Thursday 25 February 2021

Steampunk gifts, surprise gifts for steampunk lovers

Here is what to gift a steampunk lover, a collection of steampunk inspired gifts and unique items, there are so many treasures to discover, whether you're looking for steampunk birthday gifts or 'just because' surprise gift ideas!

What are some good steampunk gift ideas?

1. A 'Lord of the Rings' style map for their area

This looks epic, especially when framed - you can even get huge versions that look incredible on the wall! 

2. Faux leather gloves

The look and feel of leather but vegan, eco friendly and cruelty free! 

3. A faux leather journal 

Long lasting and a super special and thoughtful gift idea

4. A framed newspaper dated from the day they were born 

This is such a cool and clever surprise gift they will love!

5. A beautiful vintage compass 

A vintage gift is always super special, it's fascinating to think who owned it before and the journey it's been on, there's so much sentimental value and history to it and it becomes a real treasure.

6. A hand carved jewellery box

Practical and beautiful! It's a wonderful way to support a small business at the same time.

7. A quirky magical candle 

You can also get candles that smell like the inside of libraries, of old books, of locations inside fictional books and movies  these make fantastic multisensory gifts, are truly unique and are so much fun. You will even be supporting a small business at the same time!

8. Beautiful ornate hair comb

9. A handmade or hand carved gift 

Something from the heart, you could even use wood or other materials from around your area or from the area they are from.

10. A calligraphy set 

To practise elaborate handwriting.

11. Quirky pins and badges 

To adhere to their personality and style, you can find all kinds of these on Etsy and make your loved one a surprise hamper of them for a gift!

12. A unique customised clothing piece 

This could be a plain piece of clothing that you customised yourself with iron on patches that represent the things they love.

13. A custom painting or piece of art 

A portrait of them, their favourite pet or their Harry Potter Patronus! 

14. Recreated 19th century beauty products 

This is a thing! These are real reenacted lotions and potions from centuries ago, containing safe and beneficial ingredients, that really work as cleansers and toners for the skin, salves and beauty and makeup gifts from recipes that hailed from years and years ago. This would make such a unique gift idea your loved one would be sure to adore.

15. Books of their favourite poetry 

There's something so special about a physical book in front of you that you can hold and fawn over. Pop a special note to them in the front - along with a cool bookmark - to make it extra special.

16. A gemstone infused candle

A unique gift for the home, a candle that will bear fruit to a gemstone once the wax has burned away.

17. A weighted blanket or quilt to aid sleep

You could make one yourself to make it even more special, and sew specially chosen gemstones in to the quilt to weigh it down.

18. A day experience

Sometimes the best ever gift is memories, they are priceless! You could take your loved one on a surprise day trip as a surprise gift, to an exciting location they have never been to before or to their favourite place, whether it is a rose garden, museum or art gallery.

19. A stay in a haunted hotel or location

No gift is unique like this one!

20. Personalised embroidered handkerchiefs

Such a romantic surprise gift idea. 

21. A wax seal stamp or kit

This is such a great surprise gift idea as it means your recipient will be able to create wax seals for their own letters.

22. Wax seal stickers

These are stunning as they look just like the real thing! You can find so many different designs, they are perfect for wedding invitations or fancy party invitations, but also for sending beautiful letters.

23. A spotify membership

This is always such a valuable gift, especially if your loved one enjoys listening to music or audio books often!

24. A cake in a jar

There is nothing better than cake, just be sure it meets any allergy requirements and abide by any eating requirements your recipient has. Because it is in a jar, your recipient will be able to enjoy taking a spoon to it - ten surprise present points if you baked it yourself - but you can also order these online too.

25. A collection of rare fossils

A set of unique fossils will be fascinating for the history enthusiast.

26. A self care box

A surprise hamper gift with self care items, lotions, potions and salves with dried healing herbs in little sachets and maybe even some handbaked goods. You could also add a special bookmark, a book page holder, some recipe cards, some pretty old sayings, poems and shanties and even some merchandise from their Hogwarts house if they are a Harry Potter fan!

27. Different types of tea to try

Different flavours of tea makes a great gift, you could even add different flavours in to your self care box above. There are so many kinds to try and so many different flavours, from fruit infused to earl grey and everything in between. There's bound to be something they haven't tried, meaning you get to give them the gift of trying something new - the best thing there is.

28. A love potion

Why not create a real life love potion for them as a special and unique gift? There are also some real ones on Etsy you can buy!

29. A book page holder

For the reading they love to do.

30. An astrology gift or star chart

Even for those who aren't currently in to astrology, they will be soon; this is a fascinating gift that keeps on giving!

31. A book of sea shanties or folk songs

This is such a fascinating gift for all ages, best sung by candlelight.

32. A unique welcome mat

Aquirky home gift to express their personality or decorating flair.

33. A book of flower meanings

You could also gift them a bouquet of flowers at the same time, to specially communicate a message, so they can then decipher the message you left within the flowers. This is such a romantic gift idea that history lovers and romantic souls will definitely appreciate! This would make such a special 'just because' gift too, the perfect romantic surprise.

34. A record player

Such a unique and special surprise gift idea they'll never expect!

35. Steampunk gift wrap ideas

Try wrapping gifts with a rustic feel, go for deep jewel like shades and tie with a black ribbon, or incorporate elements of Victoriana wallpaper. You can even get wrapping paper with their favourite novel written on it, which would be perfect for a literary enthusiast! You could incorporate little sprigs of fir, as these smell wonderful, or similar elements of nature and enscribe a label with an elaborate font. 

36. Steampunk wedding gift ideas

Could be an engraved chopping board (engraved with their initials in a heart, just like how lovers engrave them in to trees to cement their love), a bouquet of flowers with a special and mysterious meaning and a hidden flower language book to decipher that meaning, a beautiful faux leather journal or series of notebooks, or a huge map of their area in Lord of The Rings style!

What are some unique gifts?

Some unique gifts are a stay at a haunted location, a homemade sleep quilt or weighted blanket, a unique welcome mat, a custom painting or piece of art, or a set of quirky scented candles! Personalised items often make the best surprise gifts as they are so unusual and unique! 

What are some thoughtful gifts?

Some thoughtful surprise gifts to try are a framed newspaper from the day they were born, or from the day you met them, a personalised item of clothing adorned with embroidery and iron on patches that adhere to their personality, a self care box, a monthly subscription box, or a book of flower meanings along with a specially crafted and chosen bouquet (with a hidden meaning!) 

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