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Creative Funny DIY Wife Gifts ideas

Creative Funny DIY Wife Gifts ideas

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Here are lots of unique gift ideas for Valentines Day, all kinds of fun and creative things to gift your wife, fiance or girlfriend, perfect as long distance gifts or cheap low cost birthday gift ideas for her on a budget! We hope you love these ideas, if you are looking for a touching gift for your better half or inspiration for unique gifts to give your wife for her birthday or for Valentines Day, you have come to the right place!

Revealed: our favourite cutest 'just because' gift EVER! πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

1. Gift her a large box of wax melts πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

They are presented beautifully like a box of chocolates and are super affordable but make the most luxurious and fun gift to open!

2. Bake and ice a custom portrait sugar cookie of her face 

Nothing is cooler, you could make it life size and decorate it to look exactly like your recipient - then tie with a bow and voila! If you are short on time you could even order a whole set of personalised face cookies ready made, to surprise her with! 

Personalised face sugar cookies πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Gift her some edible polaroid photo cookies πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Of special moments and memories you have together! 

Giant edible photo cookie gift πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

3. Gift her some stunning realistic chocolate peonies πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Where chocolates meet flowers... these are magical and the best way to combine flowers and chocolate in one - why not get her both in one gift! These are visually stunning and are so realistic, they are almost too pretty to eat! 

4. Make them a pet portrait

Create a beautiful portrait of their pet, a special gift they are sure to treasure always! You could use any medium or materials for this, even crafting it out of colourful sweets or candy! 

5. Create a retro USB mixtape for her πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is an adorable way to show you care! Why not make them a playlist and store it on this adorable USB stick for them! Who doesn't want a special mixtape made just for them? 

6. Put together a funny photoshopped picture

Get it printed nice and large and even frame it for your recipient! Make them a funny photoshopped picture with all their favourite things, you could set it in a place they have always dreamed of visiting! Add in all their favourite things and people - even fictional characters! This is such a unique and creative gift idea and they are sure to love it. You could print and frame the final result for them to keep safely in their room or space, it will be sure to make them smile whenever they see it! You could get super creative with this and create a movie style poster, or include all her favourite things and everything she's in to. Picmonkey is amazing to use for this and is even easier than Photoshop to use!

7. Bake her a letterbox brownie

This gift will never not be appreciated and makes for the loveliest surprise, plus it makes for the perfect long distance wife or girlfriend gift idea as will fit through their letterbox! It's the perfect little pick me up gift you can make with ingredients in your cupboard and you only have to spend on postage. You can even order them ready made if you are short on time, as they are super affordable and make adorable gifts! 

Personalised message cookie slab πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

8. Gift matching outfits for them and their pet

This gift idea is perfect for a pet lover, you could opt for matching jumpers or even matching costumes they can cosplay in or wear for Halloween! You could also DIY this gift idea if you are handy at knitting, it's bound to be a gift they will never forget!  

9. Gift her a portrait of you together πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This concept is so cool! This makes for an amazing romantic gift idea that your recipient will adore - if you are short on time you can also order one straight to their door!


10. Make or gift her a funny novelty candle 

A really special and unique gift idea that you can even DIY yourself to tailor to your recipient, or choose for her, to match her tastes exactly!

11. Gift her a jumbo sized chocolate set πŸ‘ˆπŸ» 

Think chocolates, but go bigger! 

12. Sugar cookies that look like their pet

You could even make a giant life size cookie version of their pet's face! This would be such an adorable DIY gift idea for your best friend, almost too cute to eat!

Personalised pet sugar cookie cutter πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

13. A realistic chocolate model

An epic and unusual gift idea to surprise your favourite person, a realistic model of something made entirely out of chocolate, but you'd never notice until you went to use said item! This can be the best surprise gift ever, especially if you don't tell your recipient that it isn't what they think it is and keep it a total secret until they find out! The best kind of gift ever.

