Tuesday 20 April 2021

Bachelorette gift ideas, best hen do gifts!

Bachelorette gift ideas for the bride to be

In the UK it's often just fine to buy your bride to be a drink on her hen night but when gifts are given it's fun to choose something sentimental and fun, indulgent and even cheeky! These are some none raunchy gift ideas, but there will be some more 'out there' sexy, funny and flirty gift ideas making an appearance soon!

Do you bring gifts to a bachelorette party?

It totally depends on your relationship with the bride to be and the place you live! In places like the US it is customary to bring a gift, whereas in the UK it is often usual to just buy your soon to be married friend a drink - but gifts are always welcome and a lovely gesture! 

1. A set of personalised temporary tattoos

With the bride to be's face on them, funny and raunchy designs, or some classy slogans! These make the most fun gift as you can wear them on your special night to celebrate the occasion!

2. A game to play together

This is such a fun gift idea and bonding activity in one, perfect to bring everyone together to create tons of fun memories 

3. A beauty subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving, the best surprise to give!

4. Rose quartz coasters

To symbolise love and romance, they look so beautiful and chic!

5. Rose wine

The perfect ingredient for your girls night out or girls night in, this gift will always be appreciated!

6. Edible flowers and petals

To adorn cocktails and other drinks, everything looks super glam and 'boujie' with petals on!

7. A 'Mrs' trinket dish or jewellery holder

An oldie but always a goodie, these make such elegant, romantic and special gifts

8. A last name beautiful hanging sign

9. A box of macarons

The perfect pre wedding treat!

10. A beautiful wedding ornament

11. A waffle maker

Indulgent and practical

12. Wedding Day scented candle

One of the most special gifts to give - and the cutest! The perfect gift for your best friend on her wedding day, the perfect candle to burn in the morning whilst she's getting ready!

13. A special engraved gift

Specially engraved gifts are so magical and something to treasure always! They feel super special and tailored to your recipient.

14. Personalised pyjamas

An indulgent gift that is also super practical

15. A personalised silk robe

To feel like a queen in, plus you can even opt to have it personalised with her initials as a super special touch!

16. A box of treats that represent memories or her best traits

The perfect way to show how much she means to you, why not pick a small gift to represent each of her best traits, or choose a special object for each beautiful memory you share together.

17. An empty scrapbook

So she can record this next chapter of her life in style

18. A bluetooth photo printer

Perfect for printing out memories to place in her scrapbook, this is such a handy, underrated, practical gift idea that she'll be sure to get tons of use out of!

19. A star sign related gift

Such a cool and special gift idea that feels tailored to them, there are so many special star sign gifts out there to choose from to suit everyone 

20. An assortment of flavoured toothpaste

A super quirky gift they will never expect! 

21. Quirky and novelty candles

You can get all kinds of rude and raunchy shaped candles, or quirky candles inspired by their favourite food, place or tv show! There are so many to choose from, from candles for Harry Potter fans to Disney Mainstreet Bakery scented candles.

22. A mystery jewellery candle

This is the perfect gift to give your soon to be married friend or bestie, the mystery jewellery element adds an extra sense of surprise

23. A 'Mr and Mrs' duvet set

An oldie but a goodie, this is always such a special gift to receive, as well as being practical too!

24. A themed gift basket or gift box

You could theme it after their favourite colour, tv show or guilty pleasure! This is such a cute gift idea as it will show your loved one how well you know them.

25. An announcement from their favourite influencer or youtuber

A very 21st century surprise idea your bestie will love!

26. An invitation to a ball

Or similar formal event, like a trip to the theatre or ballet. Gifting them an invite to a glamorous event is one of the best and most indulgent gifts, especially if they have never experienced going to that event before, this gift is an experience in itself!

27. A silk sleep mask

A beautiful and indulgent gift that will be super practical as well as looking gorgeous on her bedside table!

28. A book of personality quizzes

This is such a cute nostalgic gift idea if you both used to love doing them at school! This is such a cute bonding activity as weel as being something to treasure, you could even write a special message on the back of the front cover.

29. A glamorous photo frame

You could even include a photo of you together and pop it inside for a sweet surprise!

30. Sleep well products

Products that help you to sleep make amazing gift ideas, they will be perfect to give her an amazing relaxing night of deep sleep before her wedding day and calm any nerves, one of the best ever bachelorette party gifts to give!

Many of these would make amazing wedding gifts too, to surprise your bestie before she gets married! Definitely check out gifts for the woman who wants nothing, gifts for ladies in their 30's, daughter in law gift ideas and sister gifts, all the girly gift ideas!

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