Sunday, 27 December 2020

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Wanting some anniversary surprise gift ideas for your girlfriend? Here are some free ways to surprise your girlfriend, or ideas that don't cost much! These make perfect romantic surprise ideas that your girlfriend will love!

What surprise can I give my girlfriend?

The cutest surprises are themed surprises! Choose a theme - maybe your girlfriend's favourite tv series, her favourite Pokemon or Disney character, or even favourite biscuit! Think of what comes to mind when you think of your girlfriend - and base the surprise around it! Themed gifts like a personalised cake, a themed lunch or special personalised jacket with iron on patches all make great surprise gifts for your girlfriend's birthday.

Monday, 21 December 2020

Gifts for knitters, surprise gifts for knitting lovers!

How to surprise someone who loves to knit, here are gifts for someone who loves knitting, from audio books, hand pamper gifts, a mannequin, quirky yarn, audio books, personalised knitting needles, to knitting day classes, there are tons knitting lover gifts to give!

What is a good gift for a knitter?

1. It's all about the presentation - why not knit your gift up! You could create a knitted layer on top of the wrapped up paper layer, or even create a little knitted drawstring bag for your gift to sit in! 

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Surprise gifts for farmers

For farmer gift ideas try practical gifts like gloves, a unique scarf - but personalise them to make them extra special and unique. Try a gift from their pets, or gifting an ancient farming game or tradition, or a care package to treat them to some much needed relaxation after the hard work they put in all year round!

What is a good gift for a farmer?

Organization gifts make perfect gifts for the farmer, think memo boards, a personalised calendar, storage for small items, quirky and funny stationery that is both super practical and special and thoughtful at the same time! 

What do you get a farmer for his birthday?

Why not create a surprise birthday event that your farmer will enjoy - a sunny picnic spread with all homemade produce, or a banquet of locally sourced food and bakes. You could even host it in a secret location and create treasure hunt clues leading there!

1. Food subscription box - the best gift for a foodie or for someone permanently hungry being out working all day. It's a gift that keeps on giving as they get to receive a brand new box every month and the contents are a complete surprise!

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Man Cave Gifts, Surprise Gifts for Men

 Some great homeware gifts for men are chalk/memo boards, neon signs, stationery and notebooks, storage boxes, funny or themed cooking utensils, a man cave sign, wall hangings or a cup/can holder!   These make amazing man cave gifts for the man in your life, perfect for the gaming cave ahem office. 

These make great surprise gifts for gamers too, which leads us to the ultimate question:

What should every man cave have?

1. A funny or romantic framed photoshopped picture - that you can frame on his wall! Use PicMonkey or Photoshop, they both work perfectly for this, and create a hilarious and romantic montage of all his favourite things, favourite people and pets, favourite characters... you can have so much fun with this, you could work in funny memes and inside jokes, so it is bound to make him chuckle and smile everytime he looks at it. This is such a special and funny gift he will love and treasure always!