Friday 18 March 2022

Cheapest Dirty Couples Date Night ideas

Cheap creative sexy date night ideas at home

All the cheapest couples date night ideas that don't cost anything, or cost very little! Ranging from the more risque date night ideas for adults, to the more tame and cute activities to have fun together in the evening!

1. A blind food tasting challenge

Write down a selection of about 15 foods you both have in your home, then write them down on cards. These could include any relishes you have too, such as jam, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, vinegar etc. Each person takes it in turn to pick two cards out at random, then must try those two food combinations together. This is so much fun and is bound to result in hilarity! You might find some very gross food combinations, but also some surprisingly weirdly nice ones!

2. Go stargazing together

This is such a romantic activity that doesn't cost anything and is perfect to try for your romantic at home date night!

3. Go hallway bowling

Who needs lanes to have a bowling night? Set up some empty plastic bottles, grab a soft ball or make one out of packing materials and go for a strike. Just be considerate of your neighbours if you live in an apartment building.

4. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

This is such a romantic idea that is perfect to do in your backyard!

5. Write coded messages for each other to decipher

This will keep you guessing for ages and it will be so much fun, plus will up the sense of anticipation, trying to figure out what your partner has said.

6. Play a game of dares

Always a risque activity, you can keep these light or make them saucy, depending on the mood! Check out these amazing dirty dares for guys here!

7. A nerf gun fight

There is nothing cooler than a nerf gun fight, even if it does work better in a bigger space or area, with more hiding places available.

8. Create a treasure hunt

You are never too old for a treasure hunt!

9. Film your own cooking show

This is such a funny romantic couples date night idea! Why not film your own cooking show episode, with your partner? It will be hilarious to look back on in years to come and the best way to create hilarious memories!

10. Make pizzas together

Pizza is the food of love, right? Or maybe that's just Italian food in general!

11. Hold an art competition

And each make something to compete against each other! Some of the most fun things to create here are sculptures and models, or something with a theme! You could have a different theme for every date and take it in turns to choose. You could have hot themes or goofy themes, and use all kinds of materials like clay, glue, paint, lego pieces, cardboard, or anything lying around your home. This is such a hilarious activity that will get you both giggling! You won't be able to wait for your next date and it will bring so much enrichment to your long distance relationship!

12. Play a game of flirty scenarios

These can even start innocent and get saucier if you want to. This will increase your anticipation to see each other again and keep your relationship spicy. Would you rather? is another fun game to play!

13. Dress up and act out a scene in a play

It's like role play, but funnier! Having a script already prepared will make the whole thing more hilarious and is a funny chance to dress up and channel the characters you always wanted to. You could even make exceptions. Bob the Builder can be in Shakespeare, right?

14. Create a dessert for each other

This is an amazing creative cheap date night activity that is so much fun! You can get so creative with this and create something hilarious or take it super seriously to impress your other half.

15. Write a poem or a rap for each other

And read or act it out, with as much as emotion possible, 22 jump street style!

16. A couples pop quiz

For every wrong answer, they must act out or complete a dare, the traditional pop quiz with a twist! 

17. Play an adult game of hangman

The simple game of hangman, just the X rated version! It will be sure to keep your spirits up. Amongst other things.  

18. Recreate a favourite date

A really special date night idea that could end up hilarious, as you try to recreate your first date around you, at home, on a budget! This is so much fun and bound to result in hilarity!

19. Fill in some adult colouring books

These are a thing!

20. A box full of snacks you've never tried!

A really fun activity where you can try each food together and mark each out of ten!

21. Make a scrapbook

A really special date idea, where you can write down memories and couples bucket list ideas and include cute mementos and photos too!

22. Babysit a puppy

A new puppy can be a very overwhelming experience, so why not offer your services and plan a puppy sleepover! This makes for the cutest date idea and way to spend time together as a couple too. Just be sure to plan it carefully with the owner and take all the requirements on board!

23. Doodle or draw together

Take turns adding to the drawing, to create something hilarious and show off your creative flair!

24. A game of (semi) naked Twister

If naked is too risque, go semi naked or in a sexy outfit! You might find it even more fun, as it increases the sense of anticipation between you.

25. Make cocktails at home

Think Sex on the Beach, the Hanky Panky or the Full Monty!

26. Film your own striptease

This is an exciting alternative to the more risque tape, a way to perform in front of the camera, without baring too much, as you can bare as much and as little as you like. This can feel safer than having a more risque tape in your possession. It's the perfect way to show off your favourite lingerie and create a fun movie like scene as a result.

27. Complete a (n adult) jigsaw

This is a cheap date night activity you can keep pretty tame, or take it up a notch, with a very adult jigsaw instead. Not only will it result in hilarity, it's a funny and thrilling activity all at the same time!

28. Game together

Nothing brings you closer like gaming together, bringing out your competitive side and heightening adrenaline levels without even leaving the couch!

29. Learn to dance together

This is such a fun and hilarious experience that also brings you close together physically, to learn a new skill together! This is a brilliant creative no cost couples date night idea that is super romantic; try using Youtube for the best tutorials!

30. Shower together

The couples that shower together, flower together! An oldie but a goodie, this is an amazing cheap date night idea to make things steamier!

31. Watch the trashiest tv shows you can find!

This is so much fun, finding the cringiest and worst tv shows for you both to cringe over and laugh at, from the staged to the strange!

I hope you like these ideas, from the suggestive date night ideas to more tame, flirty at home date night ideas for couples! If you liked these definitely also check out these long distance relationship date night ideas, cheapest DIY retirement gifts for women and best cheap first date gift ideas!

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