Realistic chocolate cheeses set πŸ‘ˆπŸ» 

Realistic chocolate parmesan and grater (so cool!) πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

14. An amazing popup open surprise card

These are amazing and make the best surprise for your recipient! 'Just because' cards are often the best; often an unexpected surprise is extra special, because there is no obligation or expectation behind it, plus your recipient won't be expecting it!

15. Bake her a bento cake πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

These are so cute! These mini scale cakes are perfect to gift your loved one and you can get so creative with the decor and message you choose to give.

16. Create a funny game to play together

This is something fun and unique to DIY for your best friend, that gives the gift of spending time together and creating happy memories! 

17. Gift her a surprise message mug πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is such an amazing gift to give! You could design the mug with a secret message at the bottom and present it with sweets or candy inside and wait until they finish it to reveal the surprise written at the bottom of the mug. This would make the most perfect 'just because' gift or Valentines gift for your significant other, or the best proposal or trip or surprise reveal gift!  

18. A chocolate room spray πŸ‘ˆπŸ» 

There is nothing better than making your home smell like chocolate! 

19. A cardboard cut out of her favourite person

Whether it's her favourite celeb or fictional character, this is such a fun surprise idea that will be sure to make her laugh! 

20. Gift her these adorable Perfect Match chocolate matches πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

The cutest ever gift, these are so affordable too!

21. Gift her a special or beautiful plant

This is an extra special twist on buying her flowers, as a plant lasts longer and is something special to nurture, grow and enjoy continuously. You could include a cheesy pun about your relationship or marriage continuing to grow, bloom or blossom, to make her laugh! 

22. Gift her an adorable and delicious letterbox brownie parcel

This is the best gift ever, the cutest surprise that will fit perfectly in the post too.   

23. Put together a cute nerf gun package or silly string and challenge her to a duel

Put together a nerf gun package, with enough ammo, plus filled water balloons or even silly string! This is such a fun and unique gift for the woman who has everything or loves a bit of friendly competition and is bound to result in hilarity. This is such a fun gift idea and is super special and memorable. 

24. Plan a geeky picnic affair 

There is no cuter surprise! Why not put together a picnic themed after her favourite tv show, band or fandom. You could get super creative with the food and decor ideas and tailor it perfectly to her favourite thing. 

25. Pop some secret treats in her bag 

You could make a little romantic parcel for her - of her favourite sweets, snacks and funny cute doodles, tie it with a ribbon and then slip it in to her bag when she's not looking!

26. Create a personalised lego gift of the two of you πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This romantic and geeky gift is so special and perfect to gift your favourite person! 

27. Gift her a miniature photo vial ornament πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is such a cute gift and keepsake she can treasure always! 

28. Gift her a penguin pebble of love πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

You could even DIY your own and gift her her own unique piece of art! These are so cute and make perfect paperweights aswell as keepsakes to treasure. This would make such a cute long distance relationship gift for her! 

29. Get extra creative with the wrapping 

Get personalised wrapping paper with your face on it, or a character you know she'll love. Wrap gifts in multiple layers and sneak in extra little surprises, such as sweets, cute and funny doodles, keychains and even joke items. Pretty packaging makes every gift seem more luxurious and opulent and you could even opt for personalised wrapping with her face on it or her cat's face, or 'punny' wrapping, something to make her laugh and want to treasure the gift wrapping as much as the gift. There'll be so much of the wrapping she'll want to keep!

30. Set up a romantic funny blind food buffet 

And include lots of different foods you both have never tried before, try different foods from different cultures, an assortment of spicy, sweet and the cutest foods to try.  

31. Go and watch the stars 

Put together a stargazing kit with flasks, blankets, smores, even a telescope if you can get your hands on one - try look for a second hand one or any equipment you can rent or borrow. Gather some blankets, flasks, a tub of marshmallow fluff with a couple of spoons, even a hamper of snacks to have a picnic under the stars.

