Wednesday 9 June 2021

Surprise baby name reveal ideas, how to reveal your baby's name!

Unique creative baby name reveal ideas

Here are some fun and creative ways to announce and reveal your baby's name, reveal ideas to obsess over, whether you're planning a baby name reveal event for family and friends or are looking for some name reveal ideas for your baby shower. Also be sure to check out how to announce a new baby here and more family surprise ideas!

How can I reveal my baby's name?

Why not plan a baby name reveal event for family and friends to find out the name of your new baby! Think of symbols that represent your baby's name and theme your party decor around them, incorporate the symbols in to your party food, decor and games as a hint for your guests to go on!

How should you reveal a baby name?

1. A baby name reveal puzzle

A fun puzzle they have to put together - it could be an anogram or a coded message they have to solve to find out your baby's name!

2. A baby name reveal game

Try a treasure hunt, where each letter is written on a paper plate and hidden around the room or location. Once all of the letters are found, guests then have to rearrange them to spell out the name. So much fun!

3. Share a clue every day on social media

Every day for a week, share a clue as to your baby's name or you could reveal a new letter every day!

4. Make a moodboard to accompany your baby's name

This will illustrate the meanings behind it and it's a fun way for family and friends to try and guess the name, based on the symbolism within the dreamy imagery!

5. Give everyone a t shirt with a letter on it

Then ask them to try to arrange themselves to correctly spell out the name! This idea is so much fun and you could even thrift some second hand shirts and embezzle them yourself with a beautiful letter on the back or the front of each. You could make them super pretty for the occasion and it is sure to make for a magical and super special photo at the end, of all of your family and loved ones coming together to name your baby. One of the cutest baby naming ceremony ideas!

6. The plate surprise reveal

Use safe ceramic paint to paint the name or design on to plain plates. Then invite everyone over for a meal and be sure to cover the design entirely up with food. As your guests clear their plates it will gradually become clear the name you have chosen!

7. Gift your baby a beautiful newborn bracelet spelling their new name

And give it to them before anyone else knows of their name and has called them it yet! This is such a special and romantic idea and means you can fully treasure giving your baby their name for the first time. When you are ready, then snap a photo of your baby - or your baby's hand - wearing the bracelet to announce the name to everyone!

8. Pop a special announcement tag on your pup's collar

Ask your pup to carry the name for you with a special announcement tag to attach to their collar, it could be something like 'big brother to (name goes here)'. They will be sure to get plenty of extra fusses in return!

9. Baby name reveal ice block idea

An amazing name reveal party idea, why not bring out the centrepiece of the event once your guests have arrived, an ice block containing within the name of your baby. They will have to impatiently wait for it to melt to discover the name inside! It's such a cute way of revealing your baby's name and will increase the suspense and excitement before the name is announced.

10. A hangman style game

Where guests offer up letters to try to guess the name! Instead of the traditional hangman you could draw a flower on a wipe off board with a certain number of petals, then wipe off a petal for an incorrect answer!

11. A heat transforming mug announcement

This is perfect for a more intimate celebration, an amazing way to reveal your baby's name to your mom, best friend or immediate family! Just gift them the mug and wait until they use it - once it is filled with hot liquid the new name will appear!

12. A special baby photoshoot

With special objects framed around them as clues revealing the new name! For example, you could use flowers if they have a floral name, moons and stars if they have a galactic or space inspired name or think of symbols and items that represent a celebrity, icon or mythical figure with the same name. You can get super creative! The photos will be such a precious keepsake you are sure to treasure forever!

13. Write it on eco friendly balloons

An oldie but a goodie - with a environmentally friendly, biodegradable twist!

14. Make or order some ice pops with the new name on the stick

So that the name is secretly hidden under the ice pop and guests must eat it before discovering your baby's name! There will be a race to eat and finish them and it will increase the sense of anticipation and excitement, it could even become a baby name reveal tradition in your family!

15. A baby name suggestion box

You could give a prize to the guest who correctly guesses the name! To ensure that someone guesses it, you could allow your guests to suggest as many names as they like, just to write their own name on the back so you know who suggested it!

16. If your baby has a flower name, decorate your reveal event with those flowers!

Make it look and feel like a fairytale with flowers everywhere! 

17. Baby name reveal party favours ideas

Little soaps with the name contained inside are perfect and are sure to increase the suspense and excitement, plus make perfect party favours. You could even gift each friend and family member a little party bag containing one of these each, as they leave the hospital to visit you and the baby. They can then go home to dissolve the soap and discover the name!

18. Spell their name out with cupcakes

One of the most beautiful new baby arrival party ideas  that will look magical in photos!

19. If you have a winter/autumn baby, print or sew their name on to a stocking

Gift them their first stocking with their brand new name on it! You could share a snap of your baby's stocking in front of the fireplace to announce their name.

20. Gift your guests keyrings with the new name on

A beautiful keepsake they can treasure forever, to remember the event by!

21. Hide the name inside a fortune cookie

Then place it in a bowl full of other fortune cookies so that no one knows which is which! You can then hand out the cookies to your guests and the guest who receives the right fortune cookie gets to make the announcement - and could also win a prize!

22. Order paper confetti in the shape of each letter of your baby's name

Throw the confetti around! Your guests will have to guess what the name is by collecting all of the letters together, then arranging them correctly. This is such a sweet, fun, romantic and creative baby name reveal surprise idea and would make for a magical photo too!

When should you reveal a baby name?

From before your little one is born, to the weeks after they are born, there is no wrong time to announce your baby's new name! A great trick is to take your time and know there's always room to change your mind before you officially register your baby. Often once a baby is born it can look completely different to the name you had in mind so it's great to keep a few favourites on hand just in case!

How do you announce a baby name on social media?

Why not share a snap of your baby's first stocking with their name on it - spell their name out with cupcakes, share a snap of a baby bracelet you gave them with their name on it, spell out the precious new name with bunting - or reveal one letter each day in a clever way to tease your loved ones and increase the anticipation and excitement!


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