Sunday 27 December 2020

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Wanting some anniversary surprise gift ideas for your girlfriend? Here are some free ways to surprise your girlfriend, or ideas that don't cost much! These make perfect romantic surprise ideas that your girlfriend will love!

What surprise can I give my girlfriend?

The cutest surprises are themed surprises! Choose a theme - maybe your girlfriend's favourite tv series, her favourite Pokemon or Disney character, or even favourite biscuit! Think of what comes to mind when you think of your girlfriend - and base the surprise around it! Themed gifts like a personalised cake, a themed lunch or special personalised jacket with iron on patches all make great surprise gifts for your girlfriend's birthday.

How can I spoil my girlfriend without money?

Use your touch, give her a back rub, a massage or play and braid with her hair. Show her lots of attention, take lovely photos of her and make them your homescreen. Make her cute themed meals, put together cute bento box style lunches for her and slip cute and funny doodles in to her bag to make her smile. These are all really cute things to do with your girlfriend at home!

What is the best cheap gift for my girlfriend?

Cheap gifts for girlfriend ideas include a photoshopped picture - create a special portrait or scene, filled with things your girlfriend loves - you could make it funny with funny snaps of your pets or of each other! You could then print it and frame it on the wall - such a great low cost gift idea! It's a great way to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday!  

How can I surprise my girlfriend over text?

Surprise her over text by sending her a series of clues or riddles, where she has to guess what you are gifting her. It increases anticipation and excitement over the surprise gift and is a fun surprise activity! It's tricky to surprise her in lockdown when you live apart but here's how to surprise your girlfriend online - send her cute gifts and parcels with funny doodles inside, send her your worn shirt that smells like you, find funny little things you always buy on your dates - like mints or iced tea - and send them to her.

1. You could surprise her at work - here is exactly how to surprise your girlfriend at work!

2. Set up a pinata - this is such a fun idea that will result in a lot of laughter, you could fill it with love hearts or some cute sweets.

3. Give her a back scratch or a back rub or massage - as an additional gift as she's bound to appreciate it! Sometimes a hair massage is lovely too, if she likes her hair to be played with. You could plait it for her and give her a new hairstyle.

4. A cute themed meal! Think of what your girlfriend is in to, and then recreate it with food on a plate!

5. Photoshop a funny and romantic picture together, get it printed and then frame it somewhere she'll see it! It's bound to make her smile - you could even feature each other's pets or family members. Fill it with things your girlfriend loves! 

6. Make a little romantic parcel for her - of her favourite sweets, snacks and funny cute doodles, tie it with a ribbon and then slip it in to her bag when she's not looking!

7. Give her a homemade gift - they don't have to cost a dime and can be even more special than an expensive gift. Bake her a cake, make her some fudge... there's so many fun homemade gift ideas!

8. Go all out with wrapping - you could opt for a cheap gift idea like a candle or bath and body set but go all out on wrapping! Pretty packaging makes every gift seem more luxurious and opulent and you could even opt for personalised wrapping with her face on it or her cat's face, or 'punny' wrapping, something to make her laugh and want to treasure the gift wrapping as much as the gift.

9. Hide little gifts around the room or house - you could even leave clues as to where to find the next surprise!

10. Clean and dust a whole room for her - get the polish out and do a deep clean, leaving everything where she likes to keep it. Light some cosy candles to complete the look, they will create a soothing, romantic ambience.

11. Take her star gazing - gather some blankets, flasks, a tub of marshmallow fluff with a couple of spoons, even a hamper of snacks to have a picnic under the stars.

12. Take some beautiful photos of her - while you are out somewhere, or even sitting in the garden. You could then make one the homescreen on your phone or desktop, and get one printed and frame it on the wall. It's such a beautiful gesture and romantic surprise idea.

13. Buy her foods she's never tried - this is such a fun and romantic gift, buy her a box of snacks you've both never tried before. You can bond over trying new things together!

14. Write a song for her - or a rap, or a poem! 

15. Choose her a candle - candles are inexpensive but a lot of thought goes in to choosing the scent. A romantic idea is to set out to find a candle that smells like a special memory in the relationship for you. That way, she'll be able to share in this special smell with you.

16. A personalised gift - there are so many personalised gift ideas like socks, stationery and cushions but why not make your own personalised gift to her? You could customise a piece of clothing, a hat, some slippers, a jacket, or anything similar with some iron on or sew on patches. Think of what your girlfriend loves, perhaps a tv series, an anime, book series or characters, Disney characters... there's so many to find on Etsy! Collect some and adorn the piece of clothing with them, even glue them on if you prefer! Personalising an item makes it unique to her, which makes it extra special. If you personalise it yourself, she's bound to appreciate the extra effort and thought! You can turn any old item in to the most special thing she'll want to keep forever.   

17. Print a map and place special markers on the locations that are special to you both - you could then frame it in a special place.

18. Spontaneously make her a mug cake

19. A picnic in her favourite place - prepare some cute foods and dishes from home, or grab some sandwiches from the supermarket and take her on a surprise trip to her favourite place. Ideas could be the middle of a romantic garden or her favourite place to shop - maybe sneakily find out where her favourite place is beforehand, perhaps it's somewhere she used to go as a child? You could ask her, what's your favourite memory from childhood? And then try to recreate it as a surprise! This is a really special, yet affordable, way to surprise your girlfriend and let her know that she's special to you.

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