Wednesday 9 June 2021

Gifts for your boyfriend's mom ideas, what to give your boyfriend's mum!

Gifts for your boyfriends mom gift ideas for her

What to give your boyfriend's mom for her birthday, gift ideas for your boyfriend's mum she will love!

What do I buy my boyfriend's mom?

From a gorgeous box of wax melts to a mystery jewellery candle, there are endless options to treat your boyfriend's mum - why not a silk sleep mask, a personalised colouring book of her favourite photos, even a chocolate room spray! You could even take her for a manicure for some girl bonding time, she's sure to appreciate the whole experience!

What do I get my boyfriend's mum for her birthday?

1. A gorgeous box of wax melts

They are presented beautifully like a box of chocolates and make the most luxurious and fun gift to open!

2. Wax melts scented like her favourite perfume

Or body products! These Lush scented wax melts are everything and she can pop them in her drawers to make everything smell amazing! You can even get Jo Malone scented wax melts

3. A mystery jewellery candle

She'll get an extra surprise after the candle is all gone, as the wax melts it reveals a secret gift at the bottom of the candle! Such an amazing gift idea, a treat for her and the home!

4. A realistic chocolate model

This makes such a cool, unique and thoughtful gift as you can show her how well you know her and her interests by choosing a realistic chocolate replica of an object that makes her happy - it could match her hobbies, her work, the things she loves and her personality - she'll be totally fooled at first but get the best surprise when she goes to use her new gift and realises it is made entirely out of chocolate!

5. A funny sequin cushion of her idol

Everyone's got an idol, whether it is a character from The Office, a guilty pleasure boyband, a girl crush celebrity or even Nicholas Cage, celebrate the fandom and show how well you know her with a funny sequin cushion. It's a hilarious gift as, simply by changing the sequin direction, it's possible to create all manner of scary and funny facial expressions on the celebrity cushion! She'll be impressed you took the time to consider her favourite celebrity and personalise the gift perfectly to her taste!

6. A box of delicious brownies

This letterbox chocolate brownie gift is everything, it's such a treat to receive and is affordable too!

7. Cat yoga tea towels

These are adorable and so quirky and unique, perfect for a cat lover or yoga lover and a gift idea everyone will love!

8. A pet themed gift

Always a safe option because everyone loves receiving gifts to celebrate their pets! You could even gift her a pair of matching sweaters for her and her dog!

9. A cocktail making kit

Perfect for someone who loves to host a girls night!

10. A birth flower jewellery gift

This is such a romantic, thoughtful and special gift idea for your boyfriend's mum, it's such a beautiful piece and gift idea.

11. A perfume sample set

A set of mini perfumes makes for the perfect gift as it means she can try out a whole new range of scents - there is nothing like the gift of novelty and giving someone a chance to try new things.

12. A heat transforming mug

A mug is an oldie but a goodie! Even better, a heat transforming mug means your recipient will get an extra surprise when they go to make a hot drink in their new mug!

13. Rose quartz coasters

Coasters make amazing practical gifts and rose quartz ones bring such a feeling of opulence and glamour to the home, as well as carrying special and calming meanings and energies.

14. A chocolate room spray

There is nothing better than making your home smell like chocolate!

15. A bluetooth iphone printer

This is such a special gift as it will allow her to print all her favourite memories quickly and easily, there's nothing like being able to hold your memories as physical items.

16. A photo album

This would be perfect to gift alongside the bluetooth printer if you wanted to go all out and treat your not quite mother in law!

17. Cosy and fluffy socks

Always a win win gift! Cosy and fluffy socks make the best gift to receive and are a practical gift as well as a sweet and thoughtful one!

18. A silk pillowcase

Always a luxurious gift to receive, this will make such a special gift that is super practical too!

19. A silk sleepmask

Another luxurious looking but super practical gift that is surprisingly affordable and will be sure to delight your recipient!

20. A waffle maker

Always a unique, quirky and amazing gift idea your recipient can get creative with - who doesn't love waffles?

21. A game to play

Give her the gift of an opportunity to bond with all the family, one of the best mom gifts of all!

22. A personalised photo cushion

This is such a special gift to give! You could even add lots of photos on there - or a funny photo of your boyfriend when he was younger!

23. A funny colouring book

A 'mother' themed colouring book is so much fun and will be hilarious to look through and relate to! You could even personalise your own colouring pages for her, based on your own photos, which makes such a fun and special surprise gift.

24. An embroidered hoop hanging

Home decor gifts are always an adorable idea, especially personalised ones for your loved ones!

25. A gift of pretty stationery

26. Gift her a surprise party!

27. A pamper box

You can get super creative with this gift for your boyfriend's mum! 

28. A star sign gift

Such a special and thoughtful gift idea that specially caters to her star sign - she will love this if she's in to astrology and horoscopes!

29. A box of macarons

There's something so luxurious about a box of macarons, they make such a beautiful multisensory gift as are as beautiful on the eyes as they are on the tastebuds.

30. A 'sleep well' box

Full of items to help her to unwind and sleep well at night! This is something everyone will appreciate, especially moms, mums, dads and parents in general, as they probably have some sleep to catch up on! You could fill it with a pillow mist, facial spray, dreamy crystals and gemstones, a relaxing diffuser or candle and a dreamy bath and body care set.

31. An assortment of lots of different types of tea

For her to try! These gifts are always so special as it means giving them the gift of trying something new, you might just introduce her to her all new favourite kind of tea. This gift is the most perfect thing ever for tea lovers!

Should I get my boyfriend's mom a Christmas present?

It's always a sweet idea to go the extra mile and show your boyfriend's mum some love and appreciation with a gift! A wonderful way to spoil her is with a box of wax melts - super affordable and an absolute dream to receive as a gift! They look so pretty and luxurious in their chocolate inspired box - just be sure to add a note in so she doesn't eat them (tempting!)

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