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DIY Special Granddaughter Gifts ideas

DIY Special Granddaughter Gifts ideas

Here are tons of cute DIY Granddaughter gifts ideas, low cost unique and creative Grandaughter birthday gifts ideas that are quick and easy to make and put together! These make great gifts for girls of all ages, for your younger granddaughter or older granddaughter and are bound to suit all tastes! 

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1. Make her a playdough or slime kit 

This is such a fun sensory gift idea for young grandkids that is also low cost and easy to DIY! To make some playdough, you only need a few ingredients from your cupboard or pantry! We love this playdough tutorial here

To make slime, you will need 100ml PVA white glue (children’s craft glue or CE marked glue), ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda gel food colouring,1 tsp contact lens cleaning solution and some glitter/beads/decorations. A small blob of shaving foam is optional but makes for extra fluffy slime!

1. Squeeze the glue into a mixing bowl (look for a bottle in a 100ml size if possible so you won’t have to measure it out). Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix well.

2. Add a drop or two of your chosen gel food colouring. Less colouring gives a pastel colour; the more you add, the brighter the colour. Mix until well incorporated.

3. Add the contact lens solution and mix. The slime will begin to form, going stringy before coming away clean from the bowl into a ball.

4. Once it has formed, take it out and knead it with your hands. It will be sticky at first but after about 30 seconds you’ll have a smooth and pliable ball. Add glitter at this point, if desired, and work in with your hands. Store in a pot with a lid.

Tip! For gloopier slime, try adding less than 1 tsp contact lens solution, mixing it in drop by drop until it just goes stringy and begins to come away from the bowl. Then knead. 

Cherry blossom polymer clay sprinkles πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

2. Bake her some special themed sugar cookies 

You could theme them after whatever she is in to and tailor them perfectly to her tastes! You could bake some sugar cookies with a gymnastics theme, some horse or pony cookies, cookies of her favourite tv show characters or even sugar cookies shaped like her favourite food or drink! 

3. A make your own jewellery kit πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is a really cute and creative gift idea that will be sure to keep your recipient amused for hours!  

4. Make her a cookie decorating set 

Gift her a set of plain un decorated sugar cookies and make some bags of colourful icing or frosting to go with it! Cookie decorating kits make adorable gifts and are easy to DIY, plus if you are short on time you could even order one ready made for your recipient. 

Ready made cookie decorating set gift πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

5. Set up a fun excavation game kit 

This is perfect for younger and older kids alike! For older kids, you could put together an archeology style setup, where prizes could be hidden within plaster of paris and guests have to excavate to find them. For younger kids, you could try sand, or even edible 'soil' (chocolate cake crumbs!) and they have to eat their way to the prizes!

6. Some personalised colouring pages for her to colour πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Colouring - but better! Unlock a new level of creativity by creating some personalised colouring pages for your recipient, based on funny and special photos you treasure of you together. She will love being able to colour in herself and customise members of the family! You could even frame them when they are finished, for the cutest family portrait and the best way to cement special memories! 

7. Make a baking kit for her 

A ready made baking kit makes for such a cute gift! You could put it together in a pouch or in a jar, layering each dry ingredient to create a cool effect, then finish by tying a ribbon around the top! 

Ready made cookie mix pouches πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Ready made funfetti cookie baking kit πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Ready made milkshake making kit for kids πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

8. A novelty shaped cupcake pullapart 

This looks amazing and is so much fun to eat! Simply arrange your plain cupcakes in a desired shape or formation - for example, a heart shape - then ice them all together as one, creating one whole shape, like joining the dots. 

9. Include cute small gifts and charms in the wrapping 

The best fun extra surprise they will never expect, for the best unwrapping experience! 

10. Make her a set of chocolate covered marshmallows πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Some chocolate covered marshmallows make for the perfect gift, just right for if your recipient has a sweet tooth!

11. DIY her some custom chocolates 

You can have so much fun with this! Why not craft your own chocolates to make them perfectly match your recipient's tastes. You could make them tiara shaped - or any novelty shape - and infuse them with popping candy and fun candy pieces.

12. Some cosmic themed dipped Oreo cookies 

Image from Pinterest

These can look so magical and beautiful and I love how creative you can get with them! Dip them in colourful melted chocolate or frosting, then use some edible glitter and edible lustre for cakes to make them sparkle and add some edible flower petals - you could call them fairy cookies as they look straight out of a fairytale! 

13. Bake her a life size cookie face portrait 

Nothing is cooler or more special! You could even try to make it life size, it's such a funny and creative gift idea they are sure to love!

14. DIY a sugar cookie flower bouquet

A bouquet of sugar cookie flowers! Bake the sticks in to the cookies in the oven, then ice them to look like flowers and arrange them in a beautiful bouquet formation, tied with a ribbon! Alternatively arrange them in an adorable jar - or if you are short on time, why not opt for these adorable gift ready sugar cookie blooms! You can keep them in the jar as an adorable gift, or use them to create your sugar cookie flower bouquet - gift them a whole bouquet of edible flowers! 