32. Bake her some cupcakes and decorate with these amazing edible photo toppers πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

You can decorate the cupcakes with your favourite photos of the two of you! This is a super romantic gift you can make on a budget that she is sure to adore! 

33. Put a funny outfit or costume on your pet 

Let them become part of the themed surprise! 

34. Prank her with a fake present 

Give her a prank gift before the real thing - a funny way to surprise your recipient and keep them guessing!  

35. Put together a movie night box for both of you 

You could fill it with items such as dvds, marshmallows, smores, blankets, glow sticks, different flavours of popcorn and snacks, all the essentials!

36. Gift her a five senses gift

These gifts are extra special and make for the most memorable gifts!

37. Make sugar cookies of her face with this personalised photo cookie cutter πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

This is possibly the coolest thing ever! A cookie cutter that you can personalise with your recipient's face, based on a photo of them! You can now make sugar cookies of your recipient, perfect for their birthday and sure to amaze them and make them laugh in equal parts, so perfect!

 38. Give her tickets for a cute home movie night

There is no cuter activity and way to spend time together!

39. Make a heart shaped cupcake pullapart

To remind them how much you care! Just arrange cupcakes in a heart formation, then ice over them as one, add some decorations and voila!

40. Make a breakfast with cute themed pancakes

Maybe you have a franchise you are both invested in or have something quirky or geeky in common! Make use of the theme and create cute pancake designs for when she comes down in the morning - it will be hilarious if the designs go wrong! This is a great way to create some cute memories and surprise your favourite person at the same time.

41. Gift her a hamper of bizarre and interesting foods

Tons of foods they have never tried before! You could even set up a blind food tasting game - or a game of foodie dares - and get them trying all kinds of crazy food combinations they would never normally! Alternatively, gift her a foodie box themed around her favourite colour or favourite flavour! 

42. Give her a gift from her pet

There is nothing more special than a gift from their pet! This could be a beautiful framed portrait of their pet (a super affordable gift!), a life size biscuit or cookie decorated to look just like their pet (you could DIY this yourself!) or a gift featuring their pet's paw print.

43. Gift her a personalised lego heart πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

An affordable gift idea that is so unique and creative!

44. Take some beautiful photos of her 

While you are out somewhere, or even sitting in the garden. You could then make one the homescreen on your phone or desktop, and get one printed and frame it on the wall. It's such a beautiful gesture and romantic surprise idea.

45. Opt for these amazing eco friendly party balloons πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

The zero waste and zero guilt way to celebrate her birthday in style, now there is no need to compromise style and decorative flair when it comes to decking out your party using eco friendly decor! These balloons are eco friendly and biodegrade at the same rate as a leaf, making them perfect to enjoy guilt free at your party - and even more reason to blow up more!   

46. Make a cute themed meal!

Think of what your girlfriend is in to, and then recreate it with food on a plate!

47. Hide little gifts around the room or house

You could even leave clues as to where to find the next surprise!

48. Write a song for her

Or a rap, or a poem! 

49. Choose her a candle

Candles are inexpensive but a lot of thought goes in to choosing the scent. A romantic idea is to set out to find a candle that smells like a special memory in the relationship for you. That way, she'll be able to share in this special smell with you.

50. Print a map and place special markers on the locations that are special to you both

You could then frame it in a special place.

51. A personalised gift

There are so many personalised gift ideas like socks, stationery and cushions but why not make your own little personalised gift to her? You could customise a piece of clothing, a hat, some slippers, a jacket, or anything similar with some iron on or sew on patches. Think of what your girlfriend loves, perhaps a tv series, an anime, book series or characters, Disney characters... there's so many to find on Etsy! Collect some and adorn the piece of clothing with them, even glue them on if you prefer! Personalising an item makes it unique to her, which makes it extra special. If you personalise it yourself, she's bound to appreciate the extra effort and thought! You can turn any old item in to the most special thing she'll want to keep forever.   

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