Friday 21 May 2021

Best romantic 'Open when' letter surprise ideas

Best romantic 'Open when' letter surprise ideas

Here are some super unique, clever, creative and romantic 'open when' letters ideas to try!

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What is an open when letter?

 An open when letter is a love letter for every occasion, where your partner or loved one might need one. It's one of the best ways to surprise someone when you are apart from them and also a really cute and fun way to fulfil your partner's needs in a romantic relationship when you are going long distance or are currently physically apart. It's such a sweet way to show you care and a way for them to feel close to you through the whole experience!

What should I write in open when letters?

You could make cute flow charts and personality quizzes, write romantic and funny poems and riddles for them to work out! You could even include cute and fun mini travel sized items to include, like sweets and small practical items to cheer them up every day. Focus on sensory ideas, items they can smell, feel, see, taste, hear. Here are some ideas to get you started! They might be different for different people, as people differ in their relationship needs.

What to put in open when you're bored letters?

You could create little personality quizzes for them, a personality flow chart quiz - or even a jigsaw for them to put together! You could even use different types of candy to send a coded message to them that they have to figure out.

Cutest retro mixtape USB (super affordable!) πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This 'open when' gift is so unique and special! Make a 'mixtape' of songs that remind you of your best friend/boyfriend, then pop them on this USB. Your loved one can then plug it in to discover a whole playlist about the two of you.

Personalised colouring pages πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

These are adorable! Why not send your love these personalised colouring pages, based on photos of you together! They make for the best surprise ever! 

Adorable pocket hug keepsake πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

So they can take you with them when you are apart!

Cheapest personalised comfy socks (adorable!) πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

So they can wear them and think of you, the perfect way to make them laugh and feel special! These are the most affordable ones I have found and are the absolute perfect 'open when' gift.

1. Open when you need a hug

Give them your jumper, jacket or fleece to hold, with a promise of snuggling inside it together next time you meet!

2. Open when you want to open everything

Make little paper parcels and packages with funny and creative doodles inside. You could even create a little flow chart quiz or personality quiz with little challenges for them to do to avoid opening everything at once. This is a great place to put the rules of the game, to tell them when and where to open everything.

3. Open when you can't sleep

Fill this letter or parcel with relaxing items to help them unwind and drift off, a pillow spray, Lush's Sleepy Lotion, lavender essential oils, a silken pillow case that feels cool to the touch.

4. Open when the weather is bad

Create a 'movie night' box for them, with glow sticks, different popcorn flavours, a blanket and a little film personality quiz for them with some film suggestions on!

5. Open when it's a hot day

Mini travel size suncream, a hat or a mini fan are all great ideas - you could even include a mini facial spray to cool them down.

6. Open when you've had a long day

This could be a voucher for a takeaway, or some cash and a takeaway menu! 

7. Open when you're feeling turned on

Make challenges for them - or give them saucy dares! Ask them some dirty and flirty questions and even send them your sexiest underwear or skirt to keep with them.

8. Open when you're feeling lonely

Fill it with photos of you and them - and even drawings! You could create some funny doodles that are sure to make them chuckle and even write a rap or song for them.

9. Open when you need a chuckle

Gift them a funny colouring in book - or make them one yourself! You could capture all the cutest memories and moments in your relationship, then give them some scented pens to colour them in.

10. Open when 'I'm not crying, you're crying!'

Give them your jacket or jumper to wear for comfort and write them a funny poem or rap they will love!

11. Open when you don't feel valued by people

Write a list of all the ways you are proud of them, in ways they might have never realised before!

12. Open when you need a snack

Gift them some snacks they've never tried before, from different cultures and places in the world! They'll be sure to appreciate the novelty and you might introduce them to their new favourite snack!

13. Open when you want to smell good

Gift them a whole assortment of mini perfume samples and selectors to try! They'll have a lot of fun sampling all of them!

14. Open when you're feeling envious

Write a list of their achievements and some empowering quotes, or even include some tumbled crystals to promote inner peace or serenity. Even if your recipient isn't in to crystal healing, they will sure to appreciate the pretty tokens and keep them close by.

15. Open when you need some romance

Write a funny romantic poem that your recipient will appreciate - plus some cute little extras like dried rose petals or a portrait you drew of them!

16. Open when you need an escape

A selection of candy they have never tried before from different cultures and places in the world - or different flavoured soda they have never tried! Japanese Ramune soda is unbeatable when it comes to flavour, fizz and amazing illustrations on its packaging.

17. Open when you need some new tunes

Write them the link to a Spotify playlist you made, with songs that remind you of them.

18. Open when you're hungry

Gift them their favourite food! It's such a cute way to show how well you know them.

19. Open after a workout

Cool ideas are an energy bar or some pictures of them looking badass! You could even include some energy drink sachets if that's what your recipient is in to.

20. Open when you think you made a bad decision

Make a big list of their achievements, with some cute empowering stickers to make them smile!

21. Open when you're feeling the wanderlust/want to travel

Send them a map with your travel plans, or a fun travel questionnaire for them to take to see where you both want to visit! Alternatively, cut a map in to mini squares and ask them to select three squares randomly. Those are the places you next have to visit together!

22. Open when you have an injury

Send them plasters, a lollipop, bandages, maybe even a few Sneak energy drink sachets if your loved one is in to gaming!

23. Open when you're watching Star Wars

Gift them some movie night essentials, plus a cute keyring or mascot!

24. Open when you want to stay in bed all day

Some mini energizing items, like a facial mist, orange essential oil and some empowering and motivational quotes will be perfect here!

