and have hours of fun with their new toys! It's a wonderful way to create some fun and happy memories and keep your kids entertained for hours at the same time, if your kids are super competitive they will love this!

7. A blind taste testing food experiment

This is one of the most fun games ever and is pretty easy to set up, you could use items from your cupboards you had in already, or incorporate some unusual and bizarre foods to taste!

8. Surprise them with a puppy party!

This is so much fun! Why not throw a party and invite all dog owners to bring their pups with them, to all have a play together! The kids will absolutely love this, getting to know all the pups and play with them, and it's such a fun low cost surprise idea! You could even make some special treats for the dogs, like dog friendly ice cream or 'pupcakes'!

9. Set up a puppy sleepover

Why not offer to pup sit a new puppy for a night or two, to give a new puppy owner a break to rest and relax! The kids will absolutely love caring for their new furry friend and the whole experience would be so much fun for everyone. Ask around friends to see if you can find a new puppy owner - just be sure to ask for instructions from them and follow them carefully! Warning: may cause kids to want a puppy of their own!

10. Set up an obstacle course

A really fun and low cost activity idea that kids will love! Why not set up a paddling pool if you have one, any water slides or similar equipment, pop up tunnels and tents and cardboard boxes are perfect for this too! 

11. Set up a tent

In your back garden or back yard, or even in the house!

12. Set up a popup tent with interconnecting tunnels

Kids will absolutely love this, it's like a whole other world in there to explore! The interconnecting tunnels are just pure joy and you can create all kinds of cool and fun set ups with them.

13. Fill the room with balloons

An oldie but a goodie, when they come back from school or wake up in the morning, they will sure to be extremely excited!

14. Have a party tea

A special party tea is always a lovely surprise, even setting out your evening meal like a buffet style spread will create a fun party atmosphere in your home!

15. Hide special items in the sandpit or sand box

So they can come across them and discover them by accident! They will never be expecting to discover a surprise there!

16. Pop a surprise under their pillow

They will find it at bedtime and get super excited!

17. Create a themed meal

One of the best surprise ideas for kids at home! You can get super creative and it's such a fun no cost activity  The best kind of surprises are DIY surprises - especially homebaked ones!

18. Gift them a box of bath bombs

With all kinds of rainbow colours and scents, the Lush ones are the best as they are so gentle yet smell and look absolutely incredible, the box always smells amazing before you even open it!

19. Break out the fake snow

20. Fix them up a new bed with a slide

And let them discover it when they next go upstairs to their room! This would make a fantastic surprise for younger children of all ages!

21. Put together a ball pit

22. Set up a pinata with sweets, treats and toys inside!

23. Lots of blind boxes and mystery boxes to open!

Mystery and blind boxes are so much fun and make the best surprises, as your little ones won't be able to guess their treat inside. The mystery makes them extra special and there are all kinds of surprise toys and mascots to collect to suit all tastes!

24. Buy them a new stationery set

There is so much to enjoy about a brand new stationery set, the feel of it alone is just magical! This is one of the best ways to surprise your kids and inspire them to get creative.

25. Have a face painting day

Always an amazing and fun activity that doesn't have to cost much, but will keep your little ones entertained for ages!

26. Install a bouncy castle in the garden

And let them discover it when they arrive home, or when they wake up in the morning! You can even hire one for the day 'just because!'

27. Order or bake a giant cookie

That everyone can share, the bigger the better! This is such a fun idea that is perfect for birthdays or special occasions, or 'just because' too!

28. Whip up some candyfloss

For the best surprise ever for your kids! They will be equal parts excited for the candyfloss and equal parts excited that they have an actual candyfloss machine in their home!

29. Bring duvets and blankets in to the garden on a sunny day

Bring the inside outside! They will love having a pillow fight in the garden or rolling on quilts in the sunshine, little surprises like this are always the most fun!

30. Hold a 'yes day'

Inspired by the cheesy but good film, it's still a really fun idea that your kids will adore! It gives them a chance to feel like they have ultimate control for the day - just be sure to set some ground rules first, to be sure that everyone stays safe and your special belongings stay intact!

31. A sleepover in the living room

It's so funny that camping out in a different room of the house can be such a treat for kids of all ages! They will love having a big sleepover downstairs as a treat and it is super easy to set up, you could even make a den downstairs to sleep in!

32. Set up a treehouse or hammock outside

And let them discover their new surprise when they go outside to play! A hammock is an easier option that they will absolutely love and everyone in the family will get tons of use out of too.

33. Prank your kids!

They won't be expecting it and it will be sure to result in hilarity, fun and hilarious memories! You could even create a new family tradition in the process - like pranking everyone on their birthday. There are so many fun and easy pranks to try!

34. Sneak up and coat them with silly string

When they are least expecting it! A time when they are staring at the TV is a perfect option, this is such a fun and silly prank idea and will be sure to cause excitement and capture their imaginations!

35. Take them to meet their favourite TV/Youtube/Movie/Internet character

It could mean taking them to Disneyland, or in the modern times when children often find their favourite TV characters on places like Youtube (Blippi, I'm looking at you), try to track down a meetup where your child will be able to meet their TV 'best friend' for real! You could even gift them some merchandise from their favourite Youtube entertainer, they will be sure to treasure it forever! 

36. Set up a surprise box subscription

You can get a monthly mystery box subscription full of games, toys and sweets - for example, Japanese candy and adorable stationery or beauty products - that will arrive every month, like receiving a mystery present to your door every month. Kids will love this! You could even set up a subscription for their favourite magazine, so they get it delivered to their door every month.

I hope you liked these ideas, lots of simple yet epic ways to surprise your kids they will love, ways to bamboozle your kids, inspire their imaginations and create tons of happy and hilarious memories to share! 

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