Thursday 14 April 2022

Sleepover ideas for Girls (Unique and Creative!)

DIY Sleepover ideas for girls

Here are tons of sleepover ideas for girls and slumber party ideas 101! Whether you're looking for birthday sleepover ideas, sleepover ideas for teens or teenage girls, DIY sleepover ideas for kids, to something more specific such as sleepover ideas for 10 year olds girls or 12 year olds, these will be perfect for every age!

1. Make some mocktails

With all the trimmings! You could include mini paper umbrellas, skewers with fruit on and even novelty shaped ice cubes, and have fun mixing together all kinds of fruit juices and sodas to create some uber cool and bizarre combinations. This is sure to get the seal of approval for guests of all ages! You could even make some candyfloss mocktails; drink is then poured atop the candyfloss to make it dissolve within the drink. These look magical and are so, so cool, your guests will love them!

2. Add edible glitter to drinks to make them shimmer

To make drinks extra magical, why not add some edible shimmer to make them sparkle!

3. Complete some girly quizzes

Always a fun sleepover activity, these make for one of the best, most fun games for your slumber party! There are so many to try such as ‘which series character are you?’, ‘what is your signature perfume?’, there are so many girly quiz ideas to try, these are easy to create for your guests too!

4. Offer to pet sit a puppy

To give a new puppy owner a well needed break! Just be sure to adhere to any rules or requirements the owners give, to make it a happy experience for you both. This is a wonderful sleepover party idea for kids of every age!

5. A game of blindfolded food tasting

This is such a funny girls night activity idea that is bound to leave you in stitches! For this activity, try to work in unusual foods that no one in your circle has tried yet. They could be foods from a different culture that you wouldn’t normally find in your supermarket, candy or sweets from a different part of the world, or special foods pertaining to your theme. Just be sure to triple check whether your guests have food allergies before beginning this game!

Another equally fun idea is to write down a selection of about 15 foods you both have in your home, then write them down on cards. These could include any relishes you have too, such as jam, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, vinegar etc. Each person takes it in turn to pick two cards out at random, then must try those two food combinations together. This is so much fun and is bound to result in hilarity! You might find some very gross food combinations, but also some surprisingly weirdly nice ones!

6. Make quirky sugar cookies

You could turn this in to a movies and baking night - and accord your sugar cookies with the movies you are watching! If you are watching Disney movies together, why not try some magical Disney inspired cookie cutters, or you could make some girl character shaped sugar cookies and decorate them to resemble each guest! Guests could give each one a special outfit, this is such a fun activity!

7. Set up a spa night situation

An oldie but a goodie, you can have so much fun setting up a spa night arrangement at home for your guests, with fun elements such as homemade face masks and beauty products!

8. Try making Marie Antoinette's signature face mask

According to records, her signature face mask consisted of four ingredients, two teaspoons of cognac, one egg white, one third of a cup of powdered milk and the juice of one lemon simply blended in to a paste. This is still used today, the citric and lactic acid dissolve dead skin cells, tighten pores, the cognac stimulates circulation and the egg repairs skin tissue. You could swap out the cognac for some cacao powder, as this will also gently stimulate circulation and is safe for younger guests. A powdered almond milk is a wonderful alternative to regular milk and you can even add a little vanilla essence.

9. Opt for a Parisian theme

And enjoy a feast of croissants, macarons and pain au chocolat, all the traditional french foods and desserts, even some napkins!

10. Fill a whole room with eco friendly balloons

This idea is so much fun and means zero waste as well with these amazing eco friendly balloons, that biodegrade at the same rate as a leaf, leaving absolutely no waste or mess behind! Guests will adore a room full of balloons, whatever age they are!

11. Do scrapbooking together

A really fun and creative sleepover or slumber party activity idea that guests will love! A perfect party favour could be their very own basic scrapbook album to decorate, to introduce them to the hobby!

12. Make a tiktok or dance routine together

Always a fun activity for girls of every age!

13. Make a music video together

This can be such a funny activity and game for your sleepover party or slumber party! If you have many guests, you could even split them up in to teams, in to pairs for this activity and they could compete against each other for the best music video! This will be sure to keep your guests amused for hours and is so much fun!

14. Make a den together

This is a classic that never gets old and one of the best sleepover or slumber party games for girls and boys - everyone can get involved making a fun den together, no matter their age or what they are in to!

15. Decorate a cowboy hat each

One of the cutest, most creative and fun sleepover games or activities for kids of all ages!

16. Decorate your sleepover pillow case

An amazing activity to get super creative, all you need is some fabric pens and/or fabric glue with some pretty ribbons and bits and bobs, to decorate your own pillowcase to take home with you! An adorable sleepover party game or activity that guests of all ages will love - just make sure to give each guest an apron or safe change of clothes!

17. Play hide and seek with silly string

Always a goodie!

18. Adopt a puppy party favours

For younger guests, this will be perfect! 

19. Bake one giant pan sized cookie together

You could make an entire cookie pizza and decorate it together!

20. Make some pink popcorn

By adding a small amount of food colouring to make it pink, then serve in little pink popcorn cases or sleeves. You could even add some edible glitter and mini marshmallows for the girliest treat!

21. Play slumber party bingo

A really fun way to tick off all the activities you have done at the sleepover, within a game!

22. Make friendship bracelets together

The perfect creative sleepover or slumber party activity for your guests to enjoy!

23. Set up a pinata for your guests

You could make some stickers to go inside and pop in some fun sweets and toys they will love!

24. Drink from nostalgic milk bottles with stripey straws

25. Host a video game tournament

26. Have a campfire night outside

You can toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories together!

27. Dress up your pets

To celebrate the occasion!

28. Throw a stargazing sleepover night

Stargazing is a magical activity to try and you can do this from your garden or backyard! You could arrange some soft pillows, cushions and blankets and even arrange a special picnic for your guests to enjoy under the stars, perfect for a sleepover or slumber party!

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