25. Open when you need something comforting

Gift them a childhood favourite, maybe a comic they used to love, an item they used to collect or some chocolate, crackers and marshmallows to make smores! The activity alone is so therapeutic.

26. Open when we haven't talked in a while

Gift them some pictures of you together to represent your favourite memories and include some inside jokes and doodles or illustrations to remind them how much they mean to you.

27. Open when you feel like you failed

Maybe make them a 'you got this!' motivational poster for their room, something to stick on their ceiling, or some inspiring and motivating stickers. Remind them that a challenge wouldn't be worth doing if it wasn't a challenge and that every attempt, the fact that they are trying, is the most important thing!

28. Open when you want to smell me

Gift them samples of the scent you wear often, along with an item of clothing you recently washed, and a mini bottle of the shower gel or shampoo you use - they can even use it themselves in the shower and go around smelling you wherever they go.

29. Open when you want a spooky surprise

Gift them a pop out surprise card to thrill them - they won't expect it and you will definitely make them jump!

30. Open when you feel guilty

Write a list of things you have done that you feel guilty about and show them that everyone feels that way sometimes. Then write a list of all the ways you are proud of them and all the amazing and kind things they have done.

31. Open when you need a backscratch

Gift them a mini backscratcher, just what they need!

32. Open when you need to sleep next to me

Give them one of your worn sleepwear items, they can pop it next to their pillow when they go to sleep at night, such a romantic idea.

33. Open when you need an adventure

Plan an adventure, where you leave something for them to find, hide a little gift for them in a safe place in public to find and give them the coordinates to find it!

34. Open when you can't find matching socks

Give them a pair or a set of quirky matching socks they'll love, an adorable surprise and so practical too! Whenever they wear them they will think of you!

35. Open when you think I don't care

Write them a love letter, with some funny doodles to make them chuckles and some of your favourite funny quotes of theirs from over the years. You could even include a cute sprinkle of confetti or dried flower petals!

36. Open when you need an adrenaline rush

A game of dares - that doesn't get dangerous! You could create dares such as, put five of these super hot/sour sweets in your mouth at one time, wear a pink shirt outside, eat bananas and ketchup together (something wild and gross!) Maybe your loved one can film themselves completing each dare as proof! You could even create a mini prize or reward for them on completion!

37. Open when you want to feel close to me

Give them a piece of jewellery that you often wear, so they can wear it too or keep it close to feel close to you.

38. Open when it is the beginning of spring

Why not gift them a card they can plant! This is such a cute idea and you could even give them some Easter candy and chocolate bits and pieces.

39. Open when it is the beginning of autumn/fall

A pair of mini handwarmers and a hot cocoa kit with mini marshmallows are really cute ideas, even a mini vial of syrup or bag of toasted marshmallow jelly belly beans! You could even adore a scarf or pair of gloves with some iron on or sew on patches to customise them for your loved one.

40. Open when it is Halloween

Dress up in different sexy Halloween outfits just for them and send them pictures inside this letter. Have fun creating as many as you can, they'll love discovering them all! You could also fill it with Halloween candy and put 'only treats!'

41. Open when it is Thanksgiving

Create your own thanksgiving dishes with jelly belly beans! You can combine the flavours to 'create' different kinds of dishes and desserts. You could even gift them a funky or quirky tie to wear - or some quirky savoury scented candles.

42. Open when it is Christmas Eve

Give them special Christmas themed underwear - or novelty flavoured toothpaste! You could even fill a mini stocking for your loved one to open, just like when they were a child.

43. Open when it is Christmas Day

(This could be any major holiday in the year that you both celebrate and might be different, depending on different cultures and locations in the world! Just replace with your preferred holiday)

Write them a Christmas poem enclosed in the cutest Christmas stationery, letter or note paper. You could even gift them some chocolate coins, or give them sneaky little hints and clues in riddles or a poem as to what gifts you might have got them.

44. Open when it is New Years Eve

Create some mini crazy challenges for you both to do in the new year, from having a picnic in a strange place, to doing handstands underwater together, to kiss in an alleyway - tons of exciting ideas to get you both looking forward to seeing each other again!

45. Open when it is Valentines day

Give them a mini date in a package! With dried rose petals, napkins and a takeaway voucher for their favourite takeaway. You can then sit down together at your date over Facetime or Skype for a romantic occasion!

46. Open when it is our anniversary

Create an anniversary baking challenge! You each must complete this challenge, then send your creations to each other to try. The most creative, smart and delicious bake wins! It's bound to be such a funny challenge and way to bond when you're physically far apart.

47. Open when it is my birthday

Gift them some challenges you want them to do in honour of your birthday! 

48. Open when it is your birthday

Gift them a badge to wear on their special day! It's such a fun and cute idea and they're bound to feel thought about and loved all day! You could even write them a special poem to go with it.

49. Open when you need to look extra smart

This is perfect for when they have an interview or formal event! Why not gift them a new tie, a pot of hairgel, some chewing gum or breath mints and some lucky socks!

50. Open when you want a challenge

Plan a fun food tasting game for them and include tons of unfamiliar foods and bizarre combinations. It could be a game where they have to select two pieces of paper randomly from a tin or container, then try the food combinations together they have selected. You could call it the 'You and me go together like...' game!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Also check out these ultra flirty questions to ask your boyfriend, how to surprise your long distance boyfriend, cute creative romantic husband surprises and other romantic surprise ideas here!

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