Sunday 16 August 2020

How to give a surprise

How to give clues to a surprise, how to give hints about a gift and surprise those around you, how to surprise your husband, how to surprise your wife, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, the options are endless and treating your loved one to a surprise will magnify the appeal of the gift. Here is how to surprise someone you love!

1. Wrap a gift in unlikely packaging - to cleverly hide what is inside, a great idea for this is a cereal box, packet of crisps - or any 'unexciting' everyday item. You could even 'gift' them a top they have already, wrap the actual gift inside the top and wait for them to realise!

2. Cleverly reveal a gift by hiding clues in romantic places, places that possess a special meaning to you and the recepient, or even hide clues in their desk, on their pillow, places you know they will find them and follow the clues to learn the surprise!

3. Reveal a gift in an unexpected location - leave your surprise gift in an every day location where the recepient might discover it. This is where pretty wrapping can come in, a prettily wrapped gift left in the recepient's drawer, on their pillow or even on the toilet (lid closed down!) will be sure to delight and surprise.

4. Use Picmonkey or photoshop to create a funny image - you could then frame it, or create a photo card, cushion or ornament to keep it always, it's always sure to make you laugh!

5. Frame your gift - speaking of frames, if you are gifting concert tickets, a gift card or something that is isn't too bulky, pop it in a frame and hang it somewhere your loved one will see it and wait for their reaction. The best kind of wall art! 

6. Use post it notes - to hint at what the gift might be/where it might be, or cleverly attach one to your loved ones' coat, so that when they take it off they will realise they are being surprised! If you know your loved one well you could even attach it to the back of their coat or jumper with 'tell me I have a surprise at home waiting for me'. Be sure you don't upset your loved one with this surprise prank, it's a great one to play on friends you know well or your sibling!

7. Write it on balloons - at their party, simply write a letter on each balloon so they have to figure out what it reads.

8. Write it as an anagram - that they have to puzzle out, this is a great way to reveal a surprise trip or surprise vacation, or a surprise pregnancy announcement idea! Just muddle up the letters and ask them to rearrange them to figure out the surprise. You could make it tricky so they don't find out straightaway and keep them guessing for the longest time.

9. Create a riddle they have to solve - this is sure to win you points for creativity! It's a wonderful way to present a surprise gift and create tension as to what the surprise is; you can weave in clues throughout the riddle just to tease them - and even a few red herrings!

10. Turn up when they don't expect you - be sure you know the person well, or they might think you are following or stalking them, which might give the wrong impression! A great way to do this is to turn up in a setting where they don't expect to see you, for example, showing up at their workplace to deliver them lunch! This is such a great cheap surprise idea, for when you want to surprise someone on a budget!

11. A mystery trip or treat - embark on a mystery trip where the recepient doesn't know where you are going! It can be as simple as taking them for a surprise milkshake. For extra points, learn your recepients favourite places and use that for inspiration when planning your surprise.

12. Get your gift professionally gift wrapped - it will look so exciting and luxurious, this is one of the best ways to surprise someone! The whole manner in which you present the gift will be something they never forget, make it look so special that your recepient is compelled to whip out their phone to take multiple photos!

13. Pretend you forgot - it's a classic but a goodie, lament at the fact you wanted to give them a gift but then cleverly producing one at the right moment, to surprise your recepient.

14. Give a gift of new foods to try - order foods from a different culture, or a collection of those you haven't tried before. It's such a cute and quirky gift idea as it means you can (hopefully!) share the foods together and have a nice time together.

15. Ask a stranger to give a gift - ask at a restaurant if they help out with surprise gifts or announcements, there are many that would be only too happy to take your request, to deliver a speech, a birthday cake or surprise your loved one for you.  

When can surprises go wrong? When not to surprise someone? It's so great to surprise someone you love but save the more dramatic surprises for those you love and know well, as you don't want to provoke an adverse reaction in someone you are trying to surprise. Be sure you do not spoil their clothes with paint or ink, in your creative pursuits! Also be aware if your recepient does not enjoy public attention, they might not enjoy a surprise in a public place like a restaurant. Sometimes the most romantic place to surprise someone is at home!

Beware of spending too much on your surprise - it is a risky strategy if your recepient doesn't appreciate the gift as much as you, or if it is, for example, impossible for them to get time off work to attend the trip. The smallest surprises count for a lot, the smallest can brighten someone's day and make them feel incredibly happy!

Also beware of hiding your gift somewhere it might not be safe, in danger of falling somewhere, being thrown away, or being stolen. Be sure to keep your gift safe, especially if it is something valuable, like concert tickets or jewellery. 

You can also give your pets and furry friends a surprise - don't let the smaller members of your family miss out on all the fun! Some how to surprise your pet ideas could be crafting a new toy for them to play with or taking them to a fun new location to have a run around, or offer them a treat! Even just changing around their aurroundings will provide them with lots of fun and entertainment, new places, nooks and crannies to explore.

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