Saturday 19 September 2020

How do I give a surprise gift?

How to surprise someone with a gift, ideas such as disguising your present, writing clues for a surprise treaure hunt, hiding the gift in plain sight and adding hidden surprises to your gift are some creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your loved one - creative ways to surprise someone on their birthday or 'just because'!

1. Disguise the gift - disguise the shape of the gift to keep them guessing! You could even encase the gift in multiple layers of cardboard boxes to make a small gift look huge or a completely different size - your recepient will never be able to guess! Using lots and lots of different layers of paper and tissue paper - make them recyclable where possible! - will provide additional interest and entertainment as it will keep your recepient busy for ages, while they try to work out what you have gifted them! This is one of the best creative ways to wrap car keys or creative ways to give gift cards for a birthday - just be careful to pop any breakables or anything that could get ripped by accident - like money, gift cards or concert tickets - in a special protective coating like a protective wallet.

2. Gift riddles - a great way to build anticipation around giving a gift and making the whole occasion so much more fun and memorable! You could devise a special riddle for your loved one to figure out. This is a great way to give hints about a gift, while increasing the anticipation and excitement around the whole exchange. For creative surprise riddles ideas, look to inside jokes between you and your loved one to make it extra special! 

3. How to give clues to a surprise - you could use inside jokes to think of clues, so only your loved one will be able to figure out what they mean. 

4. Treasure hunt - one of the best hiding gift ideas! Simply hide a trail of clues all around the room or house, each leading on to the next one! You could make them rhyme or make them extra personal. Whether you're trying to think of ideas hidden birthday gift clues or are hiding Christmas presents clues for the kids, this activity makes giving a gift extra fun!

5. What to say when presenting a gift - presenting a gift speech can make your gift extra special and memorable! Ideas can include a poem, a riddle, a song or even a rap! It gives the gift extra sentimental value as it will always remind your loved one of the poem, song or speech you wrote for them. It makes your gift extra special. You could even have it stand in place of a non physical gift - a surprise trip reveal poem, or you could write a poem for a gift that hasn't arrived yet!

6. Little things to add to a gift - you could wrap the gift in multiple layers of paper and sneak in little extras for added enjoyment. These can be the recepient's favourite sweets, joke gifts to prank your recepient or even funny doodles!

7. Gifts with hidden surprises - one gift could contain another gift, such as a box of chocolates containing a piece of jewellery in its case hidden inside. As a funny twist you could even make miniature versions of the gift getting smaller and smaller as it is unravelled - inside the jewellery case there could be a tinier box of chocolates, which contains an even tinier jewellery case - like a russian doll set! You could use Fimo or solid drying modelling clay for this.

8. Pretend that you forgot - and then surprise them with your gift! Be apologetic and super convincing here - the better you convince your recepient, the more surprised they will be.

9. Balloon notes - one of the most unique ways to give a gift! Write or stick a clue or letter to each balloon, fill the whole room with them and then your loved one will have to arrange them to figure out the message leading to the surprise gift! This is a great idea for a surprise trip reveal.

10. Put it in an every day place - they won't expect to find it! Then wait for them to discover it. This could be in the bathroom, in front of the tv, inside their desk drawer... so many every day, unexpected places!

11. A gift in disguise - like a trojan horse, the main gift can be contained inside something ordinary, or less exciting to the recepient, such as a plain pair of socks, a cereal box or packet of crisps and you can claim you 'didn't know what to get them'! Your recepient will be even more surprised and excited on finding your real gift inside, just be sure it is easily visible once your loved one looks inside, so that they don't throw it away by accident. You could selotape it to a packet of crisps/the cereal packet so it doesn't get thrown out by mistake. 

12. Ask if a waiter or member of staff can present the gift - if you are in a restaurant setting this can be so exciting and special. Be sure your loved one will appreciate the sentiment before you arrange this, that it won't make them feel uncomfortable!  

13. Gift them a surprise Santa sack of gifts - one of the most fun ways to present Christmas gifts, to make your loved one feel like a child again! 

14. Decorate the room! To give the occasion more of a party atmosphere - or to make it feel like your recepient's favourite place/places. You could get really crafty with this - it would be a perfect way to surprise your loved one or loved ones with a surprise trip as you could transform the room to look just like the place of the trip you are surprising them with.

15. Wrap it in a unique and special way - make the wrapping beautiful and unique, so your recepient won't want to throw it away! They might even want to keep a piece of your beautiful wrapping to remember the gift by - or take a picture of it first before they open it, to be able to treasure it always! A beautifully or uniquely wrapped gift can dramatically increase anticipation about the gift itself. A great tip is to personalise the wrapping, order wrapping paper with their name, face or favourite pet on it - or even make your own! 

How to give a gift that hasn't arrived

Give your gift by printing a photo of the item and popping it in place of the belated gift. Your loved one will still get a surprise and can look forward to receiving the gift when it arrives. You could even photoshop together a funny image of your loved one receiving the gift and get really creative with this! These are all fun ways to surprise someone, to show extra thought and love when giving a gift that is late to arrive. I hope you liked these gift surprise ideas, unique ways to give someone a gift!

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