Sunday 24 January 2021

Best gifts for your boss, how to surprise your boss ideas!

What is a good gift to give your boss? 

Best boss gifts include a money tree, a new laptop case, a custom pet keyring, a personalised quote pencil set, plus quirky personalised memo notes make really unique gifts for your boss. You could even gift them an inside joke themed gift parcel, where everything inside is themed around that one funny memory or joke!

What do you give your boss as a gift for Christmas?

Christmas gift ideas for your boss include a book on feng shui, a funky tie, a mini refrigerator, a cuddly toy version of their pet, a pick and mix selection box and stationery made out of chocolate. You could gift them a funny themed gift parcel, based on one inside joke. Read on for more!

 1. An indoor plant

Like a money tree! This would make such a thoughtful and special surprise gift for every boss, the pachira aquatica or 'money tree' is said to be excellent for feng shui to increase prosperity and it is said it is said that gifting it to someone will better increase their fortunes. This is such a thoughtful gift idea for your boss!

2. A book on feng shui

For your office, to increase productivity and improve energy flow around your workspace.

3. A personalised pen set

So that everyone will know they are theirs, there is no way for their pens to get lost or for someone else to take them by mistake! You could even name them 'unmistakably (your boss name)'s' as a little inside joke, if your boss' pens go missing all the time! At the same time you could make them uber chic with their initials on.

4. 'The Office' quote pencil set

Pencils with quotes from 'The Office' on them would make such a brilliant and funny gift for your boss! If they aren't a fan, you could always personalise them with quotes from your office or workspace instead, which is bound to be hilarious, or there are so many varieties pertaining to every kind of film, movie or tv series. If you know your boss has a favourite, this will make a brilliant gift for them!

5. A special pen holder 

For any stationery cluttering up the desk, or to replace their old pencil pot that is approximately 27 years old.

6. A badge to wear 

If it's their birthday! Who doesn't want the world to know?

7. A personalised mouse pad 

You could personalise it with a photo of you and your colleagues, or photoshop a funny scene for them to enjoy while they are working.

8. A funky tie 

Or tie set, if your boss wears them at work.

9. A framed photoshopped picture 

You put together, work in some shared inside jokes from your workplace, it's bound to make them laugh out loud!

10. Personalised quote pencil set 

With quotes from your office or workspace and inside jokes enscribed on them, to encapsulate funny memories that you all share! This would make such a special and thoughtful gift for your boss they will love.

11. An air diffuser kit 

These are always popular and make such special gifts, you could even gift them one for their home and one for the workspace!

12. Quirky candles 

This is such a funny surprise gift idea and totally unexpected too! Why not gift them a noodle scented candle if that's all they eat every lunch time - you can also get pizza scented candles and chocolate scented candles will always go down an absolute treat.

13. A mini refrigerator 

Such a useful gift, your boss won't be able to decide whether to take it home or keep it at work!

14. A personalised mug 

You could keep this simple and chic or go all out and pop your funny photoshopped design on there and make use of any inside jokes or funny memories in your workspace. You could even caption it with a funny phrase your boss will appreciate!

15. A funny sequin cushion 

When the sequins are brushed a certain way they will reveal the funny design! It could be something funny like Dwight's face from 'The Office', their favourite movie or tv character, or even their pet as a super special surprise gift for your boss! 

16. A coffee machine 

Always a useful gift, especially if they love coffee. You could gift them a mini one to keep at their desk.

17. A gift card 

You can never go wrong with a gift card! To surprise and prank your boss, you could even go so far as to give them a gift card from a place they might not normally shop at, like the knitting store, or stationery shop. They might just discover a whole new favourite shop!

18. A new laptop case 

You could go for something luxurious and chic, something with their initials on, or something totally funny   It's so much fun that you can get a photo printed on to almost everything and anything these days!

19. Stationery made of chocolate 

Always a classic! This is one of the best surprise gift ideas as your boss won't be able to guess that it's made of chocolate, you can get some really clever, hyper realistic chocolate models that will fool anyone and everyone! Imagine their surprise when they try to use their gift, only to find out it's an edible instead!

20. A funny and unique paperweight 

This is often an essential in the workplace, but you could make it extra funny gifting them a paperweight with their favourite sweets or candy trapped inside, so they can never reach it! As another layer to the gift, provide them a box of their favourite candy to enjoy - this will surprise and delight them once they have become frustrated they can't actually get to the candy inside the paperweight!

21. A pick and mix selection box 

One of the best gifts for your boss ever! Try to sneakily find out their favourites without them guessing - maybe a quiz of some kind? - or gift them a bunch of all kinds to ensure they'll have a whole load of favourites in there. You can get pick and mix hampers tied with pretty wrapping and ribbons, it's perfect to keep on their desk to snack on throughout the day.

22. A stress relief candle 

Perhaps a funny gift but such a well appreciated one at the same time.

23. Quirky and personalised memo notes 

Are perfect for the office but also come in handy anywhere and everywhere, for any kind of workspace! 

24. A cuddly toy version of their pet 

So they can take their pet to work! This is such a special, cute and funny gift idea for your boss they will always remember.

25. A custom personalised keyring of their pet

If a cuddly toy isn't quite appropriate, why not gift them a custom pet keyring they can take everywhere with them! This would make a perfect gift for your boss if they are always talking about their pets, have pictures of them on their desk and are always missing them while they are at work.

26. Different flavours of tea to try 

For the tea lover! You could include different types of tea to energise and to relax and unwind, plus ensuring you have a whole bunch of flavours in there means you get to give your boss the best gift of all, the gift of novelty and trying something new, which is priceless!

27. Gift them a personalised bobble head

This is such a special and memorable gift that will be sure to light up their life! They can keep it on their desk with pride and it will be sure to cement you the position of favourite employee as well as make them chuckle a lot.

28. Gift them a managers survival kit

This is such a cool and creative gift idea that can be super funny and definitely memorable! You could include helpful items such as painkillers and flu tablets, healing cream for a sore back, as well as items such as a healing crystal for concentration, or mementos representing different special and funny memories in the workplace, or special things your recipient is into!

29. Personalised socks with their face on

This gift will never get old and will be sure to make them laugh a lot! You could even personalise them with their pets face or faces of others in the workplace - or even your face as a joke!

30. Gift them a heat changing mug

With a hilarious hidden message they will have to use the cup to find out!

31. A funny or thoughtful subscription box

Sign them up with a funny or thoughtful monthly subscription box or magazine, the gift that keeps on giving! This is such a unique and special gift idea.

32. A special boss sign for their desk

This is such a funny and special gift idea for your boss and will be sure to make them smile!

33. A powerbank or creative phone charger

Not only incredibly handy and useful but this can make such a cool desk accessory too that your boss or work colleague will love! You could even perfectly tailor it to their tastes or personalise it with their name or custom message.

They might often depend on how closely you know your boss and if they are good humoured individuals. For everyone it will be different, so I have come up with a whole range of ideas to suit every kind of boss - I hope you find a new favourite gift idea here! Definitely check out 'Gifts for a man who is 30' and 'Gifts for a woman who is 30' for some more cool surprise gift ideas - or Gifts for the woman who has everything if you're looking for gifts for a boss who has everything!

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