Tuesday 15 June 2021

Pregnancy announcement ideas for twins, pregnancy reveal ideas!

Creative twin pregnancy photo reveal ideas

Here is how to announce that you're having twins, the most fun, creative and outrageous ways to tell people you're having twins and the best way to surprise people with your baby news, on social media or at your baby shower, for every occasion!

When should I announce my twin pregnancy?

There is never a wrong time to announce your twin pregnancy, however it is often safer to do it after the 20 week mark when any risks around both twins decrease substantially. A cool idea is to reveal your pregnancy around or after 12 weeks - then reveal that you are having twins at 20 weeks! This also means that you will be able to use your bump in your announcement too!

How do I anounce my twin pregnancy?

1. The 'Timelord' Doctor Who inspired baby announcement

Surely you must be having a timelord, what with 2 heartbeats inside your bump! This is such a unique, creative, quirky and geeky way to announce your babies and the perfect way to pay homage to a well loved series that has been spooking and delighting people of all ages since what seems like the dawn of time! 'Two heartbreats but not a timelord' is an adorable caption!

2. The 'two scoops of ice cream' announcement

Such a 'sweet' way to reveal your twin pregnancy! You could caption it 'double up' and hold two scoops of your favourite ice cream in front of your belly. You could even replace ice cream with your favourite pregnancy food for a sweet and quirky twist - or pop some nachos in the ice cream scoops as a funny twist!

3. A 'copy and paste' theme

This baby reveal idea is so cute, why not arrange two baby grows with 'copy' and 'paste' written on each of them!

4. Create a movie poster

This is an amazing and creative way to announce your twin pregnancy on social media and you could even frame it in your home to remember the event by. You could even create a film poster about 'venturing in to the unknown'!

5. A gingerbread man announcement

Make your twin pregnancy announcement to grandparents with some gingerbread men to represent each member of your growing family!

6. Use fortune cookies to announce the surprise

Always such a fun party reveal idea that everyone will love!

7. A 'bathroom reaction' photo

This can be so funny - how about the dad to be with his head over the toilet, reeling in shock over the news of the twin pregnancy! Such a cute and creative social media reveal idea!

8. A pumpkin patch announcement

An oldie but a goodie - made even extra special by two pumpkins instead of one! The perfect creative autumn or fall baby reveal idea!

9. A 'buy one get one free' announcement

Or 'two for the price of one'! This is such a cute way to announce twins on social media! You could even pop a 'buy one get one free' sticker on your bump for the coolest announcement!

10. Share a beautiful line drawing of twins

On social media, such a romantic, dreamy and elegant way of announcing your twins!

11. A complex mathematical equation

Announce in a roundabout way that you are having twins by creating a complicated mathematical equation with the answer coming out at '2'. Your guests or followers will have to solve the equation to discover the news. You could even write it on a blackboard - or piece of black card with a chalk! - and have the mom to be cradling her bump next to the announcement. Such a cute baby photo reveal idea!

12. The ice pop reveal!

Pop your announcement on the stick of the ice lolly, when your guests have finished, the surprise will be revealed!

13. The ice block reveal

This is similar to the ice pop reveal idea, you could invite your friends and family round for a meal and before dessert, announce that you have a gift for everyone first. Present everyone with an ice block - with your twin baby announcement hidden inside! They will have to wait until the ice melts to reveal the surprise within, increasing the anticipation and excitement! You could even decorate it by freezing in flower petals and mini treats and surprises.

14. The 'so happy I'm having twins' announcement

Arrange the words vertically so that they spell a secret message down the side - 'sh*t!'

15. The 'doublemint' announcement

Hold a pack of Wrigley's Doublemint gum in front of your bump for the ultimate 'double-hint!'

16. The double plate surprise reveal!

This is like the plate surprise reveal - where a message is safely written on each plate with ceramic pens or paint, then baked dry, and covered entirely up with food so your guests discover your surprise while they finish their meal - but with a twist! Since there are two babies you can surprise your guests twice! You can do the same thing with the dessert plate - they definitely won't be expecting a whole other surprise and this idea is so much fun! You can use it to reveal your twin pregnancy to the dad to be or your other kids!

17. Print 'I'm having twins' on to confetti and wait for guests to notice!

The surprise will be right in front of their nose - literally! Wait and see if any of your guests twig what's going on - you could even have a bet with your husband on how quickly they will figure it out.

18. The chocolate box announcement

Announce your twin pregnancy to grandparents, family and friends by arranging two chocolates in the middle to represent your new babies on the way!  

19. 'Twice as perfect'

You could nonchalantly insert this adorable pun in to your social media announcement and see if your friends, family and followers twig!

20. 'Double the fun'

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21. A scratch card announcement

Make your own scratchcards where 'two in a row' wins!

22. Get your pets involved!

Get your pets involved in the fun with a pet tag announcement! If you have two pups you could attach an announcement to each collar, surprising everyone with two babies instead of one! 

23. 'Seeing double'

'Put on these glasses and you'll be seeing double' is a really cute way of revealing your baby twin pregnancy! You could create a snap with the camera looking through the lens of some glasses at the mum to be with her bump.

24. Give party favours twice

Double up everything inside your party gift bags or with your party favours as a hint - you could even tie them together with mini ribbons! 

25. The restaurant pregancy reveal surprise!

Ask the restaurant to secretly place a sticky note on their menu  spelling 'we're having twins!'

26. Throw a '2' themed party for friends and family

And wait for your guests to twig!

27. Give your guests an ice cream surprise

Give each guest an ice cream with two scoops - but below the ice cream place your baby reveal! It could be two pieces of candy or sweets with 'Baby #1' and 'Baby #2' written on them. Just be sure they are big and noticeable enough to not be chokeable for your guests - you could even give them a heads up beforehand that there is a surprise at the bottom of their ice cream!

28. The pea pod photo idea

From largest hands to smallest hands, then place a pod with two peas inside on top. This is the cutest pregnancy announcement photo idea!

29. A line of ducklings announcement

Line them on your growing bump as you are lying down - such a cute twin announcement idea! This is the perfect baby reveal photo to pop on social media to announce your surprise.

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