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Graduation Party ideas, Surprise Party ideas for 2021!

Whether you are looking for high school graduation party ideas or university graduation party ideas, here are some of the best Graduation party ideas, surprise party ideas you will love!

What are some fun things to do at a Graduation party?

Fun Graduation games include 'Pin the tassel on the Grad' to giant Twister - even a snowball fight with fake snow! You could set up a mini awards ceremony of your own, where everyone receives a pretend award - for achievements such as 'best at remembering', 'best pranker', 'most organized student' or 'least likely to get in to a fight'.

PS check out these amazing eco friendly balloons for your party! They come in every colour and biodegrade at the same rate as a leaf, causing zero damage to the environment!

How do you celebrate a Graduation party?

1. Graduation Sash πŸ‘ˆπŸ» you can get them personalised for the graduate so they can wear it with pride on their special day! You could even have one set out for each of the guests, if they are Graduates too.

2. Memories Jenga Game - this is such a budget friendly game as you can buy a Jenga game for cheap and your guests can sign every Jenga piece or write a memory on there.

3. Create a photo area - with a backdrop of streamers and balloons spelling out the class year. They come in all different colours, from gold to silver, white, black and rose gold. You could even keep some funny props close by.

4. Graduation Diploma cookies πŸ‘ˆπŸ» you can get amazing special cookie cutters or decorate some rolled up chocolate wafer cookies with some tiny black ribbons! These are so easy to do and look amazing!

5. Numbered Cake Display - arrange cupcakes to spell out your class year, such a cute idea that will look amazing for your guests and in your photos too!

6. Cute paper lanterns everywhere - so easy to set up but they look so beautiful. You could also deck the space out with fairy lights to create a sparkly ambience and party atmosphere.

7. Smores station - this is such a clever idea that is easy and cheap to set up and create, it's such a novelty at a party!

8. Diploma Napkins - roll each napkin up cleverly, like these Diploma napkins and tie them each with a ribbon in to a bow to make them look just like Diplomas!

9. A Memory Wall - make a huge memory wall filled with all the pictures you can get your hands on and all the funny moments!

10. Sparkler Party - not just for Bonfire Night, New Years or 4th July, sparklers are so much fun, especially when it comes to photos as you can write a message in the air and have it captured!

11. Eco balloons in School Colours - look no further than the school colours if you are looking for a colour scheme for the event!

12. Create your own Instagram tag - for all the funny memories, in one place! This is great for if you want to make a memory book of the event afterwards or want to relive the memories of such a fun event.

13. Advice cards for the Graduate - or opt for a big chalk board, where everyone can add their own advice message! 

14. Confetti balloons - you could even tie on strings and attach photos to them as a really clever and cute graduation decor idea! Also tie on little labels with memories written on them, with ribbons. It will provide a wonderful party attraction for your guests.

15. Pick and Mix stalls - you could assort and choose them by colour, to match your school colours. This is such a fun idea as everyone is sure to have a favourite. 

16. Personalised plates and cups - with your university or college name on and your class year!

17. Craft beautiful Graduation party invitations - with little wax seals, go the old fashioned way to make them extra special. You could even incorporate a sprinkling of confetti or glitter inside the envelope as a little extra surprise!

18. Slushies in school colours - everyone loves a slushie, plus this would be perfect for a hot day! You could choose the flavours to match your school colours.

19. Dress up your pup - get your pets in on the fun! You could even dress them up in a graduation costume for pets, with a little hat and gown. A really fun idea is to ask your guests to bring their own pups with them too - a puppy party where all your furry friends are dressed up!

20. Everyone wears one letter - so that when everyone stands together a message is spelt out; it could be the name of your school or your class year, or both! This will be great for photos! 

21. Party games - like 'Pin the tassel on the Grad', Jenga (of course!) and giant Twister are so much fun and get everyone involved together. On warmer days you could even get the water pistols out and battle it out - one of the best outdoor graduation party ideas!

22. A cute and eyecatching Graduation banner πŸ‘ˆπŸ» that announces the event. Go super big with your banner, so that it can be seen from all angles. Don't forget to add the graduation hashtag you created, so that everyone can see it!

23. Fake snow - is always so much fun! Even on warmer days, it's so much fun making snow angels and throwing snow balls. Just be sure that you will be able to clean it up after!

24. Temporary tattoos πŸ‘ˆπŸ» a box of temporary tattoos is so much fun! You can have hours of fun with these, especially as they come off easily with a good makeup remover - or rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or even baby oil or olive oil! All the funny moments without needing to worry about an interview the next day.

25. Cute keyring favours - a lovely memento of the occasion, so they will always be able to look back and remember the event.

26. Ceiling projections - set up some cool and amazing, glittering ceiling projections to make your ceiling look dazzling. It will look gorgeous alongside the balloons!

What is the best food to serve at a Graduation party?

How about a surprise Graduation party spread with an extra surprise - cupcakes with fun edibles baked inside! These could be fun resolutions, challenges, inspiring quotes or pieces of advice, written down on edible paper. Each guest can then eat them as a means of affirming their commitment to them! Just make sure there is nothing chokeable within them and that none of your guests have allergies.

How do you celebrate Graduation in lockdown?

Send everyone a special box or care package with Graduation party goodies inside, so everyone can celebrate it online together! You could include items such as a Graduation sash to wear, cupcakes with a surprise edible message inside, confetti, smores ingredients, glow sticks - or fill the parcel with only foods and gifts that match your school colours!

What do you do at a virtual Graduation party?

You could all light fireworks (safely) all at the same time or host an online awards ceremony where everyone receives an award - achievements could include 'best at all nighters', 'least likely to get in to a fight' or 'best Christmas jumper wearer'. You could play charades based on memories and inside jokes and all dress up in costumes that portray a secret message through meaning.

This post showed you the best graduation party ideas for 2021! Don't forget to visit my ultimate how to throw a surprise party post for more surprise party ideas and learn how to give a surprise gift here!

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