Monday 1 February 2021

Surprise gifts for law students

What is a good gift for a law student?

Law student gift ideas include personalised and funny stationery, self care gifts like a library scented candle, a self care mystery monthly box subscription, a takeaway gift card, a piece of funny photoshopped framed art, a shoe polishing kit or some hilarious stationery they will love!

What do lawyers need as gifts?

Personalised stationery, a lovely thick scarf embroderied with their initials, a special and unique paperweight, a box of their favourite pick and mix sweets to sit on their desk, a clothes debobbler and funny ties all make brilliant gifts for lawyers! 

1. Late night gift ideas - include a torch or a light to clip on to their book or a takeaway gift card (this will be so well appreciated and possibly the most underrated gift idea ever!)

2. Customised engraved gifts - look super smart and luxurious, try a super smart wallet, special pen - or even drinks coaster for their desk! Alternatively personalised towels, or a luxurious and cosy personalised scarf with their initials on, make super special gift ideas.

3. Stress relief candle - a thoughtful gift idea that shows you thought of them and their predicament *ahem* I mean revision for their exams. This is such a perfect gift idea for students doing their exams or when a test is coming up imminently, it would make such a special 'just because' surprise gift idea for your hard at work student.

5. Book page holder - such a useful and brilliant gift idea for students!

6. Laptop case - maybe carry case or one with their initials on, to look super smart and chic wherever they go and to make an amazing impression.

7. Lap desk - one of the best gifts for law students, this is such a practical gift idea for students they will love!

8. Funny ties - always a hit, such a funny gift idea they will love!

9. A piece of funny framed photoshop art - this will make the most special surprise gift and will make them laugh out loud too! Weave in inside jokes between you and your loved one, photoshop a few cats in there for good measure, then get it printed in a big size and frame the finished masterpiece!

10. Box of snacks - for late night work and study sessions, this will make the best surprise gift ever! Fill it with their favourite snacks; you could even come up with a theme or colour to adhere to, so everything matches!

11. Stationery made of chocolate - they will never guess until they go to use it... the best surprise gift idea ever!

12. Hilarious stationery - it will never fail to make them smile and cheer them up while they are revising. You could personalise some pencils with funny phrases from inside jokes, or personalise some notebooks with a hilarious photoshopped image they will love! You could even photoshop together a picture of them graduating in the future, with all the family cats in the background at the ceremony to celebrate!

13. Funny and unique paperweight - something that will come in useful for their desk, a special or funny one will make an amazing gift!

14. Self care subscription box - the gift that keeps on giving, they will receive a mystery present every month containing self care items to remind them to relax, unwind and take some time out. This is the perfect gift idea they will adore months down the line, something that will never lose its novelty - and they'll get a new surprise every month!

15. Library scented candle - now they can recreate the library wherever they are and create a good study environment on the go! 

16. An ipad case or funny phone case - this can be practical and funny at the same time!

17. A personalised calendar - to keep track of all important dates! 

18. Quirky and personalised memo notes - incorporate inside jokes with your loved one to make them smile whenever they see them.

19. A pick and mix selection box - all their favourites, to sit on their desk! This is probably one of the best gifts ever, especially for a student.

20. Shoe polishing kit - give them the gift of ultra shiny shoes! 

21. A travel friendly clothes steamer - for ultra smart clothes wherever they go! 

22. A debobbler - to debobble clothes on the go and keep them looking brand new, this is such a useful gadget!

23. Personalised fluffy towels - embroderied with their initials (so they will never get lost at college, ever)

24. A quirky themed meal - is something unusual they will never expect, such a thoughtful and fun surprise gift idea for your college student! Some ideas are turning rolled up wafer biscuits in to  diplomas, by tieing mini ribbons around them, or take inspiration from bento box arrangements, you could create a whole quirky piece of art entirely out of food for them! You could even write a secret message on a plate for them, that will come to reveal itself more and more as your recipient finishes their meal.

25. Scented stationery - to make studying that more fun! You're never too old for scented stationery, it makes revision a pleasure and means they'll remember so much more, as they'll be able to associate the smells in their memory. Such a great and fun gift for students!

26. A set of gel pens - to make studying and revision that much more fun! A gleaming new set of colourful gel pens is everything, they won't be able to wait to get started with their studies! Plus it will make them the most popular student in every class.

27. A spotify membership - this will be so well appreciated, such an amazing, yet often overlooked gift, that will definitely come in handy every time!

28. A Legally Blonde themed gift - the further removed they are from Elle Woods, the funnier this gift will be! This would make such a sweet gift for a girly girl, because they make incredible lawyers too!

I hope you loved these surprise gifts for lawyers and gifts for law students! I hope you found some unique ideas in there, do check out Best Gift Ideas for your Boss and Best Surprise Gifts for your Daughter

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