Monday 21 December 2020

Gifts for knitters, surprise gifts for knitting lovers!

How to surprise someone who loves to knit, here are gifts for someone who loves knitting, from audio books, hand pamper gifts, a mannequin, quirky yarn, audio books, personalised knitting needles, to knitting day classes, there are tons knitting lover gifts to give!

What is a good gift for a knitter?

1. It's all about the presentation - why not knit your gift up! You could create a knitted layer on top of the wrapped up paper layer, or even create a little knitted drawstring bag for your gift to sit in! 

2. A special place to store yarn and wool - a stylish sewing basket, storage boxes or pretty storage folders to store all kinds of bits and pieces. You could also decorate it and customise it to your recipient's tastes, to make it extra special and unique. The perfect balance of practical and unique.


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3. Audio books - perfect to sink back in to your chair and listen to while you knit! This is such a useful gift idea that will provide so much enjoyment at the same time. 

4. Hand loving gifts - to treat and pamper the hands, the main instrument involved in the knitting process that most often get forgotten. Restorative and relaxing hand creams and lotions make lovely gifts, you could even gift an assortment of scents, a nail and cuticle oil too.

5. A glamorous mannequin - to model creations on and to inspire even grander projects!

6. Personalised knitting case - a personalised knitting needle case is such a special birthday idea for your knitter! 

7. A foldable table - or a table for your bed 

8. Upmarket scissors - or a scissors set, a pair of scissors for every need and occasion!

9. A knitting book of ideas and inspiration - everything to try out or to inspire their next project, you could even make it quirky and funny with a book of their favourite celebrities to knit!

10. The quirkiest yarn imaginable - think right outside the box with the quirkest yarn imaginable! This could be super chunky wool or yarn to try out or special themed yarn.

11. Knitting classes or a day class experience - this is such a unique yet rewarding gift idea, something that they won't expect, so will be the best birthday surprise! 

12. Knitted cookies - how about some knitting themed cookies? They are so quirky and sure to impress. No one can turn down a parcel of cute cookies or surprise tin of funny and cute biscuits!

13. A mug with a biscuit pocket - so handy for when your hands are busy and too occupied to keep track of biscuits, so as to not get crumbs everywhere!

14. Chocolate knitting needles - such a cute novelty surprise gift your recipient won't be expecting! You can get hyper realistic versions too, that look exactly like the real thing for the best surprise ever.

15. A funny and quirky mug - 'knit happens' among other funny puns!

16. Knitter magazine subscription - as a gift, this will be sure to delight your recipient every month, the best birthday surprise that keeps on giving as it lands through their letterbox each month. 

17. A knitting themed care package or gift hamper - with spare tape measures, different tea samples to try, pretty pairs of scissors and craft scissors, stitch markers and holders, tasty scones, an audio book or two and some knitting themed cookies.

18. Personalised knitting needles - these can be quirky and funny to make your recipient chuckle whenever they see them! You could even gift them a pair of glow in the dark knitting needles!

19. A historical knitting gift - a really thoughtful gift to celebrate age old knitting traditions, to discover what knitters used to use and enjoy and a unique chance to form a special connection to the past. 

20. Pretty candles - to create a cosy ambience in the background while they knit. You can even get quirky ones, especially for knitters! 

What is something that every knitter needs?

Try tape measures, personalised knitting needles, scissors, pretty storage items, audio books to listen to, hand care gifts, stitch markers and holders and different samples of tea of course! 

What do you get someone that has everything?

From subscription boxes, to quirky candles, unique food gifts, historical gifts, care packages to funny joke gifts and quirky and unique gift hampers, check out Gifts for the Woman who wants Nothing and Surprise Gifts for Farmers!

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