Saturday 21 November 2020

Yellow rose meaning, Flower Message gifts

The meaning behind the different colors or colours of roses is fascinating when choosing a gift! Roses are the perfect way to surprise someone. Yellow roses are a perfect floral gift to send to someone needing a little pick me up, or to someone you haven't heard from in a while. When the sun hits the petals, the whole room will be bathed in a warm, happy glow. They are sure to increase happiness, as like the sun they convey warmth and gladness.

What do yellow roses symbolize?

The warmth of the yellow rose symbolizes friendship, joy and gladness. They can also be sent as a gesture of good wishes or good luck or to rouse someone's spirits.

What is the meaning of a single yellow rose?

What does a single yellow rose mean? A single yellow rose implies a deep friendship, it makes a special gift for your best friend. Beware, however - to gift someone a yellow rose with orange or red tips means that your feelings of friendship are turning in to love! 

What flowers go with yellow roses?

To make a friendship flower bouquet, supplement the yellow roses with orange roses or some beautiful freesia. Alstroemeria also symbolise friendship so make a perfect addition! Choose colours like yellow, orange, lavender and white to create your friendship bouquet.

How to surprise someone with roses

Make a gift filled with items that suggest a special meaning or message - fill a care package with items that communicate a feeling or message to your recipient - it could be friendship, romantic love or mindfulness! In this case we are filling a package with things that accord with the yellow rose meaning of gladness, joy and friendship!

Perfect gifts to go with yellow roses include friendship emblems and signs, cute badges to wear, crystals and gemstones such as lapis lazuli - the stone of friendship and companionship!

How to give roses to someone... there are so many fun ways! My favourite idea is to gift them a yellow rose bush, so they can enjoy many beautiful blooms within one gift - and to symbolise an abundance of friendship and good feelings! Arrange a bouquet to be sent to their door or invite them for lunch and pop them in a vase in the centre of the table. You could even invite them on an outing or day trip to a yellow rose garden - or plant one yourself! 

Yellow roses also symbolise, and are meant to aid, good communication so are perfect to gift to people you want to reach out to and make the perfect surprise gift for those you haven't seen in a while! 

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