Monday 12 April 2021

Japanese gifts for all ages, the best surprise gifts!

Best Japanese gifts ideas

Here are the best Japanese gifts for all ages, from traditional Japanese gifts, to Japan inspired treats and Japanese sweets,here are the best surprise gift ideas for your loved one!

1. Super cool and quirky Japanese candy

This will never not be appreciated! The adorable and clever packaging is a treat in itself, a box of Japanese candy or sweets will make the perfect gift idea. There's so many new types of candy to try, some super unusual with incredibly quirky flavours!

2. A konjac sponge

The ultimate eco friendly sponge that is such a pleasure to use. 

3. An adorable subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving every month! Kawaii themed subscription boxes come filled with adorable items such as plushies, stationery and merch from all their favourite kawaii brands, featuring Japanese based characters from Sanrio, San X, Gudetama, there are so many fun items to collect and the best part is that it's a total mystery, your recipient will never know which items they will receive!

4. A Japanese candy subscription box

The only thing better than a regular subscription box is one filled with Japanese candy, coming to their door every month!

5. A box of traditional Japanese snacks and food

They've never tried before! There's no gift more special than giving someone the chance to try new things.

6. Cool reusable chopsticks

For their dishes and meals, when nothing else will do!

7. A Manga box set

They will love to get stuck in to new reading material, mangas are Japanese comics and graphic novels originating from Japan and are both beautiful and fascinating, the amount of detail that goes in to their illustrations is simply astounding. They are works of art in their own right, as well as gripping stories.

8. A ramen bowl set

To experiment with ramen dishes, or simply to eat pasta and noodles out of unshamedly!

9. A meal at a traditional Japanese restaurant

A gift you can share together, there is nothing better than amazing food and amazing company at their favourite restaurant, or taking them to a brand new restaurant to discover their favourite cuisine all over again.

10. Sushi crafted out of chocolate or candy

Super realistic sushi crafted entirely out of chocolate, your recipient will get the best surprise!

11. Tokiado board game

A gift that will bring everyone together and delight your loved one.

12. A traditional Japanese dessert you made

This is such a creative and fun DIY gift idea!

13. A Japanese food cookbook

So many incredible dishes to try, your loved one will adore all these new recipes to try!

14. Personalised Japanese wall art

With their name translated in to Japanese, framed!

15. Sakura petal confetti for the occasion!

This is such a magical idea for a surprise party, or just to be included in the wrapping of the gift to make it extra magical for your recipient when opening it.

16. A book of Haikus

Or Japanese poetry, there are so many writers and creative artists to discover, this is a real treat for the soul and incredibly thoughtful gift.

17. An adorable backpack

This is such a practical and special gift idea

18. A Crunchroll subscription

To discover a million more new anime shows to watch!

19. Learning Japanese lessons

Lessons to learn the language would make a unique and wonderful gift, education is so valuable and it would also help them with their travels.

20. A box of Japanese re-ments

Containing mystery miniature toys and character merchandise, it's so much fun opening blind boxes as you never know which characters are inside, the best surprise gift in a surprise gift! 

21. A box of adorable stationery

Featuring their favourite San X, Sanrio or Q lia characters 

22. A special Japanese meal you made yourself

It could be Bento box style or a full out table spread

23. A Japan inspired perfume

Scents are so evocative and you can purchase special Japan themed fragrances to take them straight to the streets of Japan, whether that's in and around the cherry blossoms or down back alleys filled with the fried-pastry-custard scent of fast food.

24. A set of quirky scented candles

While we're on the topic of scent, why not gift them an adorable set of quirky candles! You can get even noodle scented or ramen scented variations!

25. A funny framed photoshopped picture of them on their travels

26. A new pretty suitcase

To take with them on their next adventure!

27. Throw them a party

And recreate Japan in their room or garden 

28. A blind food tasting game

Perfect for the occasion! Why not use sauces and delicacies from Japan they have never tried before? This makes such a cool and fun party game idea but just be sure none of your guests are allergic to the ingredients.

29. A mini zen garden

You can get mini zen garden kits that come with everything you need to set up your very own piece of zen indoors. This is such a cool and unusual gift idea that they'll be sure to appreciate!

30. A special lucky or meditative charm

Like a money egg or onamori amulet, or Buddhist statue

31. A book on feng shui

Kanso is a feng shui-like concept in Japan, it is all about harmonising yourself with your surrounding environment. It means to get rid of clutter and eliminate the non-essential. Kanso is basically mindfulness for your furniture. It's a wonderful guide to improve your living space and reevaluate your possessions, to make life cleaner and easier.

32. A Japanese money tree

One of the coolest gifts, it's said to be extra lucky to be gifted one by someone else!

33. A beautiful and traditional wall hanging

Look no further than a traditional style wall hanging, they are so epic and beautiful!

34. Japanese sodas

There is nothing like Japanese sodas in terms of variety of flavours and fizz! Try Ramune soda, Ramune being a well-known and unique element of present-day Japanese culture, that is often seen in anime, manga and j-dramas. You could gift your recipient an assortment of flavours, so they can have fun trying them all and find their favourite!

35. A Gudetama gift

Needed its own mention as Gudetama is just the cutest character ever, originated from Japan. He is portrayed as a lazy, or lethargic, egg doing all kinds of cute things and has an extensive line of merchandise. Your Japan loving recipient will love their own Gudetama gift - it's silly, hilarious and adorable!

Choose any of these gift ideas and your loved one will sure to appreciate how well you know them, I hope there is something for everyone here! Definitely check out gifts for the woman who wants nothing, best daughter gifts - or gift ideas for your daughter in law!


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