Thursday 24 September 2020

How to Surprise your Wife, Romantic Surprise Gifts for Wife ideas!

How to surprise your wife surprise gift ideas

Here's how to surprise your wife on a budget - it can be the small, every day things that mean the most! Make your better half a special themed lunch, hide little gifts and surprises around the house, dress the house up all nice, frame a beautiful photo of her - these are all great wife surprise ideas that will make your wife feel special!

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How do I make my wife feel special?

Take photos of her, make her your homescreen on your phone, keep her picture close to you. It's such a romantic gesture and she'll be sure to feel extra special. When you go on a date, snap some beautiful photos of her, put a flower in her hair and tell her how lovely she looks. 

How can I surprise my wife with a gift?

Go all out on beautiful wrapping and presentation, make it extra luxurious. It will make your wife feel extra special and show her how much love and thought went in to choosing the gift for her. 

What romantic things can I do for my wife?

Show her how well you know her with lovely little surprises, offering to treat her to items she admires, buying her favourite ice cream, ordering her flowers when she's not expecting it, making her a lovely lunch, recreating special moments from your dates, attaching a cute keyring to her keys, fetching her strawberries.

How do I spoil my wife?

Take her out on a mystery date - a day date can be the most romantic! Take her to the museum, to cafes and restaurants you've never been to before, recreate the cute formalities of dates you used to go on earlier in your relationship, hold her hand on a stroll to the park, buy her an ice cream! Treat her to all of life's little pleasures.

How to surprise your wife in lockdown 

 Be creative and unexpected by hiding her favourite sweets all around the house! You could even hide cute and romantic doodles or little gifts, or makeover a room in the house for her. You could also order flowers from a 'secret admirer', one of the best ways to surprise your wife on her birthday during lockdown! It can be difficult to think of ways to surprise your loved one when you see them all the time - or when you are not allowed to see them - the key is to get creative and think out of the box!

1. Make the bed - as simple as it sounds, this is such a romantic gesture. For extra points, choose a brand new duvet set, a couple of extra firm pillows and throw and deck out the bed like a hotel!

2. Next time on her birthday/Christmas - don't ask what she'd like this time but go out on a limb and surprise her yourself! Be totally unexpected in your choice of gift, a great tip is to listen carefully and be observant of what she most often browses online.

3. Paint her portrait - or take a beautiful picture of her and frame it in your living room. She will feel so flattered and it will be sure to make her smile, how to surprise your wife on your anniversary 101!

4. Give her a surprise hot water bottle - when the weather is cooler

5. Play with and braid her hair - if your wife enjoys this sensation. It can be so relaxing and soothing.

6. Make use of gift wrapping - a gorgeously wrapped gift will go so far, one of the best ways to surprise your wife on her birthday!

7. Write a funny poem - this will mean so much and you will bond over laughing about it together! This would make such a special gift requiring no cost, and one she'll be inclined to keep that will never get old!

8. Photoshop a funny image and frame it - without her noticing! You could work in lots of photos from cute memories - feature a pet that you both love - and work in inside jokes to make it extra special.

9. Put your jacket on her - or bundle her up in your scarf to keep warm, cute nice things to do for your wife to bring back memories of previous dates.

10. Do the ironing - this is such a helpful and romantic chore to take on to surprise your wife, so she will have extra time to relax.

11. Hide her favourite sweets all around the house - so she will come across them spontaneously! For an extra romantic touch, tie a bow around each one to make the surprise extra special.

12. Make her a special themed lunch - with her favourite foods, arrange them in a cute way, to spell out cute messages or adhere to a special theme, such as a franchise or tv series she loves! There are so many ways to make it funny too - take a picture of the finished result for you both to always remember.

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