Ready made jar of sugar cookie flowers πŸ‘ˆπŸ» 

15. Gift her a potions making kit 

This is so cool! 

Ready made potions making kit for kids πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Ready made fairy potions making kit for kids πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

16. DIY her a sticker album 

It's such a wonderful childhood pastime and your recipient will enjoy it whether she is 5 or 15! A sticker collector album is the perfect place to keep all her cute stickers in, for scrapbooking, journaling or swapping stickers with friends!

17. Bake her a bento cake πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

These are so cute! These mini scale cakes are perfect to gift your recipient and you can get so creative with the decor and message you choose to give.

18. Make her some candy bark

With her favourite pick and mix sweets or candy! This is such a fun gift to DIY as you can get super creative with the colours you can combine and it's an easy and quick gift idea as involves no cooking or baking, just pop in a gift box and tie with a ribbon when done!

You could even add some edible glitter! All you will need to make this is some cooking chocolate or melting chocolate (milk chocolate or white chocolate is fine) and some sweets or candy pieces. You could even change the colour of your candy bark and make it pink by melting down some white cooking chocolate and stirring in a few very small drops of red or pink food colouring. All you need to then is pour in to a mold and decorate with all the cutest sweets and candy of choice! Then pop in the fridge to set and voila, simply break in to pieces and arrange in a pretty ribbon tied bag! 

There's so many ways to get creative with this and you could add a sprinkle of freeze dried raspberries or incorporate a swirl of melted milk chocolate to create a pretty pattern. Sprinkle in some jelly sweets and add some popping candy, a must have ingredient, to finish, before setting it to cool!

19. A cute ribbon tied bag of her favourite pick and mix

Speaking of sweets, why not create a rainbow of pic and mix to gift them, by layered sweets or candy in bright layers to mimic the colours of the rainbow! This will look so pretty and special and your recipient will be sure to adore it!

20. Make her a box of shower steamers πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

These are so great to gift people on the go! These are so affordable to buy and look so beautiful, and you can even DIY them from ingredients such as essential oils, baking soda and constarch. There are so many varieties and scents to choose from and they make your shower smell amazing, the shower equivalent of bath bombs for those on the go!

21. Gift her a cake in a jar πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This concept is so cool! This makes for an amazing DIY gift idea that your recipient will adore - if you are short on time you can also order one straight to their door!  

22. Make sugar cookies of her face with this personalised photo cookie cutter πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is possibly the coolest thing ever! A cookie cutter that you can personalise with your recipient's face, based on a photo of them! You can now make sugar cookies of your recipient, perfect for their birthday and sure to amaze them and make them laugh in equal parts, so perfect! They also work perfectly as icing or fondant presses.

23. Make a sleepover mystery or blind box

A sleepover or movie night mystery box! You could fill it with items such as dvds, marshmallows, smores, blankets, glow sticks, pamper items, even squishies and slime if she is younger, and set up a sleepover or movie night party. This is one of the most fun gift ideas, especially for a slumber party or movie night! 

24. A stationery mystery box

This is perfect for the stationery afficionado and mystery and blind boxes like this are great for a birthday surprise.

25. Personalise a piece of clothing and make it unique to her

Use iron on or sew on patches to adorn a basic piece of clothing, making it in to something totally different and amazing! You can find all kinds of creative iron on/sew on patches, for every franchise, tv series, anime, movie - there are so many to choose from and there are bound to be loads that will match your recipient's personality perfectly! This is such a special gift idea as it will be a unique piece of clothing she can wear, that totally represents her, plus it is homemade too!

Liberty fabric iron on and sew on letters πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

26. Bake her a huge cookie

Just like the giant 'Millie's Cookies' gifts that are all over social media, but it will mean so much more as you have made it yourself!

27. Cosmetics made out of chocolate

This will confuse and surprise and delight your recipient, all in equal measure! It's amazing how real these can look, to expertly fool your recipient, the perfect taste sense gift idea for her.

28. A gift of macarons

There is nothing quite as special as a box of pretty macarons, they are such a beautiful and charming multisensory gift idea! You could even bake some yourself, pertaining to a special theme for your recipient.

29. A gift from her pets 

Why not gift her a pet related gift, such as matching sweaters for her and her pup to wear, a personalised pet face cushion, or a framed plaster cast of her pet's paw print. You could even bake some pet shaped sugar cookies and decorate them carefully to look exactly like her furry best friend!

30. A plushie replica of her pet 

There is nothing cuter! You could even crochet or knit her a plushie, to make an exact copy of her furry best friend. This is something she will treasure always!

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